An Experience before I enter deliverance ministry - ก่อนที่เราจะมีการเจิม

I was in A.D 2008 when I was about to enter deliverance ministry.

This is a letter I reported to my Apostle and my Teacher in Australia.

Just only want to give an account of a real story but do not mean to hurt anyone and I try to save some people's face, the names in this real story need to be changed.
A Letter to my apostle Oct 30,2008

Dear Brother,

Because of the way we pray for the family who had demon manifestation showing up. the day before, I was called to a panel prompted by PS Jacko.  Before giving you details about this I want to let you know the sequence of the event. As I had mentioned earlier, Lily prayed for Ms.Penny or K.Penny and a demonization manifested on Penny's face expression; she seemed to be out of her conscience.

After the meeting and people were walking out of the meeting hall, I met K.Penny and inquired her of her feeling. She said she had not had a good sleep during the week because there was something disturbing her mind but at that moment she was ok. I asked if she want to be prayed for. She said she had a big pain in her left leg instead of without and injury.

Before praying I told K.Penny to be still and try to control herself not to fall over because there were still some people there and she might feel embarrassed. As Lily was praying, touching her leg she screamed and fell down and the demon struggled and said the word I have never heard before in my life; "I won't let her go to heaven I want to take her down with me".

After casting out the first demon from K.Penny, I suggested that everyone in the family should be prayed for. As Lily was praying, each one fell over. Without touching on the bodies of anyone of them, each of them fell over but the last one was Penny’s shop waitress; she manifested a sign of evil spirit; she screamed and struggled. Her eyes gle and wide open ed with a hatred look. I had no choice, but just helped Lily to cast out the demon in the girl.
After deliverance prayer, the family thanked Lily and me for our deliverance prayer and every body parted and went homes.

But it was not the end of the story. Today, I was called to sit at the pastor’s panel leaded by F. Sri Puak, who was requested by Ps.Jacko At the panel PS Jacko stated that the husband of Penny called him and informed PS Jacko that his family would come to church no more because of the driving out demon performed by Lily and I. He seemed to be very serious about them, as in my thought, he might think of losing a fat sheep.

PS Jacko said this incident was not a demon manifestation it was because of only a weakened mind of K.Penny. PS Jacko said our ritual was not very satisfactory and warned that, we should not go around driving out demons. Other pastors who were at the scence and A, Jack did not think there would possibly have some demons in this seminar as another thing is that it is the bible school.

You know what I felt? I felt very discouraged with the way PS Jacko talked even Mr.Sombat, and Kum (Sombat's wife) and Ps Swang, Mr. Sri Puak the head of the FGC and another big pastor in CR, PS Mong Kim. and PS Jacko himself were present at the scene. They saw every thing but they turned a  blind eye.

Mr. Sri Puak was present at the scene but he did not support me for what PS Jacko was sueing me about the deliverance prayer we did. Mr. Sri Puak also reprimanded me about using the bible to put on the body of the possessed women. He said a Bible is not powerful and it is not a sacred thing. It cannot help drving out a demon.

I humbly accepted the judgment and said that I have been a new comer in this pastoral realm and I had least experience in doing such a thing and I would like to say I am sorry. I just did it as learning by doing.

At this point, I told them that this case was my case study. I would do it no more to the sheep of PS. Jacko’s church except I am asked to help.

Before this time, Lily and I were questioned about the way we lay hands on people because they said that some voices told them that we were pushing the heads of some Christians while we were praying for them. They said we always make them fall by our force. We actually did not push anyone because it was from God's power alone. This time I told Lily that we would touch anyone no more but only the waving of hands and we need to make some space away while we are praying for people.

Since this incident, while Lily is praying for anyone she would not touch anyone but they all still fal down.

In my opinion, I think the Satan is trying to use the mouths of some weak pastors and someones who still ignorantly allow demons to make a stronghold in some areas of their lives . They are blinded by some kinds of power that make them cannot understand and cannot see it right.

But this story still a good lesson for me and many other deliverance prayers that we need to be aware that today many pastors and Christians donot believe that the power of the Holy Spirit is still active and every believer still has power to pray a deliverance prayer not just they are pastors or not. WAKE UP CHRISTIANS GOD WANTS TO USE YOU.



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