Healing Miracle by Deliverance Prayers- อธิษฐานขับวิญญาณชั่ว 2

Expel demons through the mouth by vomiting.

Healing Miracle by Deliverance Prayers
June: 2010

Place: Chiang Rai, Thailand,

Today after the morning activity, two girls, Henna and Helen, came and asked Evan if he is free at noon.

Evangelist said, “ Yes, of course.” What do you want me to do for you?”

They said “ We have some problems with our health.”

“What is wrong with you two?” Evan asked.

Henna said she had a fever since last Friday. Today is Monday and she still have the temperature.

Henna said: “Please pray for me, if you have some free time”

This request is the most pleasing for us and we like it the most because if someone does not open her heart she would not have said this word.

Last week it was a Wai Kru Day for Thais to pay respect to their teachers. Henna went to a shrine and picked some food offered on the tray in front of the shrine. After she had eaten the food she got her fever. So, we know immediately in spirit that Henna was attacked by some demons. Before we pray for deliverance we lead Henna to salvation by praying a sinner’s prayer.

While we were praying for Henna, she vomited many times. When she had stopped coughing We asked how she feel, she said it was alright. Her fever had left her instantly.

Then it is the time for Helen, We did the same procedure. While we were praying Helen also vomited many times and after we had finished the deliverance prayer, her headache had left her.

After Henna had been set free from her headache she did not forget to take away her image that she hung on her neck.
It is useless. It cannot protect anyone because it is only a man-made image.

And it is not a surpraise, both girls had spirits of errors. They both confessed to us that they are involed in same-sex soul ties.
We asked them to confess their sins and asked God for forgiveness and deliverance.
Both girls agreed to stop her behaviors of error.
Late in the afternoon, We met the two girls again, the said we are ok and fine.

Thank you Jesus for your daily miracles to the people around us.
June: 2010
Place: Chiang Rai, Thailand.

At noon, while the Evangelist was reading his precious book as usual, two girls came to him.
Their names were Beam and Pim. They came because they heard that there is somebody who can pray for people who have troubles, and sickness in their bodies.
Beam is a Christian from a church in a village in Measai.
The senoir pastor of this church does not believe in the Holy Spirit baptism and being slain in the Holy Spirit.

Beam told us that she had been suffering from her alergy for about 7 years.
She wanted us to pray for her healing. We interviewed her a little just to find foundamental imformation about her life. Beam was a girl who stays with her father. Her mother died when she was a small girl about 8 years old. Her mother killed herself by taking pills.

This gives us word of knowledge. The Holy Spirit just reveled to us that she had been troubled by some demons. So, we asked Tom, a disciple to assist in deliverance prayer.

As we were praying Beam vomited for a few minutes then we asked her how she was feeling. She told us that her both hands got numb while we were praying and she felt some kind of gas moving inside her belly then it was pushing up to her throat. She just vomited them out. In her spirit she saw many dark shadows going out of her body. She knew in her spirit that they were many demons coming out of her body.

As Beam is a Christian, we suggested her to receive an anointing of the Holy Spirit. So we asked her to stand up and we prayed for her. Beam fell backward and was unconscious for about 5 minutes when she woke up she told us that she was free and felt the love of God like being hugged by the hand of the Father.

The second girl is Pim. She had suffered from asthma. She is not a Christian but had sometimes visited the church. We asked if she would want Jesus to help her; she agreed.
So we prayed for her healing. It seemed to be the same as Beam, while we were praying Pim vomited for about 5 minutes then she told us that she saw 2 demons coming out of her mouth. Praise the Lord for His Power and deliverance in the Name of Jesus.

Watch her video clip here.



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