Saying the truth may cost you much - ถ้าการพูดความจริงทำให้เสียผลประโยชน์?

Miss California answered

"No, marriage should be between a man and a woman.'

This is the answer Miss California gave to the question asked by one of the judges(Perez Hilton) at the Miss USA Contest 2009.

This is a controversial question: Perez Hilton asked
" What do you think about same sex marriage?"

Finally, Miss California could not the crown because she spoke the truth.

It cost her the crown of Miss USA 2009.
Ms Jordan, a judge who supports same sex marriages says Miss California should not have answered like that.
"What would you say in this situation?"
Perez Hilton said Miss California should leave her politics and her religion out.
Perez said "I think I gave her an easy way to the crown if she speaks what it should be.
To win the crown, she should say something to make everyone happy, feel welcome.

Miss California said she spoke it out from her belief, for my God.
I knew that I was not going to win because of my answer.

I knew that it is biblically correct even it is politically wrong.

" I don't want to stand in the middle." " I don't take back what I have said."
"I know that I have a purpose. I am true to myself."
" I can go out and speak to the young about standing out for what you believe and never compromising even it costs you something bit for your life.
" I can only give an honest answer. That is all I can do.


When you declare your faith in God, it may cost you something; you may miss you opportunity to get a big money, riches, material things.

In defending their faith in Jesus Christ, many matyres (A person who suffers for his faith) had been killed, tortured, cut into pieces ant finally died in much pain.



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