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We need ONE BATH, but MANY WASHINGS. The bath is in the Blood of Jesus, but the washings happen by the water of the Word of God. Read it daily. You will know the difference. REINHARD BONNKE

Most of man's ills are man-made. Yet there is power in the gospel to reverse these fatal processes. The truth will set us free, calling us back to do His will, which is always for the good of us all. God loves His prodigal planet, and if we return, we shall enjoy the glad welcome of the Father. Be blessed. REINHARD BON...

We all possess a faith faculty. We trust things around us: people, food, bus and car drivers, businesses, banks. We can extend it to include God. Jesus put a library of wisdom into four words ‘Fear not, only believe’. Worry is fear. ‘Fear has torment’ the Bible says. God doesn’t want you tormented. Nothing can happen that you and God can’t handle together. REINHARD BONNKE

The Gospel does not threaten sinners. It is glad news, not mad news. Yet Jesus talked more about hell than heaven – not as a THREAT but as a WARNING. There is something I’d call MILITANT MERCY. When a fast moving car approaches a child, we would snatch it from danger. It may be rough, but it is true mercy. That’s what ...Jesus does! HE SAVES. REINHARD BONNKE.

The devil, supreme commander of the forces of darkness, has numerous fiery darts, against which the Christian has one all-purpose superior counter-weapon – faith in God. No weapon formed against you shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17). Take it. REINHARD BONNKEThe

Bible has a roll of honor (Heb 11), listing heroes, and heroines. They are remembered not for valor or kindness, but for their complete reliance upon God. Faith is a perfectly ordinary thing that makes us outstanding in the eyes of God.

Salvation is not just an act of God. It is LOCKED into His very nature. It is His eternal disposition, His character. He is the God of Calvary-Passion. Yes, He is salvation. Be blessed. REINHARD BONNKE

The heart of the Gospel is the pierced heart of the Son of God. It is all there, at the cross. God, horrified and assaulted by our sin, our clenched fist in His face, and His breathtaking act of turning that same cross into the instrument of redeeming love, reconciliation and salvation. He died for those who killed Him.... By His blood He forgave those who spilled it. That is the Gospel story.

We may be wrong, perhaps stumbling in our walk, but that makes it so necessary for us to receive the Holy Spirit. He is not given on condition that we are perfect. He is given because we are not perfect and because we need Him. Good morning from Florida.Jesus told us a powerful truth in a parable. A merchant found one fine pearl that was worth a phenomenal amount and sold everything else he had to raise enough money to buy it (Mat 13:45-46). This is a picture of God emptying the treasure chest of his love for us. We were no bargain....

The Bible was written for people with no real faith. We all begin with a minus. If we have no faith, reading the Bible produces it, and if we have some faith we get more the same way. We do not acquire faith first and bring it to Scripture. Scripture encourages faith. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God (Ro 10:17).

Facing the Red Sea on the one side and Pharaoh’s army on the other, Moses said to the people “Fear ye not, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord”. But GOD was not happy. He gave a COUNTER-COMMAND “Speak unto the children of Israel THAT THEY GO FORWARD”. (Ex 14:13-15) When you hear “stand still” it’s Rev. Mose...s, but when you hear “go forward” it is God.

A friend of mine was cleaning out his garage, and tossed a piece of metal aside into a corner where there was what seemed to be a pile of garbage. It caused vivid and audible sparking. Investigation revealed an old car battery. The steel bar had shorted across its terminals...

My definition for atheism: INTELLECTUAL VANDALISM. “The fool has said in his heart, ‘there is no God’” (Psalm 14, 1).
Faith in Christ is different to any other kind of faith. It is not found in the Old Testament. In the New Testament, the word used means believing 'into' Christ, suggesting movement. Faith IN Christ means moving close to Him in trustful love. It is an embrace...

When the HOLY SPIRIT fell in Acts chapter 2, He made the 120 disciples speak not just in Hebrew but in the languages of the world, “in other tongues”. This is the ultimate proof of the ETHNIC INTEREST of the Holy Spirit: all languages, all the world, all peoples, all tribes and all nations… It connects seamlessly with... the Great Commission of Jesus and provides both, purpose and power. Blessed?



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