This was the first Saturday service held in The SCOAN and it was jam packed with the congregation. It kicked off with the Prayer Line after which Prophet T.B Joshua came in to start off his talk with the former prophecies on plane accident ( and death of some top government officials) and the latest hurricane through the Bahamas and the U.S.A.
He said the universe came into being by the Word of God; Jesus was the Word, on whom we all depend, and of course, there is nothing impossible to the Word of God. Quoting from the Bible, he maintained that Jesus is the Way and the reality and outside Him, there is nothing.
The replay of a video followed in which a middle-aged man manifested at the Monday deliverance service. The spirit had spoken through her that she was its wife, and had created problems between her and her physical husband. It also said the woman was miserable and had no job. Eventually, both the woman and her husband were delivered. Prophet T.B Joshua said that our confession has been our position in Christ. He said people should not boast in what they are doing for God, but to boast for what God does in our lives because boasting in what we are doing enhances self-righteousness.
The Sunday service took a different turn as it started with testimonies given by diverse people healed and delivered at different times. These include the following, among others:
She had experienced multiple fibroids for years, leading to miscarriage. Doctors had recommended an operation, but she rather chose to visit the SCOAN for prayers. She was privileged to have the Anointing Water with which she prayed. She had come to give testimony at the church for her deliverance when she had to enter the toilet and many other ugly items were flushed out of her. She had visited the doctors again for a scan where she was told fibroids had deserted her system (she brought two medical reports – before and after the elimination of the fibroids). Full of happiness, she advised that people should commit themselves to God, for He is the only solution to their problems.
His bank had engaged in a transformation to position itself in the banking sector in Nigeria; and this entailed rationalization and restructuring-staff were retrenched. He has worked for many years, and loves to remain on the job. Many family members rely on him for survival. He came to the SCOAN and was privileged to acquire Anointing water with which he prayed. He was moved from the position of a manager to Senior Executive Manager, while many of his colleagues were retrenched. He said he had used the Anointing water as a life jacket. He advised his colleagues to resort to prayers because it is remedy to every malady and a salve to every sore.
She was travelling to her village and had applied the Anointing Water for God's protection. But the jeep driver, in which she rode, was over speeding leading to a gruesome accident. She was one of the five in the vehicle and she was praying hard as it somersaulted. An axe was later used to break the damaged vehicle, and none of them was wounded. It was the Anointing Water which had covered them with the blood of Jesus. She had advised that since God will keep saving everyone in Jesus' name, people should depend on Him for their protection and safety.
The Rivers- State born is a business man whose engine boat was stolen at its anchor by the sea pirates. He was using the boat to transport his workers and materials. Having seen the kind of miracles happening at the SCOAN through the Emmanuel TV, he had visited the church to acquire Anointing Water with which he prayed for the return of his boat. God was on his side, and the pirates returned the boat to its anchor. He advised that people should stay in faith and trust in God for their deliverance.
She is a South African Civil Engineer whose home was burgled by armed robbers who terrorized her and collected some 300,000 Rands from her. But that happened when forced to change to another channel from the Emmanuel TV. One of her friends eventually collected Anointing Water and sticker from the SCOAN which were given to the engineer. She had sprayed the water to secure her property. In 2011, the armed robbers visited again, but they did not even touch the door (which had the Anointing Sticker). They failed to enter the house. She was grateful to God, and had advised that people should not be afraid if they trust in God and that distance is not a barrier for Christ.
A video was replayed in which Prophet TB Joshua prophesied to a woman to beware of marrying and re-marrying as she had a spiritual husband. Mrs Becky had come to church to narrate her story: in 2011, she had come to the SCOAN because of the problems of spiritual husband and delayed pregnancy as her menses had ceased for four years. She used to see the spiritual husband in her kitchen, and she had the spirit of anger. She decided to come to church with her husband; that very month, she started seeing her menses. She later got pregnant and experienced ease during labour and delivery after acquiring the Anointing Water which she sprayed and prayed with. The girl delivered was named Josephine. She advised that people should have faith as all things are possible through Him.
There was the replay of a video in which Prophet TB Joshua prophesied to a young man, Juma from Kenya, on his criminal lifestyle which would lead him to being caught and killed.
When Juma appeared in church today, he narrated his story. He had grown from a pickpocket to stealing from supermarkets, and he eventually left Kenya for South African Region, being pushed around by a spirit. He had friends who had trained him in housebreaking but he became more qualified than they were. He was shot at severally, and he even had to move to Europe (Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland and Middle East) to perfect his criminal acts. Some of his friends got killed while others were jailed. He had a bad record of criminalities. But he once visited his sister where he watched the Emmanuel TV. In his dream, he saw the Prophet who prayed for him, which was why he came, last Sunday, to the church. He said he had sold drugs and broken into well secured homes with screw drivers. He had no regular source of income, which was why he meditated in church that God must visit him through Prophet TB Joshua. The prophet said that he would be delivered and follow his people (Kenyan Presidential Candidate and a noted pastor, both of whom spoke on their lives in the church) back home.
The video was replayed of the prophecy made by the man of God to a young man, James Igba, to the effect that he was fighting over a land which belonged to his late brother. He had attacked three people on it, but he might be joining his brother, later in the grave. He had come to the church, today, with the wife of his late brother, to confirm that the prophecy was true. He explained that his late brother died of motor accident, along with his friend and was a 100 level student of the Benue State University, Nigeria. He had brought the documents of the land, cheque book, ATM and ID cards of the late brother. Prophet Joshua who is interested in reconciling the family, pledged to see the entire family.
The Delta State- born Managing Director of an oil company had manifested during the church service on Monday and the spirit in her- as shown in the replayed video-had confessed that she was a queen and a python in the ocean. In the church today, she had spoken on her life that since the age of ten years, she had become a leader among the water spirits. At 22, she was blessed by the queen of the coast and she became a wealthy person. She often went to the river to sacrifice in red and white apparels, but she had decided to abandon such spirits as she grew older. Her wealth started to disappear. Some spiritualists (pretending to be pastors) decided to help her by taking her to Bombay, India, where a ritualist drenched her with powers. Yet, her oil barge sank and she sank further into debts and failed business. The ring she was given worked with her natural hair to cast spells on her. Her vessels sank in Bonny Island and her money got scattered; the spirit attempted to strangle her, severally, but Prophet Joshua had appeared to deliver her, in dream. She became addicted to watching Emmanuel TV; she no longer experiences the spiritual husband or swimming in the river (in her kingdom). She was grateful to God for her deliverance and pledged that she would no longer depart from the path of truth.
Prophet Joshua sermonized on the theme ''Our Mediator'', picking his proof text from John 14:6. He said Jesus Christ is the Way, Truth and the Life through whom God (Father) can be reached; and that there is no reality of Him. He said Christ is the Beginning, the Middle and the End; He is guide to our way as the life, is the end of it. He is also the sinner's only saviour, and no sinner can reach God without a mediator.
He said the unsaved might cry to God for thousand years but if there is no mediator, there would be no hope for them; and that no man can approach God without a mediator because he is living in a world dominated by Satan. He spoke extensively on the characteristics of immediate surroundings of man today, including economic oppression (poverty); physical oppression (disease and disabilities0; political oppression (injustice and misrule); demonic oppression (occultic practices and ritual murders); religious oppression (violence and intolerance); and moral oppression (institutionalized corruption in high places.
He said we need intercessors (those who pray for us and are always heard) and that Jesus' ministry of intercession is little appreciated by the believers, though in every temptation, trial and hard place, Jesus ever lives to pray for us, which is the reason for our victory.
He said Christians can make bad mistakes, but the difference is that they already have a relationship with God. He added that when one has a relationship with Jesus, he/she is bound to change and become one directed by Heavenly Father not by the influence from others. When we sin, our relationship is broken; we have someone at the right hand of the Father who ever remains faithful. When a Christian sin, he added, he does not lose his place as a son but loses his fellowship. He said further that when a mistake is made, we should run to God not from Him because He is really involved in our lives. When God becomes the CEO, the boss of our lives, he added, everything becomes different. He said people can talk to God and ask Jesus Christ to become the Lord of their lives, the Lord of their day.
The Sunday service was brought to an end by the Wise men who introduced an effective mass prayer which healed and delivered people, through Christ's power.
May God help you to have courage and faith to hang on to believe, to hang on that He will heal, bless  you as you lay myself in His precious arms and trust His will for your life.