Thailand the Kingdom of God is Advancing!

Dear Kingdom Pursuers:

While flying back from Bangkok via Tokyo on the 19th of this month, and after praying for the people in Asia, the Lord prompted me to re-read Redeeming the Time. Time is precious. This is God's "now time" for Asia. China will be the most influential nation in the world in the next several years. Thailand is a nation that is modeling a Kingdom change. I want to encourage you that if you do not have Interpreting the Times and Redeeming the Time, to get both of these books.

In 1986, the Lord showed me the year 2012. I saw that in China there would be a new uprising. But this was to be God's people rising up! His people will be making a move in a new way. This may well create some conflict, but God's people will rise up and move in a way that the whole world will take notice that a new move of God is coming out of China. I have written about China's rise to preeminence in world affairs through the year 2026 in God's Unfolding Battle Plan. You can also read the vision of the future in The Future War of the Church.

The thing to note about Thailand is this: What has gone on in this nation in the last three years must go on in every nation. I do not know of another nation that has made a greater shift where the Kingdom of God has begun to manifest. This is shaking every structure of society!
You could equate this to what happened to Argentina in the 1990s. Ecuador is moving, and is very key because of its position in South America between Venezuela and Colombia and then Peru on the south. I feel like the Lord has made me keep our teams focused in Asia because the Body of Christ there is leading in shifting into the new.

On to Bangkok, Thailand!

Robert and Linda Heidler have taken several teams to this nation for several years. Two years ago, change began to manifest and accelerate. Not only have we ministered from north to south in this nation, but many of the key leaders have visited our Head of the Year and Starting the Year Off Right gatherings in Denton, Texas.

Before I stood to speak on Saturday night, I had a vision of what is to come over Thailand. I began to prophesy: "My dancing hand is moving across Thailand. I am rearranging many things in this land. I am liberating My people from north to south. I am raising up a new troop of worshipers from east to west. As My hand dances across this land, the people's feet will now begin to dance across this land. Thailand will be known as the land that danced with the Lord!"

I then saw swords start dropping over the land. The people began catching the swords and God's people began to make a new way by opening up places that had never been opened up. I then began to decree that we were here to announce to the leaders and the remnant that "He will train your hands for war!" The sword of the Lord will now be moving throughout Thailand. The sword of the Spirit will start separating and cutting loose, and many who have been bound by religion and structures will now be free to worship. I announced the next worship movement will now sweep Thailand, and that from that meeting onward a new way will begin to open up all across this land and worship will overtake this land.
"The Next Five Months in Thailand is a Very Vulnerable Time"

I began to exhort them: "The next five months in Thailand is a very vulnerable time. Lots of changes will begin to happen. There will be a lot of rearrangement going on in every area of society. And what will be happening with God's people is that He is preparing them to rise up in a new way. So to do that, He is cutting away all of the confusion that will hold you captive. In these next five months, when this nation has confusion, you will be settled, and you will be sure. You will have revelation over how to walk forward. You will find your path into the harvest.

And where the world is confused around you, and the nation is confused around you, God's people will rise up and many will start coming to align with you and God's people. The Kingdom of God will begin to advance. This day the Lord begins to roll away the reproach of your past. Even the reproach that Christianity has held in this nation, will now begin to roll away."
This was a "new wineskin meeting." I declared, "Because you have allowed the Lord to form a new wineskin, even people in the other religions of this nation will begin to see Christians differently.
They will start being drawn out of their religious structure toward you, and many will say, 'Let us go with you where you are going.' As of this night, God is cutting away the old.
"In the future ahead there is five months that the nation will seem very vulnerable. But the Lord says for the future, train their hands to war today. He is sending swords from Heaven today. So when things get hard five months from now, He has already re-equipped His people to advance. He is equipping them today for what will seem invincible to them five months from now, so that when they get here five months from now, they already have victory.

"Today, God is setting you into a place to have victory in your future. Not only is He equipping you, not only is He setting new leaders in place, not only is He commissioning leaders from one season into a new season, not only is He training your hands for war and releasing the swords from Heaven, but He is sending the Angel of the Lord over this nation.

"As of this night, this angel will lead you forth to create a worshiping nation. This angel will lead you forth as far north as you can go. As far west as you can go, as far east as you can go, and as far south as you can go. The nations around you will go into conflict, but because you have chosen to break into the new with the Lord, now He is sending a commanding angelic host over this land. You will not be warring alone any longer, for the angelic hosts will now surround this land. The angelic hosts will move from city to city as He creates a worshiping people. The angelic host will move up and down the river systems. The angelic host will liberate many out of old religious structures."

"I have come to train your hands for war. My word will become powerful across this land. You will learn to war with My word, and what appeared to be invincible in your past season will now be overcome by the Spirit of the Lord. Extend your hands, allow Me to lead you now in a new way, for a new movement has begun and has now come forth in this land! And this movement will increase and increase again, and you will multiply and you will prosper and all of the world will know that Christians triumphed in Thailand.

"The Spirit of God is now moving like a fire throughout this land, and the land will now be liberated to worship in a new way. The next four months I will be refining the vision of this place. I will be reviving My Spirit in the midst of the people of this place. The work of this place will create a revival move in this entire region. Many will come to see this move of God. Create ministry teams, for many will start coming and a demonstration will break out of this place. Teach them how to war. Teach them how to worship. And teach them how to impart My Spirit and decree My power. For My power will be demonstrated in this people. I will establish you in a place where many will find you."

We then commissioned 16 new leaders into the New Wineskin as Glory of Zion International Churches and Ministries. I admire Pastor Nimit (one of those commissioned in the picture on the left). He was the leader of the largest church in Bangkok. However, the old wineskin was unwilling to change. He traveled to America to meet with Peter Wagner and me in January. Peter explained how most likely he would have to leave that structure. He chose to leave the old structure in February. His new wineskin church is already drawing 1,500 – 2,000 each week. In the picture below, I am shown commissioning him into Global Spheres on Sunday morning. Other team members had also ministered that day at Pastor Poom's church in Bangkok. Sunday night all the churches met for a National Gathering to close the Refining Fire of Revival weekend.

A Shaking in the South and a Shift in the Kingdom of Thailand
The worship was amazing. God sovereignty formed an Anointing Tunnel as the dancers began to flow together with a covering of banners. Prophecy broke lose:

"Get ready, for the there is coming a shaking to the southern part of this land. As this shaking comes from the south, the Spirit of God will fall in the east. Watch as a sign the shaking that arises in the south, and watch the people of God cry out in the east. Watch the awakening in the north, and watch the streets of Bangkok begin to change and the glory and the liberty and the celebration overtake this city! You are in the last year of a major transition. You are crossing over into the next new move of this land. This move has already begun, and I am raising the leaders to lead in this move. Beginning in May, you will enter a six-year window. This window will be a window for a major move of My Spirit. Other gods that have ruled this land will lose their power."

The Kingdom of Thailand will begin to shift. The Lord continued: "For you have learned to worship in the Kingdom of Thailand. But in the six-year period ahead, kingdoms will change. Where this land has been known as one thing, it will be known as another. But within the kingdom of Thailand, the Kingdom of God is rising! Where the kingdom of Thailand has ruled one way, the Kingdom of God is now manifesting and there will a major rule of My Spirit begin. Where scattering has occurred, restoration now begins.

"And the sons and daughters that are in the next generation will not know Buddha, will not know Hindu, but they will know My Spirit. This new window now shifts over you, and your sons and daughters will prophesy – from the north to the east to the west and from the south. From this day forward over the next six years, you will celebrate yearly in this particular city (Bangkok). And the facilities of this city will not be able to hold all of My celebrating people. Heaven and earth are now becoming one!"

A prophecy of : Chuck D. Pierce

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