PROPHET TB JOSHUALast Sunday's service will pass as one of the most revealing and prophetical. The power of the Holy Spirit could be felt all over the auditorium as God used the faculties of His ministers to preach, heal and deliver. The service started with the prayer line where, once again, wise men, under the influence of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus Christ, set people free from all kinds of demonic bondage, from sickness to good health. The sick were declared healed in Jesus' name and those afflicted with evil spirits were delivered, to the glory of God. And, again, the overwhelming power of the Holy Spirit moved among the congregants as the Almighty God used Prophet T.B. Joshua to preach, teach, heal and deliver people during the service. Not only did the man of God touch the hearts of the worshippers with his awe-inspiring message for people to stay steadfast in prayer at all times but also, he gave a practical example of how Christians could benefit spiritually from a specially designed mobile stool they can use as an altar anywhere they go – a prayer bench or prayer stool. The Sunday Service would not be complete without the inspiring testimonies from people who trekked in from all over the world. Here are but a few of those testimonies. Stay blessed.
Mrs Josephine from South Africa came to The SCOAN to testify how, amidst abject poverty that ravaged her family for over 40 years, she chose to seek help from God, the Provider of all good things. She said her life was very miserable because she and her husband were not employed.
They could not afford to send their children to school let alone, live a decent life. So, for over 40 years she and her husband had to live from hand-to-mouth barely meeting their basic needs. She said her children were always expelled from school because they could not keep up with the fees - a thing she described as humiliating.
"My situation was so depressing that I felt like I would run mental," she told the congregation.JOSEPHINE
Despite her situation though, Mrs Josephine did not want to take any shortcuts but moved from one place to another in search of a solution. It was then that she was introduced to Emmanuel TV by one of her friends. She watched as her fellow women and mothers testified how God had met their needs and how their lives had been transformed. She grew in faith and, whenever the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying, she would pray along with him.
Later, she decided to come to The SCOAN where she received the Anointing Water. She took the Anointing Water back home with her where she ministered it on herself and her family. God working in His awesome way opened her eyes on how to invest the little money she had and the profit on it was great.
With the money she made from her investments, she started a taxi business with one taxi, she now has two and will soon add two more – a sign that God is indeed working miracles in her life. And that is not all. God also opened the way for her to start her own hair dressing salon.
"Now, I am happy. Our lives have changed. I can now send my children to school because I am able to pay for their school fees. Look at me; I am no longer a tail. Watch Emmanuel TV 24 hours. If you meet any problems, dig deep until God answers you," she said to a loud applause of the congregation.
Mr Declan who lives in Germany came to The SCOAN a very happy and excited man. Who could blame him? He was now a free man, free from a chronic addiction to watching pornography and masturbation, thanks to God's power of deliverance through Emmanuel TV and the medium of the Anointing Water. He confessed that for 20 years he had been living a life of shame, always looking at nude images and drawing sexual satisfaction from masturbation. He said the problem started while he was in secondary school and at first, it did not matter much to him until the addiction became uncontrollable to the extent that he would masturbate up to three times in a day. He said even when he finished school and got a job, the urge for pornography persisted and with it, the urge for masturbation, to the extent that it did not matter where he was, he just had to watch it.
On his computer, he downloaded nude images and pornographic videos. Due to the severity of the addiction, he also downloaded the pornographic material onto his phone so that he could take it with him wherever he went. Even at work, he would excuse himself to go to the toilet with the sole purpose of watching the material and masturbating. The addiction had become so chronic that he had no patience for friends or family who came to visit him because they interfered with his addiction schedule. Even when he got married, the problem did not relent but got worse; he did not have any affection for his wife and he always liked to be alone so that he could be free to watch pornography and masturbate.
DECLANOne day, after coming home from church, he was about to watch pornography on the internet but instead decided to browse the Emmanuel TV website which was recently showed to him by a friend and he heard the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. The man of God was offering a prayer for deliverance and Mr Declan placed his hand on the screen of his laptop. He felt something change in his body. Later, one of his friends came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water which he gave to him. He ministered it in Jesus' name and from that moment, he no longer had the urge to watch pornography. Nightmares of a spiritual wife he was also having disappeared instantly.
"I used to have sex with women in my dreams. I would also see dead people. All that is gone and the affection for my wife has been restored," he testified, to the glory of God.
Advice: Get the Anointing Water and make sure to watch Emmanuel TV as a source of freedom. Stop watching pornography and other worldly things.
Another person taking his turn to glorify God for working a miracle in his life was Comrade Onaghise Nosakhare. He explained that he had previously been refused a visa to the UK time and time again.  He was short of options and did not know what to do. Meanwhile, he had applied for a new passport after his current one had expired.COMRADE
All this time, Comrade Nosakhare was walking in darkness, unaware that God was just a click away until he discovered Emmanuel TV. He would pray with Prophet T.B. Joshua in the morning when he woke up and before he went to sleep, never turning it off even when he left the house. He saw the miracles God was working in the lives of people through His anointed ministers. He came to The SCOAN where he received the Anointing Water and Anointing Stickers. When he received his renewed passport, he put the Anointing Sticker inside. When time came for him to again apply for the visa, he prayed and ministered the Anointing Water in Jesus' name on all documents and his passport to be submitted to the UK embassy. Then, he went back on the date given and they issued his visa that same day. "I never leave home without them," he said, referring to the Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker, adding: "Truly believe in God and do His will; don't doubt His goodness."
Glory be to God!

Mrs Keziah Mebash from Finland also shared her testimony of how God had worked through the medium of the Anointing Water to bring healing to her life. She explained that for 32 years she had been experiencing low blood pressure. She would therefore, feel stress, lightheadedness, dizziness and lack of concentration, among others. The problem affected her career and marriage. At work, she could not effectively work on projects or contribute at managerial forums. She could not stand for long and her boss in the human resource department was often concerned about her.
One day, she fainted and they took her to the emergency room. The doctors diagnosed her with extremely low blood pressure. They put her on medication and recommended that she rest as much as possible. Back home, she could not do household chores and many times, it was her husband who was cooking for fear that it might aggravate her condition. Many times, she would get easily confused and could not walk long distances without having to rest a bit before continuing. She said her children, two boys aged eight and five, always wanted to be with her and to play at the park but she would not be able because she was always tired. She could not run or play with them.
"The kids thought I did not have time for them and that I did not love them." She said that her mum had the same problem.KEZIAH
One day, her husband was searching for Christian stations on the internet to listen to when he discovered Emmanuel TV. Together, they saw how God was healing and delivering people through his anointed servants. She decided to come to The SCOAN where she received the Anointing Water. She ministered it in Jesus' name and realised that she was no longer having the tiredness and other symptoms of the low blood pressure. At first, she thought she was just having a good day but then, day after day, her good health remained.
"I walk with my Anointing Water wherever I go. I am happy because I can now cook for my family, play with my children and concentrate at work," she said.
Sharing a second testimony, she told the congregation of how her two sons were delivered from an affliction of lice. She said her children had lice and not just a small amount but hundreds and hundreds of lice. At home and school, her children would be scratching their head. They could not concentrate at school. She tried all kinds of shampoos and treatments but nothing worked. The problem persisted and one day, the school teacher told them that they should not come to school anymore because it was contagious. She ministered the Anointing Water on their heads in Jesus' name and now, the lice have disappeared for good.
"This is real. Don't limit God. He has immeasurable miracles for us. Nothing is impossible with Him," she said.
Emmanuel Nicholas, a lawyer, was having the problem of setback and financial difficulty despite being in what society considers a prestigious profession. He hardly had any money to take care of his wife or three children. He could not pay their school fees or the rent. One day, he came home and found his house empty; his wife had taken everything including the children. He begged her to come back but she would not because of their terrible financial situation. He battled with the landlord to keep his place but could not pay the rent. Someone sponsored him to come to The SCOAN, where he received the Anointing Water.  After ministering it in Jesus' name and asking God to favour and bless him, one week later, he received a phone call from the governor of his state, asking what he could do for him. Even without stating his need, the governor said that God reminded him of his friend and he immediately gave him the position of Media Consultant. On top of that, he blessed him with money to change his wardrobe and he also received a car. The governor asked him to publish books for him and then, he did a book presentation for him that resulted in millions.
"It was as if I was dreaming. Now, I am blessed with a house and many cars," he said.
In thanksgiving to the Lord for his testimony, Mr Nicholas sang a song of praise but not without advice: "When you are in trouble, the only one you can run to is the Lord."
An altar on the outside is a place which constantly reminds us of our relationship and fellowship with God – TB Joshua
The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, on Sunday advised the congregation and viewers of Emmanuel TV to have an altar not only at home but one that goes with them everywhere they go even when travelling.
"If you say you have a room for an altar, what if you travel? Does that mean when you go out of your house, you stop praying? I want you to cultivate a habit - a habit where you can make an altar there and pray. You need to have a prayer bench or prayer stool - it is a piece of Heaven on earth," the man of God said.
In Daniel 6:10, the Bible says that prayer was Daniel's habit. Habit is something that you do twice and it becomes easier.
He quoted the book of Acts 20:7, saying the disciples of Jesus Christ every first day of the week came together to pray. This, said the prophet, was a habit they developed.
The man of God then introduced to the congregation and viewers a prayer stool/bench. It is simply made with an inbuilt cushion for resting knees on. It can be folded and wheeled on tires. He encouraged the congregation to have their own prayer stool.