Prophet T.B. Joshua"Jesus Christ was raised from death so that we could be delivered and receive a new life" (T.B. Joshua)
The thousands who were present in the inside and overflow congregations of the live service at The SCOAN joined viewers from all over the world who watched the service in their homes and offices in receiving a new life.

MR AND MRS CLIFFORD EZENDUKA shared their testimony of what God had done in the life of their son.  They explained that their baby, David developed a high fever and they gave him a usual drug prescription. However, the case worsened when they had to take their child to hospital after he had a convulsion attack and stopped breathing. The doctors battled for the baby's life for 5 hours, before finally putting him on oxygen. Then, Mrs Ezenduka quickly remembered that they had the Anointing Water at home. They rushed to get it and used it on the child, praying in Jesus' name and he regained consciousness straight away. Their baby was revived from death through the power of God in the Anointing Water. The couple encouraged nursing parents to commit their children to the Lord and train them in His way.
According to MRS IFEANYICHUKWU EKEH, her son, Samuel was not sick or asthmatic but in the night, she heard him give a deep grunt and when she came to him, found that he was dead, his mouth was closed and foam was coming out from beneath his teeth. His eyes turned upwards and he had stopped breathing. They received him at a nearby hospital and fitted him with oxygen. "I applied the Anointing Water and he soon sneezed and asked, "Mummy, what are we doing here?" as he removed the oxygen pipes from his nose. Since then, he has not been having any such incident in the night. When asked for her advice, Mrs Ekeh said that on discovering her son's condition, she knelt down and offered this prayer, "I am only a caretaker; this is Your son, Lord.  Come and take control" and He did! She advised people to trust in God for He is good, faithful and never said goodbye.
Mrs Agnes Akah told her amazing testimony of being rescued from a 37 year alcohol addiction which had controlled her life: "I came to The SCOAN in April 2012 and received the Anointing Water. Before I did, my past was nothing to write home about. I was a complete drunkard. I was drinking to the extent that if my paycheck came, my first thought was to go and buy beer. At times, I would forget that I had not left anything for my children to eat at home. I had this alcohol addiction since 1980. I went to the village and took a lot of alcohol that time. When I got home, I collapsed in front of my children. They took me inside the house and I was wondering what had happened to me. In 37 years of drinking, I could afford up to nine bottles a day. It affected my family because I would spend my children's school fees on the beer or I would forget to send things for my children, whether food, drink or anything they needed. I didn't even used to eat normally but just drink alcohol. Since I used the Anointing Water and prayed for Jesus to rescue me, I have not had the urge to drink alcohol or know anything about alcohol". Not only that, Mrs Agnes Akah also used the Anointing Water on her yam seeds, her occupation being farming. Now, she is blessed with a miracle harvest of amazingly huge yams.
Mr Heart Christopher from Cross River, Nigeria stood before the world to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for his deliverance from the spirit of Calypso, the goddess of all the islands, Poseidon, the god of water and Hades, the god of the underworld. He said it all started in university, when he picked up and began reading a book about the ancient Greek mythology. Once jovial and happy, his character became bitter towards those around him and he began to isolate himself. He started being taken to the underworld in visions and dreams where he would interact with these false, evil spirits. When he was about to take a sports test at school and was lying in his room, he suddenly saw a beautiful woman above him, saying that she was Calypso, goddess of all the islands and that he belonged to her. Each of these mythological spirits would appear to him on different occasions, in different ways. If he dreamt about Poseidon, the god of water, his bed would be wet with water. These evil spirits in his life threatened his otherwise brilliant basketball career. Mr Heart was taken to many hospitals for the affliction he received in his stomach from the demons. The demons caused an intestinal obstruction which led to multiple operations and the excruciating condition of not being able to pass faeces. His father spent over 20 million on his health but still the problem defied medical expertise. He was finally advised to go for surgery in India where he underwent another serious operation where his belly button was removed. During this time, the Anointing Water and his father's visits to The SCOAN had kept him alive despite the plans of the evil spirits to kill him. Heart explained that ever since his deliverance after the prayer of Wise Man Christopher in the power of the Holy Spirit, he has been sleeping well without any nightmares or anger.  He advised the youth and those in university to be careful of the books that they were reading as satan can manipulate anything. Now delivered, he is looking forward to a brilliant future and destiny.
Particularly touching that Sunday was the case of a Mongolian lady who arrived at The SCOAN from Abia, Nigeria at 11pm claiming that she had escaped from her husband's house. When asked why she had run away, SUMIYA ENKHMAA insisted albeit without any evidence for her accusations that he had been maltreating her and the two children she had for him. The SCOAN took them in and had been trying to contact the husband and their family to achieve some reconciliation. With all effort to contact the husband proving abortive, the ministry then had to make attempts to repatriate the lady and send her back to her family in Mongolia. Circumstances being what they are, Mongolia has no embassy in Nigeria and the nearest one was located in Egypt. By the grace of God, the embassy was contacted and acknowledged that it had been made aware of the case by the woman some time ago but was unable to support her due to the difficulty and isolation of her situation. In light of the ministry's eagerness to assist the woman, the embassy would be willing to cooperate in the matter. She said she had been watching Emmanuel TV while in Abia and that it was six of her neighbours that contributed the money for her to come to The SCOAN for help. When the ministry was unable to contact the man in question over two weeks, the case was put on air as a form of appeal for the woman's husband to come and contact the church. However, if reconciliation was not an option, the ministry would sponsor the woman and her children to fly back to Mongolia.

Dr Samuel Efetobor stepped forward accompanied by his family to narrate his receiving a prophecy from the man of God, T.B. Joshua that a woman close to him had been accused of being a witch. As the head of the family since the early death of their father, Dr Efetobor had been the breadwinner of the family, sponsoring all his siblings through school until the level they were today. In accord with the prophecy, he spoke of how his water and hotel businesses alongside his political career had all run down and all fingers were pointing to a woman, his first wife to whom he was married for 30 years, as the cause of the downfall. The first wife of Mr Efetobor was present as was his second wife, married 11 years into the trouble in the home as the explanation unfurled. The first wife, who stood accused of witchcraft, was declared innocent by the prophetic revelation of Prophet T.B. Joshua who explained that it was nothing but the trap of satan to destroy the peace and unity in the family. Saying that it was too early to pass any judgement on the situation of the natural side of their marriage, the man of God extended his invitation to the children of the first wife, none of whom were in attendance at the church to allow the complete settlement of the issue and the replacement of the bitterness within them with the sweetness of God's grace to take place over the coming week.
Pastor Edward Irabor, gave testimony of his spectacular deliverance which began with the prophecy of Prophet T.B. Joshua that an idol entered him at primary school age. He confirmed that it was the spirit of the idol his grandfather used to serve which had entered him. A time came when he drank the blood of a dog to gain power and the spirit of the idol began manifesting in his life. Battling under the influence of the demonic idol, he sought divine solution and became an usher an usher in his local church. He was promoted from an usher to deacon to pastor. Still not delivered from the idol, he used to beat his wife, drink alcohol and borrow money. The idol had ensured that no one in their family had a settled home. He said he had a dream where he saw Prophet T.B. Joshua protected him from a group of masquerades which were chasing him. When he asked the man of God what he had used to rout the attackers, he told him it was Jesus Christ. He was later delivered during the service after prayer from Wise Man John Chi, in the name of Jesus Christ. Since his deliverance, he no longer had the craving for beer or alcohol or the urge to beat his wife in anger. His wife testified that previously he used to beat her and that he did not pray or read the Bible. To clarify the severity of her husband's affliction, Mrs Irabor told viewers how he was often in a drunken stupor to the degree of going to drink and forgetting where he parked his motorbike. Someone else would bring the bike home to the man from the beer parlour. After his deliverance, she confirmed that he doesn't drink or beat her any more. Following his deliverance, the man of God assured him that they would seek the face of the Lord concerning his calling and direction.