T.b. Joshua

The service took off with the prayer line in which several people received their deliverance from various ailments. Prophet T.B. Joshua emerged to speak briefly on the theme "Faith is more reliable, dependable, stronger", using 2 Corinthians 5:7 as proof text.
He said sometimes, people base their spiritual experiences on feelings and emotions – what we see and hear. A Christian should believe that his situation is not meant to kill him; it is meant to strengthen your desire and determination for God. For our faith to be consistent, it must be based on something more stable than feelings and that is God's Word which is the same yesterday, today and forever.
He further said that when we are in the dark, we are likely to be frightened. He maintained that Christians today, without, are fighting; but within, are fears. The case of Elisha and his servant is an eye opener. It is a clear example for us. It is true many of us claim to be Christians, but without seeing enough. We cannot see enough until the eyes of our faith are opened.

Mrs Boateng Valerie is a soldier from Ghana, who suffered from leukemia for four years. She had been referred to hospitals in Ghana but the doctors did not know exactly the nature of her ailment. She could not eat, parts of her body got swollen and there were rashes all over her body. The doctors recommended diverse medications, until eventually the study of her bone marrow revealed that she had leukemia. She was losing her hair, nothing was working out for her; she experienced sleeplessness and wild itching of her body. She was also restless and passed blood-filled urine. Having spent much money in search of solution to this problem, she finally resolved to visit The SCOAN to obtain her healing. She had visited on the 23rdof March, 2012 and was given the Anointing Water.

Mr and Mrs Boateng sharing their testimony
  After praying and administering the Anointing Water, her health improved, rashes started vanishing, blood stopped coming out and her skin colour returned. She had gone back to the hospital where she was confirmed free and healed as was evident in her medical reports. The doctor said she never saw such before happening (miraculous cure for leukemia). The doctor also administered the Anointing Water on herself and became pregnant after meeting with her husband. Mrs Boateng had praised the Lord for all He did on her life through the Anointing Water.
He is a Nigerian who had experienced hardship in his academic pursuit; he had faced difficulty in studying and loss of memory. He sweated to

Benjamin Okeke showing his result in the First Class Division.
obtain the Ordinary National Diploma (OND) from the Federal Polytechnic, Oko (Anambra State). He got admitted into the IMT Enugu, but came out with bad results. He was determined not to school further in Nigeria, and his brother succeeded in taking him abroad. He attended the University of East London, Malaysia. In order to assist him in his academic pursuits, his mother had sent the Anointing Water to him by post, which he had administered, with prayers. Throughout his academic life there, he had stuck to the fact that "My God is God of the best".  After administering the Anointing Water, he had successfully graduated in Accounting and Finance in the First Class Division. He said the youth should believe God.

Audu and the stolen bag that was miraculously returned
He is a student at the University of Ghana, Legon, reading Banking and Finance at the masters level. He was about to travel back to Ghana when the bag containing his money, books and other belongings was picked by a robber, just as he was making calls with his phone. He had screamed, and had pursued the robber, who had to jump into the canal, to escape. Crying and without money on him, he had returned home. In the bag were the Anointing Water, Anointing Sticker and a copy of Prophet T.B. Joshua's book, "The step between you and the cure". Two days after, a call came that he should go to the spot where the bag was originally stolen, which he did. There, he found his bag! When he opened his bag, he saw a letter from the robbers pleading for forgiveness and prayers from T.B. Joshua and the bag owner.  He had advised that people should have a good relationship with God.

Deacon (Mrs) Okogu, the wife to Deacon (Hon) Paul Okogu, was kidnapped and driven away in her own vehicle to an unknown destination. The husband, Deacon Okogu, had, on hearing the story, sprayed the Anointing Water round the corners of his house, and prayed to God for the safe return of his wife. He had also driven out to look for the kidnappers, as well as reported the matter to the police. Security men had joined him in looking for her. After reporting the matter to the police, he had received calls from the kidnappers but he responded that the God of T.B. Joshua would rescue his wife from their hands. He had also thanked God in the midst of the trouble. The next morning, the wife had called him. The kidnappers had beaten her thoroughly and had asked for N20 million. But a vigilante group leader had also informed the husband that her car with the Anointing Sticker, was seen in the forest.

The couple testifying to God's delivering power
The husband had also prayed with T.B. Joshua on the Emmanuel TV. Some 18 minutes later, he was informed that his wife had been found, and two of the kidnappers arrested
The evening service characteristically was about laying of hands and mass prayer.

The Monday Service started with a sermon by Wise Man Christopher who spoke on the subject: "The Best Investment". He said life is about choices and how we respond to every situation. He said all must be conscious of the future. He had used Acts 9:36-40 as proof text.
Quoting Prophet Joshua, he maintained that the best investment is help, and that we can choose to surrender all we have to help the needy. He added that ultimately, we are called to respond to all human needs, and Christians are commissioned solution providers.
During the service, a significant number of testimonies were given. Some of these (through the Anointing Water) were:
  1. Mr and Mrs Anseman Onyejaka (delivered from 5 years of barrenness);
  2. Mrs Ezabona Success (healed from stomach ulcer);
  3. Mr Seko Maphoto (breakthrough);
  4. Mr Friday Esele (saved from an accident);
  5. Mr Oranu Joseph Uzonna (gained employment and promotion through watching  Emmanuel TV);
  6. Mr Collins Mwanandi (stopped smoking after ten years)
There were also testimonies of people who were healed:
  1. Mr Stephen Nwabueze (healed of difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis);
  2. Mr Olushina Ayanji Obi (healed of difficulty in walking due to cervical spondylosis - used a neck collar and walking aid);
  3. Mrs Dimakatso Ndlovu (delivered from addiction to eating ice cubes);
  4. Mrs Ngozi (healed of difficulty in walking due to arthritis - used a lumbar corset);
  5. Mrs Umukoro Grace (healed of difficulty in walking due to arthritis - used a lumbar corset);
  6. Mr Uma Onwuka (healed of difficulty in walking due to hypertension - used a lumbar corset);
  7. Miss Okuror Evelyn (healed of difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis – used a lumbar corset)
  8. Mrs Bekky Dura (healed of difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis –used a lumbar corset);
  9. Mrs Roseline Ikechi (healed of difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis)
10. Mrs Emily Twala (healed of difficulty in walking due to thoracic and lumbar spondylosis, osteoarthritis – used a lumbar corset)