The service of Sunday 29th April 2012 began with an uplifting and thought-provoking message from Wise Man Daniel, titled "As It Was So It Is". Using Mark 6:15 for illustration, he preached that the unbelief of people was based on what they saw with their naked eyes. As Christians, if you base your judgement on these, you have not looked deep
enough – if we base our faith on what we see, hear, read in newspapers and circumstances and thus allow our feelings to control our faith, we can be Christians yet controlled by satan's devices.
Using Luke 6:22-23 for illustration, he preached that any time God is coming with His blessing, the first sign you will receive is attacks. When your trials are getting hotter, you are getting closer to your breakthrough. Trials, difficulties, embarrassment and name callings cannot destroy you, as Christian. Rather, they make way for further strategies which are developed to meet new challenges.

He also referred to Matthew 10:12-15, explaining that there are four kinds of people you will meet in life: those who add, multiply, divide and subtract from our blessing. "Your relationship with them will make or mar you, build you up or destroy you." He concluded by saying, "As children of God, it is time to dream again – to draw greater plans."

During the service, Prophet T.B. Joshua asked a video to be shown to the congregation of a prophetic message given over five years ago in early 2007. In it, Mr Sunday Ehimhen from Edo State (now living in Abuja) cried out during a Sunday Service that he had an accident, resulting in a broken arm which had failed to heal. Though he was focused on his immediate problem, the prophet pointed him to the cause of his dilemma, revealing that his problems began when he abandoned a woman who was pregnant for him 27 years ago. The prophet instructed him to look for the child, stating that upon reconciliation, breakthrough in his life would be restored.

Mr Sunday Ehimhen & Daughter
In his testimony, Mr Ehimhen explained that he had not initially taken the prophecy seriously. However, after his problems continued to persist with failure in business, an unceremonious return from abroad and his house in Abuja being nearly pulled down, he began earnestly searching for his long-lost child. Finally discovering her in Lagos the week before the service through the help of a family friend, he knelt down to beg her for forgiveness. It was the first time had seen his daughter in 32 years!
Explaining how the initial relationship with her mother had ended, Mr. Ehimhen said, "I promised to marry the girl but after she became pregnant, the spirit of love suddenly disappeared from my mind. My love for her vanished and any time I saw her, I was angry". He broke the relationship, refusing to acknowledge that he was the owner of the pregnancy. From that incident onwards, Sunday moved from one disappointment to another, experiencing inexplicable setback even at the point of breakthrough.
Antonia, his long-lost daughter who accompanied him to The SCOAN, expressed gladness for finding her real father, though she was bitter at not being educated and never enjoying fatherly care. She had grown up believing her step-father to be her biological father as her mother had never revealed the circumstances behind her birth. At 32 years, Antonia said she was unmarried and had been struggling to fend for herself. She explained that her boyfriend had been the one providing her means of sustenance, including clothes and food, for the past eight years.

Reunited father and daughter
Amazed at the way the prophecy had reunited father and daughter, she said she has forgiven her father and believes the reconciliation will pave the way for better things to come.
In the midst of the testimony, Prophet T.B. Joshua suddenly stopped mid-sentence and then dramatically called for the congregation to pray, stating that he saw an imminent attack in his nation Nigeria. Reminding the congregants of his message last week, he said that the youths should cease fire and leave the battle for God. He asked the congregants to pray for God's protection, which they did for about one minute.  Less than an hour later in the service, the news of an attack on some Christian students of the Bayero University Kanu, was announced. The prophet was grieved, and the church went silent in sober reflection. "All men's hearts are in His hands," he said.
A clip was then shown of a prophecy given during last week's Monday Prophetic Service, where T.B. Joshua told a pregnant woman to pray against an operation. She had immediately confirmed that her baby was positioned wrongly and the doctors had already recommended an operation, adding that her last child was also delivered through an operation. After prayer, the prophet declared her free to go and deliver her baby girl safely!

Romina Ogba and Her baby girl
The lady, Romina Ogba from Delta State came to the Sunday Service, with her parents, to testify to the glory of God in her life. Holding her child with pride and happiness, she said, "Immediately he prayed for me, I felt something moving within me." After the prayer,

This is the baby girl
to confirm the prophecy
she delivered her child safely and quickly, without an operation! The gender of the child was a girl, confirming the prophecy. T.B. Joshua explained to the church, "Healing, deliverance and prophetic ministries came together to give this result". He added, "Every Word of God is very pure and therefore very sure".
Another video was played, documenting an incident during the previous week's Monday prophetic service where a young lady began manifesting during the mass prayer as T.B. Joshua prayed, "Every constant experience of bondage should be loosed in the name of Jesus".
The evil spirit within her was manifesting, saying, "I am the serpent of Nembe Kingdom… Everyone born into that kingdom is in my hands." The spirit said that because this young lady had tried to draw close to God and read the Bible, it had entered her to ensure she would fall.
Miss Eremi Moses explained that in Nembe Kingdom, Bayelsa State, the god of the land whom the people worship and pay homage to is a serpent. According to her, everyone born into that area is dedicated to this serpent and brought up to worship it. Moses said her problems really began when she gave her life to Christ at the age of 16. Immediately following this decision, she experienced different encounters in her dreams such as making love with an unknown man, suffocation and a giant man always pressing her down.
Although she had never experienced true deliverance, she was very actively involved in evangelical work, preaching and spreading the Gospel in her environment.  Over the years, despite her church commitments, she said, "I was suffering under the influence of these demons. I fell and rose, fell and rose. Any time I entered the village, my prayer life would cease". She said she had a dream where she saw a dark giant man who had red lips, who turned into a wind and hit her against the wall, saying, "Everyone born in Nembe belongs to me and is a leaf on my tree; you must bow before me!"
After realising that she needed through deliverance, Moses discovered Emmanuel TV and made up her mind to come to bring her case before God. She said that as the Mass Prayer was being offered on Monday, she had no consciousness whatsoever of what had happened. However, immediately after her deliverance, she felt renewed, refreshed and revived!
Prophet T.B. Joshua explained the circumstances faced by people like Eremi Moses. He said there are two gospels – the pure and the impure. The pure gospel is sure, and it delivers and saves people. The impure variety does however bring deliverance. Instead, it often provokes evil forces to attack us. He referred to the seven sons of Sceva for illustration. He said as a result of this, many people are going around on a dangerous mission.

Mrs Patricia Okoye
Mrs Patricia Okoye, a Zambian, came to give testimony on how God delivered her through the Anointing Water, having experienced a ceased menstruation for seven years. According to her, she visited the "best gynaecologists", had countless injections and gone to many pastors for prayer but without a solution. However, after watching Emmanuel TV, she was able to receive Anointing Water from a family member who had visited The SCOAN. "It was as if the menstrual cycle was waiting for the Anointing Water," she joyously testified, stating that immediately after ministering it, blood started flowing freely! Since then, her menstrual cycle has been restored to normalcy.

Prophet Joshua said told the congregation that "Give thanks to God for the fact that your past is over. You are praying prayer, not saying words. Someone will intercede on your behalf. Whatever you hear now is prophetic. Begin to free yourself from career failure, limitations, and bondage in the name of Jesus! Whatever satan must have been using to connect us to himself - he uses weakness, limitation, shortcoming, that threatens your peace – break it in the name of Jesus".


He prayed further: "Your body is not temple of demons or evil spirits. Whatever way or connection - be broken in the name of Jesus. Confess your release – my marital life, health, finances, career and future be released".
To God be the glory!
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