The morning service on this Easter Sunday, kicked off with a sermon by Wise Man Racine, who spoke on the subject of "Beyond the Grave". He told the multitude that attended the unique service of the love, life, death and resurrection of Jesus' Christ, that "Jesus came from Heaven for you and me" and that He had sent the Holy Spirit to His disciples to perform different deeds on the surface of the earth. He said we must all understand the real meaning and significance of the cross and quoting from Matthew 27 and 28:5, he claimed that "the resurrection is a process".

Wise Man Racine told the congregation that God Almighty, who created us, now dwells in us and that His crucifixion, burial and resurrection should be properly understood in their real essence. His death was painful and dreadful; He was tortured, humiliated and dehumanized but He responded with forgiveness and salvation for mankind.
He also said, "Jesus is standing on trial still" and that man could choose to either be false or faithful to Him and "any time you ignore and deny your fellow brother, you deny Jesus". Jesus, he said, looked beyond the pain on the cross and saw the glory of resurrection. The hour of Christ's death was the beginning of His glorification and redemption; this is the saving grace for all Christians today. Resurrection means "to bring back to life". Coming back to life means to experience a new beginning.
According to him, resurrection is a rare opportunity Christ gives to every Christian; and that Easter is a day of new beginning, when every dead area of man's life receives new life. Quoting from the book of Romans 8:11, he established that "by His love, I am a new man. In His love, I have newness of life". To be born again means we must die with Him and resurrect with Him. Also, Jesus came to take us out of darkness into light and delivers us out of darkness to light and delivers us from our enemies, disease, lack, want and problems. He put an end to our sorrows and tears and He never said "no more healing". He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He also referred us to Philippians 1:2.
He maintained that life or death makes no difference when it comes to security; the security of God sees beyond the grave. A new sense of security, peace and salvation stands beyond the grave. Believers, therefore have a firm and well grounded expectation and future felicity with God.
Prophet T.B. Joshua then spoke about the death of the Malawian president and the prophecy that foretold his death. He said "If a prophet says to you that I can see sudden death and mention the time and date of the incident, he is simply telling you that you should put your house in order. It is sin that makes us to be afraid of our Heavenly abode. Here, we are only passing through".
To him, the recent death of the Malawian president was a demonstration of the fact that God answered him by strengthening him with the strength in his soul and not with bodily strength and then prayed that God should give wisdom and understanding to the family and Malawians to forge ahead, in Jesus' name.
Still referring to the Malawian president, he said the president had intended personally to visit The SCOAN for prayer but he knew that what was coming "was an unchangeable event" and the prayer was meant for "his journey above; I prayed with him in agreement…This is what everyone is praying for, to know when and how".
The prophet referred to the various attempts made by different presidents in Africa to see him for prayers at critical times of their lives and what became of such efforts. He mentioned Col. Gadhafi of Libya who had asked for prayer two weeks to his death, though there was a prophetic message in the past concerning his regime and war in Libya; the late president Chiluba of Zambia who had visited the SCOAN for prayers and was also told that his time was almost up; and President Gbagbo of Cote De'Voire who had sent some government officials to the prophet in the midst of the crisis in his country but lost his power because he did not act as advised, in the past. The prophet also referred to plane crashes in the past which he had predicted, maintaining that "without revelations we shall live in the dark".
Video clips were shown on the prophecies by the man of God, specifically on February 5, 2012; March 18, 2012 and April 1, 2012, on the African president who was going to die on Thursday. This was eventually true of the Malawian president.
The mass prayer was effectively responded to. The prophet had maintained a prayer point for the congregation, which centred on prayer of deliverance from the demon who is "using bad habits to commit you to him". Whatever bad habits satan must have used to connect your business, health, marital life, and destiny, in the name of Jesus, it should be broken".
Prophet T.B. Joshua then welcomed a God's General to his pulpit, Rev. C.S. Upthegrove, a living legend who worked alongside A.A. Allen, Oral Roberts, William Branham, Jack Coe and others.
Describing how A.A. Allen had prophesied to him before his death, "I was riding one day in the automobile with A.A. Allen and he looked over at me and he said, "Brother Upthegrove, I may not be living when this comes to pass but I believe you will". And he began to describe this place. He began to talk about a man that would walk out under the anointing and the power of the Almighty God. He further described all of the miracles I have witnessed since I have been here. On Thursday, when the wise men began to minister, I couldn't help but sit there and weep because of the fulfillment of the prophecy that the man of God had given me."
Rev. Upthegrove recounted how at age 29, he had received his own calling from God when he had an angelic visitation during a 21 day fast and his blonde hair turned white. After showing pictures of himself with A.A. Allen and the original letter that A.A. Allen had written to him, asking him to pastor his church in Miracle Valley, Arizona , Rev. Upthegrove said that he had something special to present to the prophet. "As I told you, back in 1965,66,67 there was nothing ever heard of like a computer or modern technology; everything had to be done the hard way. So Brother Allen went out and had a rubber stamp made with his name on it.  This is brother Allen's personal stamp. his name is inscribed on here sand they made a rubber stamp just like a signature…Thousands of letters came in and i can still see him reading those letters   and stamping them with this very stamp. When it was presented to me, I said the Spirit of the Lord is still in that stamp. God can use anything, I told you - he can use sticks and stones, dead men's bones; he uses water. He uses shadows and He used this stamp in the hands of AA Allen.
And when it was passed to me, I treasured this and I kept it. My children said "Leave it to us dad." I said, no, this is not for the inheritance of the children. This is to pass on to another prophet of God."
After the presentation, the prophet said, "We have read so much about AA Allen. He is one of the great in the century. Those who humble themselves under Jesus Christ have taken the best source to secure themselves. All this can only be achieved when we humble ourselves under Jesus for supervision and victory because it is his Word that establishes, it is His word that builds."
MR LARRY NIPOFU (FROM ZIMBABWE) – Healed Of Heart Failure With Anointing Water
He said while he was in his hotel room, after taking the Anointing Water, he had felt like going to the toilet. For 18 years, he had suffered heart failure, and the doctor had thought he had died by the time he visited the hospital. He was delivered through the Anointing Water.
Before then, he had suffered various afflictions associated with the heart condition; he could neither work nor attend to his domestic affairs. After administering the water, he had gone to his aunt with whom he visited the hospital for a check, and he was told he was now healthy. Before then, he could not even wear shoes and, he could not stand up properly after waking up every morning. His advice to people is that they should have faith which is the key to heal you.
CHIKOLI JONATHAN (FROM BENIN REPUBLIC)Healed Of Barrenness With Anointing Water
Mr Chikoli Jonathan had suffered the problem of infertility for many years. He had taken to native medicine and visited many hospitals, to no avail. He had low sperm count. Prophet T.B. Joshua had prayed for him when he visited the SCOAN in 2010, and gave him the Anointing Water. He had administered it and met with his wife, who later became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy named Emmanuel Torontochukwu, nine months after using receiving the Anointing Water. People had mocked him extensively on his infertility for years.
DAVID BROWN - Delivered From The Spirit Of Armed Robbery
Mr David Brown graduated from Kingston University, UK. He was cursed with the spirit of armed robbery by his aunt because he had left her door open and armed robbers came in and stole her property some 15 years back. His aunt being a spiritualist, cursed him that the prison would be his home and nothing good would ever come his way.He had started stealing almost immediately and stayed at the spot until the owner of the property would catch him. The spirit was always taking him back to prison. A sister, who had known Emmanuel TV, had brought him to The SCOAN, to be delivered. He had gone to prison eight times, and had spent about a year and six months each time. In his words, he said he loved the prison and that each time he came out, the spirit would again take him there. It was only after he had been caught that he would come to awareness of what had happened.
In September 2010, he had come to The SCOAN, during which he was prophesied to by Prophet Joshua. After his deliverance, he had reconciled with his aunt who had placed a curse on him. The money Prophet Joshua gave to him was ploughed into business and he got married.
He opened a pharmacy for his wife and set up his own computer shop. Those who had rejected him in society have now embraced him. With tears in his eyes, he told the world that all things are possible, that if God could change him, He could change anyone. When the son of God sets you free, you are free, indeed. The wife, Gloria, also spoke and thanked God for her husband's deliverance, for he is now a responsible man.
MR SIYABANDA (SOUTH AFRICAN): Delivered From Breathing Difficulty And Asthma
He is 11 years old, and had come to The SCOAN to give testimony of his deliverance from breathing difficulty. He had come with his mother to thank God because he was delivered from serious asthma which had been with him from birth, and of which he had to depend on a breathing machine, for his survival.
He was hospitalized almost every month and the trouble had so much disturbed his education. His heart was always beating. Doctors called it chronic disease – a lifetime disease. It also affected some other members of the family. With his mother, he had taken a step of faith, wrote to the church and was invited during the Esther festival, 2011.
He was delivered and had come to praise God today, as the video of his past ailment was shown. According to the young man, "Look unto God; He is the only deliverer. Have faith in Him".
MARCELOUS (From Cameroon): Delivered From Business Failure
The video was shown to the congregation when he first visited The SCOAN. Wise Man Racine had prayed for him and told him that he had failed in business because he was too hasty to be a success and should learn to be patient because his opportunity would soon come. Racine said experience would guide the man, in order to achieve success and he would bring a wonderful testimony to the church later.
He had returned to the church to narrate the story of his new success. He had resigned from a job in 2009 to travel to the USA for training, after which getting another job was a difficulty. He faced many disappointments but had come to church in January 2011. After Wise Man Racine prayed for him, he went back to the USA, having been called for an interview and in February, he was offered a new job in a communications company as the Sales Director for Africa. He showed his pictures standing in front of the company in Lousiana, USA.
He advised people to keep praying to God whenever they are in a difficulty and God would surely answer them.
SELINA DAUSI (South African):
Delivered From Eating Ice Cubes For 30 Years
The South African woman, who is 45 years old, was eating ice blocks for 30 years, which she couldn't stop on her own. She experienced headaches which affected her in work and at home. Every family member was also eating ice blocks. She could not think straight. She had gone to different hospitals; she was anaemic. She had decided to come to the church when she saw how others were delivered on Emmanuel TV. She was not eating good food; a strange voice was always asking her to eat ice cubes. She was always angry.
After being delivered by Wise Man Christopher, ice cubes became revolting and distasteful to her; she vomited. She also ate good food in the church. Today, all her family members have also become free at home. She advised people to always run to God because He is the solution.Other deliverances took place. One of these was a woman who had been eating anthill, sand and chalk which she felt in her mouth like salt and sugar. The South African teacher ate these for 14 years and she had prayed for so long without success. A voice had encouraged her to eat the materials and she often went to the forest to obtain anthill, every morning. She wouldn't eat normal food and her work was affected. She dreamt in the night of a spirit asking her never to stop eating the strange materials. She used a major plastic rubber in which she kept the items, which she re-filled every two weeks. She was delivered by Wise Man John Chi and found the items quite tasteless.
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