SUNDAY SERVICE at The SCOAN - 26 May 2013
Emmanuel, God is with us! When God is with us, we know what follows – healing, deliverance and all of God's blessings. We saw the evidence of God's presence once again at The SCOAN during the prayer line which formed the beginning of the Sunday service, 26th May, 2013. Visitors from around the world came and received healing, deliverance and breakthrough as the wise men prayed for them in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
After the prayer line, the Sunday service was devoted to accommodating the teaming number of testifiers who were more eager than ever to share their testimonies of breakthrough, healing and deliverance through the medium of the Anointing Water. It is our earnest belief that you, too, will be richly blessed as you read these astonishing accounts of miracles happening at The SCOAN.


Mrs Shelter Ugbebor had visited The SCOAN and was privileged to obtain the New Anointing Water. Back home, she had a neighbor who was watching Emmanuel TV and saw the clip showing where Mrs Ugbebor was receiving the Anointing Water.
This lady requested that she should minister the Anointing Water on her sister who had a hip problem that needed to undergo a surgical operation to have it replaced. The hip injury had lasted so long that people in the neighbourhood knew that her prolonged withdrawal from public view was as a result the problem. As soon as the New Anointing Water was ministered to the lady, she immediately sprang up and walked. The joyful uproar that greeted her miraculous healing attracted a huge crowd that soon gathered to behold the mighty power of Jesus Christ operating through the medium of the Anointing Water.

Richard Martins, a Nigerian residing in South Africa, was on a journey from Johannesburg to Lagos. Right in the middle of the flight the pilot announced that the engine had caught fire and the plane had to be diverted to the nearest airport for an emergency landing.
The aircraft crew tried to calm the panic-stricken passengers, telling them they would be landing safely in 15 minutes. The first attempt at landing failed and the aircraft had to go back up in the air. The pilot attempted two more times but each attempt failed. They had to float about in the air for another 45 minutes. They could hear the pilot sending out distress calls to the airport that the aircraft was in great danger.  It was in this uncertainty that Richard remembered he had the Anointing Water in his possession. He ministered it in the plane, praying in the name of Jesus Christ for a safe landing. Miraculously, a few minutes later, the aircraft landed safely to the amazement of all including the airport ground crew who had already gathered with fire fighting trucks, anticipating the worst. Our Lord is indeed a miracle-working God.


Mr Sylvester had been engaged in the act of masturbation for 13 years. It all started when a friend suggested to him that it was a way of avoiding the sin of fornicating. He did not understand then that the act of masturbating was as bad as fornicating.  This act brought about many problems both in his career and health. He was into Property Management and was getting contracts from his state government but started experiencing disappointments from customers who would suddenly cancel business schedules. The act of masturbation caused him lack of affection for his wife as he would prefer to masturbate rather than being intimate with the wife. This and many other problems eventually led to the collapse of the marriage. He suffered back pain and feverish conditions. He tried in so many ways to stop including observing fasts but would end up masturbating the more.
He then decided to come to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. Getting back home, he ministered the Anointing Water on himself, in Jesus' name. Since then, the urge to masturbate completely disappeared. He now has peace of conscience and renewed desire to please God. Praise the Lord!


There had been strange occurrences in the apartment that Mr Lucky Godwin and other tenants were living in. It was reported that at a time the landlord rushed out of his apartment and was shouting for help saying that something was pursuing him.
People had come out to hear the landlord but could not see anything pursuing him. The man slumped and died before he could receive any help. After his death, another family moved into his apartment and started hearing strange movements and noises in the ceiling. They started having financial problems, disappointments and business failure which they could not trace their origin since they were continuing the way they had been before. About the same time, Mr Godwin who happened to be a co-tenant also started experiencing business failure and his wife would continually dream of encounters with dead people. A pastor friend also living in one of the apartments in this compound complained that when he parked his car and switched off the engine, he would wake up the next morning to find the car engine on. This sparked quarrels between him and his neighbours, not knowing that there was an evil force at work, behind the strange occurrences. When he came to the SCOAN, he received the Anointing Water. He went home and prayed with his family that God should expose whatever evil that operated in the apartment. The next day, one of the tenants heard a strange noise in her house; looking up, she saw an owl flying over the flat. Immediately, her brother got a stick and was able to strike the owl down and kill it.

Since the death of the owl after ministering the Anointing Water, the entire compound and the tenants have enjoyed peace.  Mr Godwin's business that had been tied down by the evil one suddenly resurrected and the strange experience regarding his pastor friend's car has also stopped.

Miriam comes from Equatorial Guinea but lives in Spain. She had been jobless for seven years. She became a burden on her husband who had to opt out of the marriage thereby rendering her homeless. She did a secretarial course but still could not get a job. A friend of hers helped her with finances to go back to her country, Equatorial Guinea. It was there she learnt about Prophet TB Joshua and decided to come to The SCOAN and was privileged to receive the Anointing Water.
After praying fervently and ministering the Anointing Water to herself and on her credentials, she received a call from one the organizations she had earlier submitted a job application to and was offered the post of a manager of the international company. With a good job and the financial problems in her life over, she can now pay the school fees of her two children. She has been able to win big contracts for her company and because of this breakthough; her Director who was an unbeliever has granted her permission to visit The SCOAN again for more of God's blessings.

Tom Rockafellow from the USA came out to testify to complete deliverance from an addiction to smoking from childhood after receiving a prophecy and prayer for deliverance from T.B. Joshua. He said that before, he did not believe in the happenings at The SCOAN but was convinced when the man of God had told him about his brother wanting to commit suicide – something he had not told anyone. After he returned from The SCOAN, out of habit, he lit a cigarette but was immediately disgusted and threw it away, the desire for it having gone completely! The man of God, commented that "Leaders all over the world, when they are tense, they believe that smoking will relieve the tension and pressure. When they smoke, they are gone, out of this world. They lose their sense of reasoning and judgment. These are the challenges people are facing all over the world."
He further said that we should pray for the whole world and that if there were any occasions for people in their thousands come out to protest, no leader would see thousands to protest and be calm without the Holy Spirit and that if there is no Holy Spirit, it is either they smoke, drink or find another alternative.

Esther Oni Jesus, a Nigerian living in Kampala, Uganda came forward to testify to the mighty power in God in her life. She had been bleeding profusely for ten years; it had not stopped for one day. The pain, mortification and discomfort had become difficult to bear. She had been to South Africa, Turkey, Cape Verde and India where various tests were conducted on her but the cause of the bleeding could not be identified.  She would use more than one pack of sanitary pads within a space of two hours. The problem had also caused her several business failures because she had lost focus and was unable to attend to her various engagements in person. Explaining the severity of her condition, she said that she was not able to sit for more than 15 minutes because her clothes would quickly become soaked with blood. As a result, she avoided going anywhere and would rather stay isolated at home. At times, clots of blood would fall from her body and she would not notice it until someone would point it out.
When her mother insisted she came to The SCOAN, she was at first unwilling because she had gone to places where she thought were very efficacious but could not get any relief from the affliction. Moreover, she had reservations about 'so-called miracle works' that went on at The SCOAN. When she eventually agreed to come to The SCOAN, she was seated at the nursing mothers section, afraid to sit in the church due to the bleeding. She was among those privileged to receive the new anointing water during the Live Service. When she returned to her lodging, she ministered it and drank some of it, praying that Jesus who delivered the woman with the issue of blood would deliver her.

That same night, she had a dream. She saw the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua who told her that God wanted to do an extraordinary thing with her that had never been done in this ministry. She was seated in front of the altar and the man of God instructed the wise men to lift her in that chair to the right seven times, to the left, seven times and to the front. Immediately they put her down, the man of God touched her forehead and said, "It is over". She felt that she needed to go to the bathroom urgently. It was this feeling that woke her and she quickly ran to the toilet. To her greatest surprise, it was a pool of blood that came out from her. This happened three consecutive times. Since then, her bleeding had completely stopped. A plague of ten years came to an end abruptly through the power in the name of Jesus operating through the Anointing Water. Truly, God had done something extraordinary, something unheard of, something unprecedented. This is the first time in 10 years that she can go out without wearing a sanitary pad.

The man of God commented that the way and manner people receive the anointing water and God's gift really matters. God is using the new anointing water to re-write people's history. He explained the vision God had given him about the anointing water, saying that it would be used to purify people and make their lives, businesses and prospects clearer.


Pastor Obi, while sharing his testimony stated that he was a minister of God before and in obedience to the advice from his mentor, would pray against The SCOAN and Prophet T.B. Joshua.
He said he had thought that the power in The SCOAN was not from God and their members call it 'The Synagogue of satan', believing that T.B. Joshua and his workers had horns and tails like the devil is depicted. He and colleagues would hold prayer vigils specifically targeting and rebuking T.B. Joshua and his ministry. He noticed however, that the more he prayed against T.B. Joshua, the more he experienced setback in his life, home and ministry. After some time, his friend who had been without a child for 17 years came to The SCOAN, was healed, delivered and now has a baby. That opened his eyes and he decided to come to The SCOAN to see things for himself. He was surprised to hear the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua continually preaching about love, not condemnation of any ministry or minister. He asked God for forgiveness, stating that his condemnation of this ministry was the greatest mistake of his life. He confessed that he has now installed the Emmanuel TV decoder in his house. He further spoke of a prophecy he had received from Prophet T.B. Joshua during a previous Live Service where he was told to forgive his wife. He had been very angry and annoyed with his wife because she told him that if he travelled to Lagos to visit The SCOAN, he would die, according to a message she had received. He ignored what she said and came to Lagos and returned home safe and sound. His wife, who accompanied him on the occasion of giving this testimony, also spoke, thanking God for the grace in the life of the man of God and her husband's faith.

Prophet T.B. Joshua commented that many mouths that had been used to curse the ministry in the past are now blessing God for the ministry. He concluded by saying, "If lying goes on for 100 years, one day, truth will meet it."   "The mouth we are using to bless this ministry now, once, we have used it to curse this ministry. Now, people are provoked because they realize that they had made a mistake."

After the testimonies, T.B. Joshua moved round ministering words of prophecy to individuals. The wise men then came to minister deliverance and pray for every person present. The service concluded with a powerful time of mass prayer as every bit of darkness in the lives of the people was exposed by the light of God.