The first Sunday Service was started with the Prayer Line during which the Wise Men attended to many people who came with diverse ailments.
In his sermon, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke on the message titled, 'Acting On God's Word', which was a follow-up of last week's message on the potentialities and essence of the Word. "Believing demands action, creates action. It requires performance," he began his message as the congregation and viewers worldwide on Emmanuel TV listened with rapt attention. He further explained, "Acting on the Word is letting Christ act through you because Christ and the Word are one. Acting on the Word then gives God an opportunity to heal you, bless you, to save you, to deliver you."

Talking about the problem people have when it comes to believing, he said, "The problem of believing is made simple when we know that it is acting on what God has spoken. You cannot be greater than your processing."
He went on to say, "The wise man is the doer of the Word. The other hears but does not act upon it. He is a sense-knowledge hearer. He is a mental assenter because He responds to reason instead of the Word of God."
He explained that mere knowledge of the Word without corresponding action is wasted. "We may be familiar with the original Greek or Hebrew, we may know the history of Word, but that is all wasted energy, baseless if you do not act on the Word, if you do not live in the Word and practice it. If we do not live the Word and practice it, we cannot bring Jesus on the scene." Commenting on the dangers involved in mere lip service when it comes to Christianity, he said, "What a grave danger of deluding ourselves, deceiving ourselves. What a danger if there is no corresponding action. Idle words may entertain men, they do not reach God."
Shortly after his sermon, T.B. Joshua informed the church of the presence of the family members of Mr Enny Eboka, whose dramatic deliverance had taken place last week. The video was played for the people to know exactly what had happened. Mr Enny, who was possessed by the demons of 'Idigwu' and 'Queen of all queens' had confronted Wise Man Daniel but the evil spirits in him were finally subdued by the power of God during last week's Monday Service. After his deliverance, the clips showed how he was later taken to burn the chicken he had used for a live sacrifice during his encounter with Wise Man Daniel. In the process, he fell suddenly to the floor, only for the evangelists to discover that he was deaf and dumb. It was only after the prayer of Wise Man Daniel that he was once again restored to normalcy. Clearly, the principalities and powers in the demonic kingdom did not want him to expose them.
During the service, Mr Enny was given time to narrate the story of his life and his shocking sojourn in the kingdom of darkness. He explained that he was born under mysterious circumstances, being in his mother's womb for 11 months. However, his uncle made a sacrifice involving water to Idigwu, the god of iron he worshipped, proceeding to give the water to his mother who then delivered him safely. Thus, right from birth, he had been dedicated to this demon. At the tender age of six, Enny was fully initiated into the world of darkness after being given food to eat at a festival.
That night, he found himself in a strange adverse world where stealing, killing and destruction were the order of the day. He was sent out on various missions to initiate people, especially to churches. Enny explained that he would be equipped spiritually in his kingdom before coming physically to earth for the devilish assignments. When coming to church, he would be given clothing with a very strong perfume. Any church he enters where the people there are not spiritually strong would perceive the aroma of his perfume, have some form of contact or conversation with him and, by doing so, be initiated. He further explained that he would give huge amounts in tithes and offerings to such churches, with any person who touches such tainted money equally being initiated. The churches he chose to operate in where the well-known and well-populated ones.
In the midst of this, Enny explained that this spirit would push him to steal or buy birds such as fowls and pigeons to perform a strange ritual near a river involving him strangling the bird and pouring the blood over his head. Whilst doing this one day, he proceeded to bathe in a river only to see a strange woman on top of the river beckoning on him. He experienced the sensation of a woman sleeping with him while in the water before fainting and only regaining consciousness some minutes later. From that moment on, a strange woman would appear to him in the dreams, as he had been possessed by 'the queen of the coast' or 'the queen of all queens.'
Mr Enny said he had never worked in his life yet he was living flamboyantly and swimming in money. How? If he saw anyone that was not a genuine Christian – whom he could identify by the flames of fire surrounding them – he had the power to walk up to them and demand for money, of which they must obey. With the millions he gathered, Enny would freely give to people around him, anyone unfortunate to collect such being unwittingly initiated into the world of darkness and chained.
He said that after trooping around all the churches in Nigeria, he came to The SCOAN to assess the spiritual level of T.B. Joshua in order to subdue him. However, by merely holding the Anointing Water, he became extremely uncomfortable before entering the church and encountering Wise Man Daniel. After his final deliverance on Monday, Enny testified that his life had been completely transformed. "As I have initiated millions of souls for the devil, I now want to win billions of souls for Christ," the young man told the congregation, who listened to his confession with undivided attention.
Mr Enny's father, Anthony Eboka, came out to share his own experiences, saying that his son behaved like 'a lion' in the house and had the power to even disarm police if anyone came to attack him. He thanked God for the mighty deliverance and counselled parents to be watchful of their children. "I noticed that the human race is in trouble if my son could be possessed like this," he said, explaining that he was a disciplined father but soon realised that the situation of his son was spiritual.
Mr Enny's uncle, Martin Eboka, who had served the idol Idigwu, came out to corroborate Enny's story behind his birth. He explained that his forefathers had served the god and he began serving it as he heard it would bring him protection. When his brother's wife experienced challenges in child-birth, a native doctor told him to take water from the idol to give her, which he did. Thus, Enny came into the world possessed by the spirit of Idigwu. Mr Martin explained that although he phsycially had thrown away the idol and stopped worshiping it, his life had become a shambles. He ended up a drunkard and his entire family was characterised by a cycle of disappointment and failure.
The entire congregation joined the Eboka's to rejoice in Enny's deliverance as they all danced to the glory of God. We thank Jesus Christ for delivering him from the terrible grip of satan!
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