T.B. JOSHUAThe SCOAN Sunday Prayer Line of the last week of April kicked off with the prayer line where international visitors to The SCOAN were prayed for in the name of Jesus Christ by the wise men. The name of Jesus Christ has power indeed and all who witnessed the prayer line saw the proof that Jesus' power has not stopped just because He is not visible. In fact, it is even greater because He can be present in all places at all times by His Spirit.
Here are a few highlights selected from among the many testimonies given for the glory of God that service.

Ms Tola Simeon, gave a powerful testimony of healing, saying that she was diagnosed with sleep apnea more than 20 years ago. She described her life as hell because during her sleep, MS TOLA SIMEONher tongue would block her breathing. She lived in the constant paranoia that every night that she might not wake up the next morning. Because of this problem, she would sleep while she was at work as she always kept herself awake during the night. She recounted how once, at a conference at work, she fell asleep unknowingly, causing great embarrassment. She was dependent on a machine to breathe at night.
Desperate for a solution, she discovered Emmanuel TV and determined to make her way to The SCOAN. She was placed on the prayer line and Wise Man Racine prayed for her and she received her healing. After the prayer, she had a dream where someone placed a machine on her nose and she was able to breathe freely. She can now breathe freely without any stress and sleeps peacefully, no longer needing a machine.
She further testified how she had been delivered from a spiritual husband. She said right from when she was a teenager, she would experience someone coming and sleeping with her in her dreams. As a result, she experienced bitter disappointments in relationships. She also had limitations in her career; any time she got a job, she would lose it within three months. She said the spiritual husband would appear to her, dressed in black with charms everywhere and would warn her not to get married. When she did get married, the men sleeping with her increased, to the extent that when she was pregnant, up to 10 men would be under her, on top of her and around her in her dreams. The spiritual husband made her husband leave her when the baby was two months old. When she came to The SCOAN, she received deliverance from the wicked spiritual husband when Wise Man John Chi prayed for her, in Jesus' name. After the deliverance, she no longer sees the spiritual husband and has restored peace of mind. The advice she gave was simple: "Prophet T.B. Joshua is a man of God; there is power in this place. Come and receive your own deliverance, in Jesus' name".
Mr and Mrs Ernest Eze testified to healing of barrenness for 11 years after ministering the Anointing Water. A generational curse of barrenness had MR & MRS ERNEST EZEstricken her family for years. They had visited many spiritualists in search for a solution to the predicament. Mrs Eze said that she would cry in pain any time she had seen couples celebrating their new baby whereas, she had no such story to tell. Mr Eze said that God had turned their tears to joy. He was lost for words as he was not able to express the happiness they had found. After they had administered the Anointing Water, within a few months, Mrs Eze became pregnant and she safely gave birth to a baby boy, who they named, 'Laughter'. They promised to train Laughter in the way of the Lord so that when he grows up, he will not depart from it.
Mrs Onwumechure Nkechinuere testified that she had a terrible dream that someone wanted to kill her but the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared and rescued her. When she woke up, two separate people called her that they had dreamt that her son died. She also complained of a generational curse of premature death in the family. When she heard, she rebuked it, in Jesus' name and said it would not happen. After a while, she heard her two sons arguing about a pen, so she called them out and gave them money to get another pen to settle the matter. She did not know that immediately, her son ran out in the middle of the road and was hit by two cars consecutively and had died instantly. She only heard the sounds of "He's dead!" from the street. She ran immediately into the house and collected the Anointing Water she had received from The SCOAN and proceeded to sprint to the hospital where her son had been carried. When she reached him, she saw that he was cold and stiff. She prayed in faith, "Let there be light, in the name of Jesus! Listen to my voice and the voice of T.B. Joshua, you must rise up!" She called his name and then sprayed Anointing Water on his legs. As soon as she ministered the Anointing Water, the boy screamed and opened his eyes. The nurses were incredibly shocked as he had been declared clinically dead. Her son jumped up and said, "Mummy, where is the money you gave me to buy a pen?" Her neighbour also testified that he was a witness of the remarkable events that happened on that day and the resurrection power of Jesus Christ, through the Anointing Water.

Mrs Chinyere Okpa testified to the protection power of God demonstrated through the Anointing Sticker and Anointing Water. A severe blaze was engulfing the whole street where her shop was located and when she heard the terrifying news, she prayed, in the name of Jesus and ran to her shop. To the amazement of everybody there, the fire stopped just before it had reached her shop. Everything was intact and nothing was scathed. The Anointing Sticker had been placed above the door of the shop. Glory be to God!
Miss Chinasa Victoria Okorie testified to being delivered from an evil spirit, a queen mother of the marine kingdom, after the prayer of Wise Man Daniel. She recounted in detail her experiences in life and her activities within the marine kingdom. Here is a brief summary of what she said. For the full account, please watch the Rebroadcast of the service on Emmanuel TV.
Miss Chinasa Victoria OkorieShe started by saying that, as a child, she did not eat, was not happy and always cried. She would rather sleep and play with strange people in her dreams than be awake. Her father was a reverend and took her to many places for deliverance but all to no avail. She explained that, when she entered secondary school, she was crowed as queen of the ocean in the marine kingdom. To her, the spiritual world was just as real, if not more real than the physical. She would talk to the people from her kingdom and see them physically. People would see her talking and yet they did not see who she was talking to.
In the kingdom of darkness, Victoria said that she commanded queens and princesses under her and they would go and do her biddings of destruction. They had power to give wealth – but there were conditions and regulations attached. They should not give their money to charity, to pay tithes and if a family served God, not give them any of the money even if they were suffering. You can drink, smoke, party with the ocean's money but you cannot use the money to do good things.
She said she could identify the children of God, born again Christians, the lukewarm, the church bench warmers, and those in the marine kingdom. For those truly born again, a bright light would be in them and this would make it impossible for them to be attacked. For lukewarm Christians, the light of God would be there but very dim and could be easily quenched. For the bench warmers, conventional church goers, nothing was there. The bench warmers and lukewarm Christians, lie open to attack.
She explained that many are possessed but do not know it. The marine world is fashionable, beautiful, flashy and propagates such things which easily entice. Some earrings, clothes, makeup, weaveons are  manufactured in the marine kingdom and brought to the world through their agents on earth. Such an item, if bought and not covered with the blood of Jesus Christ by a true Christian, would be a tool for immediate initiation of the user or wearer.
Since her deliverance, she described that she no longer ate, swam or saw that kingdom in her dreams. She advised that we should be content with what we have and not desperate for worldly or flashy things. She stressed the importance of looking to God and not seeking alternatives, stating that anything the devil gives is fake. Only God Almighty can give original blessing, grace and life.
Mr & Mrs Anthony Ogboh received a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua that his wife, Cynthia had left his house two major times in the past. He complained that since the inception of his marriage, he had had no peace. His contention was that his wife nagged; she was stubborn, stole money and was so aggressive. She left the house since 16th December 2012. He said he had opened up to 7 shops for her but nothing had come out of it. He had checked her Facebook page and found many pictures of artists, musicians and famous people taking pictures with her. A painful fact emerged when the congregation heard that she was a mother of four children for her husband but had left them for her husband to take care of in all areas for the past 5 months without assisting her husband at all to take care of her children.
Mrs Cynthia presented her own experience citing that her leaving the house was as a result of her husband's constant beating of her and how nothing she ever did pleased him despite the fact that she loved him so much, according to her.
Prophet T.B. Joshua intervened to say that the greatest help either individual could give each other was deliverance. He said, "Without deliverance, all you do for your partner, you are doing it for another person, not your spouse". He concluded that the couple were simply in need of deliverance. After deliverance, they could come together with the man of God to ask God's opinion of the marriage.
Honourable Benjamin Ubitogwale came with his wife to testify to the dramatic change in his life since he received a prophecy last week from Prophet T.B. Joshua. The prophet had told him that his home was not settled and then ministered deliverance for him, in Jesus' name. He explained that he had been an alcoholic for 34 years and this had caused crisis in his home and career. The drunkenness had caused him to beat his wife and children and his wife became frustrated and threatened to divorce him. He was a politician but any time, he was due to be elected to a position, it would not happen because the officials heard he was a drunkard.Honourable Benjamin Ubitogwale & Wife
Mrs Mary Magdalene Ubitogwale shared her own account of her experiences in the marriage. She said, when he got drunk, he came back very late. He played music so loud and refused to listen when she asked him to turn it down. He would wake the children up and start to talk nonsense. She said she had made up her mind not to continue with the marriage. She explained that his friends would carry him home at times and begin to vomit, urinate and say a lot of rubbish. Due to the alcohol, he had a serious accident after drink-driving; he hit a tree and now has a big scar on his head. He always quarrelled at home and beat her and her children; there was no peace.
He testified that before, he would only stay in a church for a minute before going out to look for a drink. Now, he has not tasted alcohol since the prophecy and deliverance. His wife laughed as she stated, "He is a changed man now. Everything about him is different. He is very calm and peaceful". Honourable Benjamin Ubitogwale thanked the man of God for the deliverance from the spirit of drunkenness for 34 years. His advice to the whole world was that we should come to God, forsake earthly things and stay focused.
Mrs Regina, a police officer came with her husband to testify of the change Christ's delivering influence had brought to their family after she was disconnected from the spirit of Lucifer that had tormented her life from a young age. She explained that she came out of the womb with the umbilical cord around her neck when she was given birth to. The nurse who delivered her, told her mother that in their region, it meant she was to be taken to a shrine and the gods were to be appeased for allowing her to be born. Her mother did take her to a shrine for the sacrifices to be made but her mother did not faithfully continue the practise. The result was that the demonic entity already in her life began to manifest. She said that right from her school years, she would see visions and dreams of vast armies, and see herself genderless as their commander. This commanding character emanated to all areas of her life, especially her career where she was arrogant and her marriage where she was feared for her forceful and dominating behaviour.
Mrs ReginaShe described one of her childhood memories of the day she knew that the evil power in her life had started manifesting in making whatever evil she said come to pass. On her way to their family farm with her sisters and cousins, when her sister refused to give her some of her own food, she said that a scorpion would attack her. Her elder cousin beat her for saying such a stupid thing and she retorted with the same pronouncement. As they got to the farm, it did not take five minutes as they started working before both the cousin and sister of Regina cried out that they had been stung by a scorpion.
Anytime she made a command or cursed someone in a moment of anger that thing would happen to the person in a very short amount of time or even instantly.
Regina testified that after her deliverance in The SCOAN through Wise Man John Chi, although she was not conscious of what she was doing, her mother had called her saying that as she was being delivered, that same scorpion she used to summon appeared in her mother's house and was killed at the same time that she was delivered. Since then, her mind, conduct and attitude has been completely new. Her husband, a soldier, was on hand to testify to the transformation he had seen in his wife since her deliverance and the couple glorified God for His overcoming victory in their lives.
Concluding the time of testimonies, the man of God prophesied to the people, exposing the plans, hidden agendas and tactics of satan in the lives of the congregants. After which, the Wise Men moved through the entire church premises to personally touch and pray for each soul present. The service ended with a powerful time of mass prayer, led by the wise men, as every stubborn unclean spirit still lurking within the congregants was rebuked and commanded out, in the powerful name of Jesus Christ.