My Last sermon at CS church.

Dec 20, 2009

Dear Friends

Today was an impressive day and it was a sad day for me.

I preached the last sermon for the year 2009 in Chiang Saen Full Gospel Church.

I talked on the legend of Christmas.

Jesus and his parents had to run away from home because the devil did not want God's plans for
the salvation of mankind to be accomplished. The enemy used Herod the king to kill many baby boys in Bethlehem just to get rid of the infant Jesus.

By divine help, Jesus and his parents escaped the evil plan.

When Jesus was baby, he was still the King to be.
Baby king seemed powerless but the shepard, the wise men and the angels adored Him.
So did our new pastor, he is inexperienced in ministry but he will grow to be a good pastor.

Baby Jesus would later became the greatest miracle worker, the healer and the redeemer for the world.
So we need to pay respect to our leader. We cannot touch God's anointed servant even he is 100%
wrong in our sight. We need to be very careful with this divine ordination.
(Roman 14:)

I asked the congregation "Who have been praying for the pastor every week?"
Many people showed up their hands. This was very different from the church I went to peach last Sunday which
I cound count only two elders had been praying for their pastor.
This could answer the question why that church was still in the mud.
Last year I went to encouraged and this year, the number of the members seemed to be the same.

I asked pastor Sombat to look at the hands. He was very touched and moved and I saw tears in his eyes.

After I had finished my sermon Srila let the congregation know that Reewat and family is moving out
to some where he does not know; many members had tears run down their eyes.

I had to say goodbye for awhile because the church is growing but I found out that
I needed to leave to ignite more revival in other areas too.

Some old members including all the elders seemed not to be functioning very diligently in their
positions. Some came to church late as usual. This made pastor feel not so good.
Some refused to join special meetings the church organized very well for them.

If I leave people may find some whole in church's work and they might come to fill the spaces.

It was a very sad day for me; I had been in the church 19 years and my wife Srila 26 years.

It was an appropiate time to go to sow the God's kingdom seeds in new fields which I do not know.

Please pray that God will give me visions and a new path to follow.

Be strong in God and Be strong in praying for one another.

In Jesus' Name




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