My First Living Free Seminar (Encounter Jesus)

It has been a very exciting weekend for me since last Friday, 11-12-13 Dec 2009

On Friday, we had a miracle Christmas evangelism in front of the City Hall in Chiang Saen.
The churches invited me to preach for 20 minutes on Christmas celebration.

I preached on "Why did Jesus come to the world?" After the sermon, I invited people to come forward
to be prayed for their infirmities and sickness and also any one who want to surrender their lives to
the Lord. About 30-40 people responded to my invitation.

As we were praying people fell down and God touched them.
We did not have much time to minister because there were many more shows to come.
I saw some old log Christians cried in tear while they were lying on the floor repenting for their lukeworm.

This was a great joy for us all.

On Saturday 2.00 p.m. I invited churches nearby to join a Living Free teaching.
About 35-40 people responded to my invitation.

I taught them the 6 doors (Entry points that demonsget into and work on our mind, and also why does Jesus want to heal them.

I peached on Isaiah 53:4-6

4.But it was our pain he took, and our diseases were put on him: while to us he seemed as one diseased, on whom God's punishment had come. 5 But it was for our sins he was wounded, and for our evil doings he was crushed: he took the punishment by which we have peace, and by his wounds we are made well. 6 We all went wandering like sheep; going every one of us after his desire; and the Lord put on him the punishment of us all

and some other scriptures.

The first introduction part ended about 5.30 p.m. This took about 2-3 hour teaching and it was tiring.
Then we had dinner together.

The second part started at 6.30 p.m. until 10.30 p.m.

I reviewed for them the 16 roots spirits then asked them to denouce and to close the 6 doors.

After I had finished a long prayer closing all the doors, I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit that He would annoint the
people who had joined the meeting. As I anointed them on their foreheads Holy Spirit touched them many times.
Each person, and each time them came forward. Thank God for miracle in the Name of Jesus and the work of
the Holy Spirit.

A pastor asked me to pray for him; he fell down and spoke in tongue.
I was praying for him while he was lying on the floor. I asked "Oh Holy Spirit please translate what you are saying.
The Holy Spirit imediently gave Thai words" I will give my servants in Chieang Saen and Maesai more power and
I will help them to do wonderful things in these areas.

Thank God for that.

On Sunday I went to Pong Or church, 30 kms from Chiang Rai City, on the east of CR.
I did not forget to take Joy, Lauren and Carla with us, (A lady in my church let me borrowed her car)

It was my first very long sermon. I preached 1.30 hours. Some of my words were very strong and hard
to the Full Gospel denomination I complained that if they do not change their strategy there would be less
revivals in CR.

After the sermon I challenged people to come forward. As I was praying for them some of members
spoke in tongues. I also prayed for the pastor.
I seemed to me that the pastor had a humble heart; he was about 60 or something.

Please do not cease praying for each other so that my family and I will be more blessings to churches
and God's servants not only in my area but extended to other lands.

May my update be an encouragement for your dedication to Jesus, our Lord.




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