Teaching of Pastor Alexander Shosheel form Pakistan

Teaching of Pastor Alexander Shosheel form Pakistan
File 090726-shoseel.mp3 Extracted by Reewat 9-9-2009
A sermon delivered at Yun Prakun Church in BKK Thailand.
Numbers 13-14: How to take the Promised Land.

When God wants to do something big in your life?

1. He chooses leaders. God order Moses 12 leaders, each from each tribe

2. He sends them to check out how the land looks like. This is the responsibility and duties and authority.

3. Leaders have to give reports.

There are 2 types of reports.

Positive and negative but somebody gives some positive and negative report. (Mixed answer)
A negative report gives fear and discouragement.

A positive report gives you encouragement and power of mind. You can give good or bad report.
Cross is hope and victory.

4. They talked about the land. These spies gave account about the land. The ten and the two gave report.
The ten told the congregation that the land is good but the people in the land were very big and the wall of the town was very big. We are like grass shoppers.

They glorified the enemy than God.
Many times we should life or death but God wants to give you life and miracle, healing and victory. It depends on your faith. If you feared and terrified with the bad report you will be defeated. So when you hear any bad reports you should speak the Word of Go because God had created everything from nothing. When you speak the word of faith you will live and you will gain victory. If you speak word against God’s Word you will be defeated.

5. Joshua and Caleb tore their clothes because they wanted to be humble to God.
Joshua and Caleb spoke the Word of faith.
“Brothers and sisters, calm down, listen to us the land is good and we are able to capture the Land because God will give the land to us. Because our God is the true God, he will go in front of us with the fire. When the demons hear the word of God they will run away. We have the power in the Name of our lord we will conquer the land.

6. Victory is not easy and it takes sometime to talk control all over the land. God wants you to take the first step.Do you want to walk with the man of faith or do you want to walk with someone who fears.

7. If you have much money you will have no need to use faith. Remember, when you hear the word of Holy Spirit and you obey the voice of you will be the blessings to other people and your life will be blessed abundantly.

8. 1 Kings17.8 Elijah and the widow
“Then the word of the LORD came to him, 9“Arise, go to Zarephath, which belongs to Sidon, and dwell there. Behold, I have commanded a widow there to feed you.”
God has already planned something good for you because God is supernatural and He will do it in a supernatural way.
First you give and then you will receive. Somebody says, God give me money then I will give it back 10% to you. No, this is contrary to God’s word.
Giving is the first step of obedience.
Giving opens the door of blessing to your life.
The widow gave first to God then miracle happened. God said bring the first fruit to God then you are blessed. The miracle happened because of faith of obedience.



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