Cindy Jacobs's prophecy to Thailand 2010

My senior Evangelist, a Messianic Christian spiritual warrior, Mary Rink had sent me this prophecy so I want to share it with all Thai pastors and real servants of God who are on fire for the Lord Jesus.

A prophecy of Cindy Jacobs during her visit to Extreme3 Youth Camp and Bangkok Thursday 25th march 2010‏

Dear Friends,

It is time to fast and pray as we hear after what the Prophets have said to us this evening... Cindy says that while she was in the north of Thailand first GOD has given her some strong warnings. What I have to share is serious it is time to wake up. When I went to Chiang Mai every day I was there I felt very uneasy. This nation is in great danger. There is a call to fast and pray

Amos 3:7 says surely the LORD GOD will do nothing, but he revealed his secrets unto his servants the prophets.

New Testament prophecy is not like fate. GOD gives prophetic warnings, so we can pray. It is a time to be sober, to wake up, not a time to get in fear. we must see so we can be aware of what the enemy wants to do.

On my first visit I mentioned what was prophesied over the south of Thailand, a place of unrest in the south and so we have seen this come to pass.

There is an URGENT call you to fast and pray, as in the city of Nineveh the word that Jonah gave that Nineveh was going to be destroyed. They fasted and GOD had mercy. How much more would GOD have mercy on Thailand. GOD loves Thailand.

Satan wants to stir up turmoil and bloodshed. Satan wants to bring this nation into a three part civil war. GOD is giving us a warning because He does not want it to happen. In future great distress on the nation

If it was fate GOD wouldn’t warn us. Satan does not want missionaries in Thailand, or children revival/ youth revival We need to pray now!
I am calling for the church to fast and pray, no more church programs we must move beyond that and pray

Haggai 2:6-8 For thus saith the LORD of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens , and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land.7. And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come and I will fill the house with glory, saith the LORD of hosts. 8. The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the LORD

In the north of Thailand I prophesied that there would be a great shaking in this country. The desire of all nations Who is the desire all the nations? JESUS, and He wants to fulfill a desire in Thailand that will fill South East Asia .The desire that GOD has for the nations shall come. Satan does not want that either.

In Chiang Mai I was looking out of the window I saw an open vision. It was like it was real. When I see things like this for me it is very serious. I saw soldiers walking through the rice fields with rifles on their backs. So I said to the LORD. What is this, what does it mean?


So we have to pray and do not get afraid. We can stop the violence

God can use this to bring great solutions for Thailand. It will take a miracle

GOD showed me of tunnels under the borders trying to bring people into the nation. We will pray and GOD will expose these things

I had a prophecy like this is the USA between Mexico and S.A California. I called the intercessors to pray .After, the police found these big tunnels and they were able to shut them down.


I prophesied that there was going to be an unusual number of earthquakes. Look where there are earthquakes because the wind of Pentecost will blow in those areas. Haiti was given over to voodoo and occult. The President had dedicated the country unto Voodoo. After the earthquake the President of Haiti called for Christian prayers. He allowed five days for the Christians to pray.

1 million people came to that prayer meeting. There was a call to Salvation 3,000 were saved and 101 Voodoo priests were converted...THE WINDS OF PENTICOST!!!

There is going to be some kind of shaking, but if we pray GOD is going to release great glory in the nation. It will begin in the North and burn right down to the South.

Satan hates this. There is going to be blood shed. The People are poor, the people need help and there is no natural solution

In Chiang Mai I prayed with Pastors over this oil and used the oil to pray for certain places. Tonight we are going to pray over this oil and release it over certain places where GOD tells us.

I want you to have signup sheets. People pray every day starting tomorrow.
Send out a call by email that we must fast and pray now for Thailand

We can pray against civil war, that the attacks against this nation would stop, for a harvest of souls, for Godly leaders, for the KING, and for revivial fires.

Isaiah 60

GOD will uncover every secret thing, everything on how the communists want to take over...BUT we are going to say NO!!!

GOD says that you are going to be known as in the church of Phil-a-del'phi-a. There will great unity between churches in Thailand. People will come from around the world. You will be known for the love of GOD.GOD will give solutions for poverty.

If you will pray, GOD is going to show you the way.

GOD is raising up Daniels and Esthers to know how to heal Thailand, to sweep the Nations with His Power.

Shake everything that need to be shaken and release your glory LORD

Stop the violence. We bind the spirit of violence .We bind the spirit of death. In the name of Jesus, we bind the spirit of depletion, the spirit of anarchy. In the name of Jesus you will not take over this country.

Sometimes when GOD gives a call you must stand in the gap and pray. have mercy on the nation.

Bless the anointing oil , pass it on and pray in the city.

Also with us tonight was Prophet David Woo. This is what he declared over Thailand...

The LORD is moving in entire South East Asia. He woke me up and showed me SE Asia shaking and He will continue to shake .The LORD specifically spoke of Thailand that He had chosen Thailand for SE Asia. He is going to shake the churches. Thailand has been receiving other Pastors and teachers from overseas. He will accelerate the churches in Thailand.

He encourages all the saints to pray and will accelerate the rate of this country. GOD is calling His army from this country, sending out Missionaries to other churches. I will send Prophets and Apostles time and time again to this Nation. Open up your arms and your mouth. I will give you the desires of your heart.

I will express more healings, signs and wonders so people will be drawn to me.

It is a change of season. Change of railways. People are being shaken. Look to my Kingdom and my promises, they are bigger than what is going on here right now.

GOD is the one that changes the seasons and GOD can with hold the season. GOD is working to put that fire in our hearts.

These are hand written notes. We want to get this message out quickly to rise up people to pray...

Love and blessings...


Mary Rink



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