The power of prayer- A testimonial

 February 9, 2010

I went to join Aglow weekly prayer at Maesai held at (Baan) Ajarn Somran's house.
Today every one of our regular prayers was invited to bring a dinner to eat together.
After dinner, as always, we had a prayer meeting. Today pastor Mc lead the worship.

Then we had a time of sharing, Pastor Sontorn from Methodist church shared on the power and blessings of unity in fellowship from Psalm 133. Then a few of the attendees shared their experiences in God's blessings and answers.

I shared with the audience about the anointing: the importance of oil anointing according to the biblical teachings and how to smear oil on one another in this modern days with a brief sumup due to limited time. Several times I had seen some people in some gatherings using anointing oil in an inappropriate way, I had a feeling that I should share to them more insight about anointing.

So, even it was just a short sharing but God was so good that He anointed everyone who walked forward asking for an anointing and prayer after I had finished my teaching.
A non-Christian man came to our gathering today. He welcomed the Lord in our meeting. After declaring a repentance prayer and declaring Christian faith, we prayed for him and he was anointed and fell over to the ground and was asleep for several minutes.

A small boy, named Ja Tee, a tribal boy, was anointed strongly and he fell asleep for nearly 20 minutes. When he woke up, I asked him what he saw while he was sleeping on the floor.
He told me that he was sleeping under a green tree and in that dream he also saw angels talking to one another in a strange language which he did not understand. After sharing this I held Ja Tee in my arms then we prayed another time for another prayer request. While I was holding Ja Tee in my arms he was touched by the power of the Holy Spirit so strangely that Ja Tee fell asleep while he was being held in my arms.

During this prayer meeting I asked that we should pray for my sick daddy who was hit by a car 2 weeks ago. He was brought home after being taken to the hospital but he has not been completely healed because he still has an absent mind and cannot remember everything. At night time he is awake and disturbing my mum so much every night.

This morning I went to visit my mum and dad. My mum called me with joy "Come and see your dad has been eating the third bowl of rice already now" and she informed me that "Your father had a very good sleep last night and he said he had gone to the church and that made him sleep well last night." I knew immediately that last night we prayed for him from our prayer gathering and the living God worked through our prayer. Thank You Yeshua.



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