Thai people at Liverpool, NSW, AUS get saved.

April 21, 2010 marks a Salvation day for Thai people in North mead.

A Repentace Prayer for Mr. Pet.

I was invited by Ms Zacha, an E-san woman who immigrated to live in Sydney, to encourage some Thai people who have come to live and work in a village called Liverpool , New South Wales, Australia.

It is a special evening fellowship, or what people call meeting. After sharing the Gospel of Jesus, I asked if there are someone who want to repent from sins and start a new life in Jesus many of them responded to the call. There is one man (in this photo-wearing black), his name is Pet. His wife became Christian for a while but he was reluctant to welcome Jesus as his personal God. He said that he is not sure to convert his belief to Jesus because he needs to ask permission from his parents in Thailand.

After hearing the truth of life and a message of life, he knew that there is only one true God who can help him and give him eternal life. This God is not a man-made God. He doesnot need to buy a god or give something to please God. He does not need to do good things to get saved from punishment of his sins. This God does not forget to protect him like man-made gods because he needs to take the image or idol with him everywhere by hanging it on his neck. What he need to do is, he need to humble himself and confess that he is a sinful man and has done many wrong doings and welcome Jesus into his heart.

Pet answered the call to repent from sins and welcome Jesus as his savior and personal God.

After repentace session I prayed for other Christians who joined this meeting and God touched many of them.
Thank you, Jesus for your presence and anointing.
There is only real God in this universe.
Men seek food, pleasure, wealth, dignity, ranks, positions, every thing that they call happiness.

When men are happy, rich, and in good helth they do not seek God. They just make idols, images, from iron, brass, gold, silver, wood and other element created by God and they worship them as gods.

When incurable or repeated sickness come to their lives, they suffer and look for help from their gods, house spirit, ancestor's ghost, fortune teller, witchcrafts, and religions but they cannot find the answers because they are just images, dust, earth something created from human work. Behind these images there are demons whose objectives are to steal, kill, and destroy life.

Educators and schools teach that this univer and everything happen by chance or by luck.
The Sun is away from the earth at a proper distance so that the heat from the Sun can give light and warm to the planet Earth. We cannot get too hot or too cold because everything works at the right position.

The earth turns around it self in 24 hours, this makes day and night but image worshipers call it "By Chance".

The earth go around the Sun 1 circle in 265 days regularly, this make seasons, but scientists call it "By Chance".

Every planet in this Solar system stays at a proper distance from one another and orbits around the Sun but ungodly man calls it "By Chance".
Every thing is controlled by unseen forces of God but the people who do not know the truth from Christian Bible call it " By Nature".

When an animal dies they say it can incarnate into man and man can incarnate into an animal.
This is what they call circle of life. This is very funny because a fish, a germ or a mosquito can also be born again and become a human. This is what they call "WISDOM".

People who have high education and best knowledge think there is no god but they still worship ghosts and demons. People make merit and burn offering to a dead person in order that the dead person can eat something after they die. They call this my belief.

Rich people can buy a place in a higher heaven by making merit and spend money to buy "Boon". Is this fair for the poor? Even heaven a man can buy? Money can buy anything including heaven? This isn't funny? Oh my god. Their imagination is so blind. Why don't you study the truth from the most popular book of the world? Don't you doubt why it is so popular and it is the best seller of all times?

Scientists teach that human comes from a fluke, a co-incident or by evolution; a monkey transforms into a man but we, as Christians know that we are created by the loving God who created all things. We live in this world not by chance but by the will of God. We are here for a purpose not by chance. We have the most reliable Bible which inspired by the living God. Bible is the most favorite book on earth ever. No other books can be conpared to the Bible. Bible is all time best seller on this planet.

Many people donot know why they are on earth so they are just fooling around making fun, eating, playing, killing, stealing, having sex, drinking or taking bad things, cheating one another, and make the most use of their corruptible human bodies because they think that life is short and they donot know that after they die they must face judgement for every wrong doing and they must give an account to Jesus. Then there will be the second death penalty; the suffering of spirit in the pit of everlasting fire what we call HELL.

We cannot make God. If a god or image is made by man it cannot be a god.
God must create us. God must be able to help, to cure and to protect us. God must be everywhere not just sitting in the temple and can't walk. The man-made god has ears but cannot hear. It has eyes but cannot see.
Man-made god is only mere imagination and created by men. They cannot help.

True God is Jesus. You cannot see god by your own sinful eyes but you can see God by humbling yourself
and ask for forgiveness for your sins. A false god want only a red color Pepsi which represent the blood or any small things in return for deliverance and blessing. Ignorant people think this is easy and ok. They just go easy and think that false god require only little things from them, but true God wants you give all of your life to be a living sacrifice. God wants to give you a full and abundant life by you need to exchange with your whole life.

If there are ghosts there also must be someone who controls the unseen world.
For Christians, we know the truth. The Bible says, if you know the truth, the truth will set you free.
You will be from curses, bad luck, diseases by humbling yourself and come to the true God. His mighty Name is Jesus.

Many people believe in idols or image of something. They make their own god and hang it on their necks pretending that they have gods to protect them. Someday if they forget to take their image along, their god is not going with them; they are unprotected and at risk. Behind all these images and idols are demons.

Demons do not want much. They just want people to give them a red Pepsi or some fruit as a mark of sacrifice. People do not know that they have bought demons to their lives. Demons pretend to be protectors; they give protection, contentment, safety but they cannot give salvation. Salvation
(Escaping from Hell) is from the blood of Jesus alone and it is only way to get saved.



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