A Living Free Seminar( Inner Healing) in Sydney

A Living Free (Encounter with Christ, or Inner Healing Program

It was one of the best seminar which I have experienced.
APril 16-18, 2010 in House of Faith Church in Sydney.

Pastor Robert and House of faith church invited me to run a seminar called "Living Free".
It is a three-day seminar which focuses on the inner healing for Christians who want to grow up spiritually.
There were about 22 people joining this seminar. Since people here work very hard during their weekdays, so we held this seminar in the evening of Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 2 o'clock until 7 p.m.

The seminar was a real blessing for the Thai members of House of Faith Church.
During the closing the spiritual doors, there were many manifestations of the demons, spirits and even
the town's dominion. One of the participants named Pa Nan ( Not her real name) was demonized and we needed to help her by casting out the demon(exorcistsm). Apostle Bruce was in control and I was translating for him. When we asked what the demon's name was, the demon said that he was from a district in Chiang Rai. He is actually until present the dominion of the town. In Chiang Rai, there is a very old district in which Satan sent his worker to rule as a the spirit of the Town. People in this town pay respect to this dominion of the town by pushing the horns when they are driving past this shrine. Pa Nan came to Australia in order to take care of her Son's children here in Sydney but later she has become a Christian for more than two years. She is a very strong Christian and come to church every Sunday but before she came to Jesus she used to worship this spirit as one of her gods.

During the deliverance, I asked the name of this spirit and it reported to me the name. At first, it did not want to tell and did not want to leave this woman but we knew how to deal with demons and spirits from our experiences in this ministry. Finally we cast it out and forbid it not to come back again.

There were other demon manifestations during the deliverance prayer too such as, stupor, bitterness,
spirit of divinity, spirit of adultery but they all had to leave in the Name of Christ Jesus. Thank God that his presence and Holy Spirit anointing during the last session were very strong. We were in control and able to set everyone free from the influence of the demons and bad spirits.

Participants were very happy to get free from the unknown and unseen, unrealised, unexpected influences of the demons in Christian life. 

This story is too difficult to understand for the civilised or digital-era world and also for many pastors who serve the Lord with theological teachings which they had learned from some of their instructors who also have a little understanding and faith in the power in the Name of Christ Jesus but have much knowledge in biblical knowledge. Many seminaries and bible schools teach only the knowledge and teaching of Jesus and his apostles but neglect and omit deliverance skills in their curriculums.

 I can tell you the truth. Christians do not fight against any other religions but we have been fighting with the unseen forces which their master is the Satan.  However, many Churches and Christians do not realise this fact and they are not taught in the church about deliverance because of the perverted rituals in Christianity. The church practise only rituals and teach people to do this and do not do that so that they can go to heaven and meet Jesus. 

Many Christians are still demonized but they do not know. They just follow the teaching of Christ Jesus and worship Him as one of their gods. Many Christians and even pastors and their wives live a defeated life. Some serve for money and some for dignity, positions, and survival. Some serve Jesus because they have nowhere to go. Whatever reasons you serve the Lord just do it right and with all your strength with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Many follow Jesus as a religion practice. They think it is a long way to go to heaven so they just follow their own selfish desires and pleasure in life but from time to time they are tormented by the unknown illness or repeated sickness or incurable diseases.

Come back to God. Come back to God. Come back to origin of the church.

I proclaim to all churches that you must come back to the original practice of the early church.
The Power of the Church is still active and we need power to walk in Christ. Christians have to save the world, the ungodly people the societies and the nations.

Thanks to Pastor Robert Goh, House of faith in Sydney and Petersham Church that you invited my wife, Shilah and I to help minister with your team in this seminar. Thank you Katerine and Clair, Apostle Bruce, Sutie, Song and Lah Petersham prayer team, and the most hard working woman, Kate.  May the Lord give you peace and Joy and sufficiency in Life. Amen.

During the deliverance session, I saw many demonic manifestations and I had asked Apostle Bruce about some questions that I did not understand clearly. So these are the answers from Apostle Bruce, a deliverance expert in deliverance or exorcism.

During a Living Free (Inner healing), we encountered a lot of demonic manifestations and I had sent some question to a deliverance expert, Apostle Bruce these are his answers to my questions.

These are good questions

1. Why does a dominion from distance land come with the people who used to worship or surrender to them?
If it comes, how can it answer the prayer of the people who are worshipping it at their shrine?

The answer is it doesn't. Worship the idol opens the door to Satan or creates a legal contract. So when the demon said my name is the spirit of the idol near the wall. It is saying I'm a demon with the same nature as that demon and I'm allowed to enter and call myself by that name because of worshiping this idol.

If you consider in my book I speak about the nature of demons.
The Hindu goddess Kali has the nature of "blood lust." The demon can call itself Kali because of the idol worship but actually it's real name or nature is blood lust. In New Zealand this is known as Moari Harka and in Western culture I've see blood lust because of Vampire playacting and drinking blood.

So the demon itself is still in the shrine in Chiang XXaen although it could easily and quickly travel to Australia but actually it was just another demon saying my nature is the same as that demon in Chiang XXaen because of the open door.

2. When it is  indwelling a person in Aus what happens to their shrine, is it still at their shrine or it has many spirits in one?

I think I answered that above. There are many spirits with the same name.

3. The distance is not a problem for the demon, is that correct?

Correct. The spirit can travel the world quickly. It can only be in one place but it could travel. Though in this case it was unlikely to be the same spirit from the shrine.

4. How do we pray for a person who get worse after we pray for deliverance such as headache, stomach trouble, fainted?

When they get worse (headache and stomach especially) it indicates that I have not yet broken the legal rights and I have to look harder to find and break the legal right. We are trying to cast the demon out and the pain is the demon saying I have legal rights and holding on to the flesh of the person as we try to cast it out. We have enough power if we want to persist to cast it out but if we don't break the legal rights then it can comes back. In such case I usually stop and try to find the legal rights. One woman had a headache and I recognised we need to discuss in more details her life to find the legal rights before proceeding however everyone was tired and it was not the right time however we should sit down and talk with her soon. 
Fainting is a little different it is the demon trying to evade the eviction.

5. Why can they closing prayer in living Free so powerful that many demons manifest themselves, and struggle?

If we confess and renounce we find mercy. As there is so much confession at the Living Free there is so much mercy. It is the best opportunity to find or cast out the demon. For most of the people we tore up all the contracts and they will get freedom but for a few they maybe didn't realise the real root. Although Nan said the renouncement prayers with genuine repentance she needed to say more. She needed to ask specific forgiveness for worshiping that idol near the wall. The renouncement prayers are very general. 

Sometimes we have to find the specific root. The girl with the headache we need to find the root. Also another woman that fought me. She only attended the Sunday. She only received part of the teaching and did not participate in any of the small groups. There is a lot of confession in the small groups. We really worry if people just come only to the renouncement prayer sessions. She has spirits of jealousy and bondage. Again we didn't have enough time to talk to her in detail about her life only that she has had 2 husbands.

These are great questions. If you have time one night I might be able to come over if you need to discuss these more. 
God Bless

Thank you very much Apostle Bruce for your answers.
Now I understand more about what we have been doing.
It is nearly impossible to understand demonic possession in Christians. Some people have been Christians for many years but still have some demons indwell their bodies.

It is nearly impossible to discern that anyone has demons living inside their spirits.
 If I tell this to some pastors in Thailand, they may not understand and may think that we are crazy or be something like nuts.


* I write this article just not to show that we are good exorcists but I want to let everyone know that
we are living in a physical world and spiritual world at the same time. 

I want to let you know that
Jesus has more power than every demon, power, principality, ghost, dominion, angel, or any thing that or what people call god.

Jesus not only gives abundant life but he redeems man from their sins, lifts curses, gives new hearts. Jesus is not a dead god or man-made god but he is a living god. 

After Jesus was crucified and put into the tomb, in three days he rose from the death.

Now he still alive. I, as a believer, by his name have cast out many demons and prayed for sick people.
Many people get healed because Jesus is alive. 
This is the evidence and testimonial proving that Jesus is the living God and He really can help you with any problem you have.

And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents  

Bible, Mark 16:17



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