A trick of Satan- Preventing people from deliverance

An Experience with the demons preventing people from deliverance

June 25, 2010

Our team was invited to share at the prayer mountain meeting at Pastor Supot’s resort.

There were about 40-50 young people from dormitories and school students from Chiang Rai. The time of the meeting was from 7.00 p.m. until mid night.

I was sharing on “Obstructions and barriers of healings”

At the end the first session, I offered to pray for the young who had sickness and some troubles with their emotions and health. There were 6 young people came forward. We prayed for all and everyone got healings.

After the first session was over, we allowed the young to have a supper and rest for 15 minutes. I saw a girl who did not go out of the meeting room but she was sitting sadly with a friend. Let me call her Paula. I asked Paula what was wrong with her. She told me that

“ Arjarn, when you were challenging us to go out for a healing prayer, I really wanted to be prayed for but you know, I could not walk forward to the front row because my leg had no strength.”

“It was like something was holding and grabbing my leg.”

“I really had a pain in my head now.”
“When I came into this room, I felt very afraid and I did not like to join the worship at all. “I don’t know why.”

“Could you pray for my headache now?”

I thought, if I am not wrong she must have some demons disturbing inside her because of that the demons don’t want to leave her.

So Lily and I prayed for her. Then we checked if her headache had gone but she told us it was still there. We prayed again a second time. This time we prayed and anointed her with blessed olive oil. When we checked her the second time, her face lighted up. She told us that the headache had left her instantly after we anointed her with the oil. Thank You Jesus for this deliverance.

Before we started the second session, we let Paula give her testimonial about her deliverance from headache.

After I had a short recap for my teachings, I challenged any young one who had been living a life separated or at a distance from God’s kingdom to confess, repent and come forward so that I can lead them to sinner’s prayer once again.

Many young people came forward to repent of their sins. I prayed for each of them.

In the end, I asked them if anyone wants a touch of God’s anointing please come forward another one step forward. All of them stepped forward except 2 girls.

I prayed and God anointed them all.

Thank God for his faithfulness and mercy.



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