Encouragements and revelation from ReinHard Bonnke

1- Power does not come by working up emotions. We may shout, sweat, get excited, and whack the pulpit when we have the anointing of God. But without that anointing, we are actors, and the platform is a mere stage. God does not want theatricals. Get God’s love into your heart and true emotions flow. Anything else is emotionalism, imitation feeling. It reminds me of a man trying to speak from one city to another by shouting when the telephone line was dead. If the line is live, and there is power in it, his voice will reach the other city easily. If the Gospel is live, it will reach the hearts of hearers. Be blessed. REINHARD BONNKE

To glue two objects together, they must be clean or the glue won’t hold. If we want to make church members, we must first bring people to the Cross. They need to be thoroughly washed in the blood of Jesus – or “fellowship” with God and His people is easily broken. (1 John 1,7) Agreed? REINHARD BONNKE * (Please tell your friends about my FB Page)

3. The fire of religious zeal can be dangerous. For example, Paul, before his conversion, burned with the false fire of religious zeal, and “breathed out threatening and slaughter.” He put men and women into prison, broke up homes, brought misery and fear in his religious zeal.

Paul’s violent passion, however, turned to gentle compassion when he met Jesus. Fury became fellow feeling. Paul found the God of Calvary love. Calvary is a volcano of love, which is not extinct – even today. Be blessed. REINHARD BONNKE

4. Power does not come by working up emotions. We may shout, sweat, get excited, and whack the pulpit when we have the anointing of God. But without that anointing, we are actors, and the platform is a mere stage. God does not want theatricals. Get God’s love into your heart and true emotions flow. Anything else is emotionalism, imitation feeling. It reminds me of a man trying to speak from one city to another by shouting when the telephone line was dead. If the line is live, and there is power in it, his voice will reach the other city easily. If the Gospel is live, it will reach the hearts of hearers. Be blessed. REINHARD BONNKE

5. The Gospel of God is not tradition. Jesus said in Mark 7:8, “You have let go the commands of God and are holding onto the traditions of men.” If you ask, you will probably be told that people believe this or that because people always have—they are centuries old traditions. But they may be ancient deceptions. A very old religion isn’t right because it is old. Age doesn’t prove it is right. Time does not turn a lie into truth. Forgers made fakes a 1000 years ago, but they are still fakes. Wrong stays wrong - forever. Yet old lies are easy to believe. The Gospel is also old, but because it was true in the beginning it remains true today! Do you agree? REINHARD BONNKE

6. Christ was born FOR US. He lived FOR US. He died FOR US. He rose FOR US. He ascended to God FOR US. He is coming back FOR US. Christ Jesus came into the world to identify with us. Through the Gospel, we come into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ the Son of God. Can you say Amen to that? The Gospel is power. REINHARD BONNKE

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Freetown, Sierra Leone

7. Preach Christ! Some preach “healing” or “power” or the “Holy Spirit” or just “God.” This is all good Christian cargo to be taken on board, but the vessel is Jesus Christ. There is nothing without Him, no healing, no power, no Holy Spirit, and not even God for, “No man comes to the Father but through Me” (John 14:6), Jesus said. Good Morning from Florida. REINHARD BONNKE

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8. The Lord has not called us to support a hopeless cause. We are not fighting a losing battle. We are not using a broom to sweep back the tides of evil. God is turning the tides and we are working with Him. In Him it will be done. It once looked hopeless. Jesus Himself said that the broad road to destruction was crowded with passengers but few people found the narrow road to life. Jesus came to change all that. Today millions are passing through the narrow gate into the narrow road, by means of the Gospel, and the speed will increase. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE

Fire Conference in Boeblingen/Germany

9. Let me tell you what His real interests are—it is saving souls. Like a doctor is a doctor and a carpenter is a carpenter, JESUS IS A SAVIOR. If you want real fellowship, you will want to be involved in seeing souls saved. Jesus DIED for this cause. If you are not interested in what He died for, you won’t have much fellowship with Him. That is His joy and His work. Fellowship with God means sharing God’s own joy, doing what God does. He is reaching out to lost people to bring them into the Kingdom of God. And so must we. REINHARD BONNKE

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10. People are always asking what God is saying to the church. Surely there is no doubt whatsoever! If the Holy Spirit has anything to say, it is in Scripture. If it is not in Scripture we don’t accept it. But if it is in Scripture why should He repeat it? There’s no new revelation, no new command. The responsibility for evangelizing the whole world fell upon the twelve apostles and, after them, upon everyone else. In fact before a single one of the apostles went outside of Jerusalem to preach to the world, Philip went, and he was not an apostle. He was not even one of Christ’s original disciples. But the commission of the apostles was transferred to him. He preached Christ in Samaria. Now it is transferred to us. REINHARD BONNKE

11.Christ’s healing work was not incidental. He acted in obedience to his Father and what he did was essential to his revelation. It was not a temporary policy, adopted for some hard to make out purpose or a sudden whim. God does not do things just now and then, on the spur of the moment; in fact, he does not think “short term”. Everything Jesus did was always in character, perfectly in tune with the person who is described as “changeless”. What he was the Father was, too. After restoring a sick man at Bethesda, he said, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I, too, am working” (John 5:17, NIV). The context makes it clear that the “work” Jesus refers to is healing. What he does tells us what he is. That is how we know him and why we trust him – this very moment! Be blessed. REINHARD BONNKE

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DR Congo: Our platform is an island in a sea of humanity,

12. The elementary fact is that faith is in-built-in. We are born believers. If you think you have no faith - try it! Try not believing in anything or anybody - your wife, husband, doctor, bank, boss, baker or chef. There are no guarantees - but we put our lives into the hands of surgeons and trust drivers of trains, cars, and planes without thinking of faith. But that is what it is!!!! Faith is a kind of immune system filtering out fears that otherwise would paralyze all activity. When it fails, we develop all kinds of phobias and compulsions. It is a nervous breakdown. Jesus said “do not have phobia, have faith (Luke 8:50). REINHARD BONNKE

13. The Holy Spirit is the pneuma, the wind of heaven, blowing through our stuffy traditions and stagnation. A non-supernatural Gospel is only a shell. The Holy Spirit does not choose the strong and the capable, although he does not ignore them either. But our weaknesses do NOT repel Him, they ATTRACT Him. His strength is made perfect in weakness, His all-sufficiency and life-giving dynamism. The Holy Spirit comes for the best and for the worst of us, the Father’s promise sent by the Son. Are you blessed? REINHARD BONNKE

14. We can never talk about what Jesus had been. He never was and never will be a has-been. People talk about Jesus and say ‘In His day’ as if it was past. His day is NOW, always. No circumstance affects Him. Time doesn’t change His attitude. He is not a dispensational figure, altering His activity according to the calendar. Jesus was the same wonder-working Jesus after He was crucified as before. His compassion for sufferers did not die when He died. He is alive and active today, no matter where you are. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE
15. "Teach all nations.....” Jesus instructed us. There are no emergency arrangements in case the Gospel fails. It won't!! Ours is not a desperate situation, an uncertain war hanging in the balance, a struggle against overwhelming odds. "Fear not, I have overcome the world", Jesus says. We share Christ's victory and the spoils. God's invincible weapon, the Cross of Christ, arms His conquering army and shakes the “Prince of the Power of the Air”. Our Captain never lost a battle, and never will. Can you say “Amen”? REINHARD BONNKE

16. People have the audacity to ask, “What has God done for me?” What a ridiculous question – God has done everything. For a start, he gave his life for us. We exist by his care; our every breath is a sign of just that. God is perfect and cannot forget us. He esteems us beyond price. He made us for love, for Himself, and that is why he came to save us. He wrote the contract of our redemption with a pen dipped in the blood of his own Son. It is absolute and cannot be challenged.

What God did affects us for ever. This is something so vastly important that everybody needs to know about it. We are all as much involved as in a family. What Jesus did on the Cross is not a fact to be brushed aside. We may as well ask what our mother has got to do with us. We may as well ignore the sun in the sky. Christ stands at the door and knocks, wanting to come in. Are you blessed? REINHARD BONNKE

17. The impossible happens when God is around. It is His hallmark. Creation itself began when He passed by. Job speaks of the universe as ‘but the outer fringe of His works’, or ‘the skirts of His ways’ like a track left by walking on wet grass. It was the same with Jesus. You could tell when He had passed through a Jewish village. There were no sick people left! Where He is there’s no problem about walking the waves, healing the sick, feeding five thousand with a boy’s packed lunch. It just happens, the elements bend to His will. ‘He makes ALL THINGS work together for good to them that love the Lord.’ Be blessed. REINHARD BONNKE

18. The apostles were accused of changing ancient customs (see Acts 21:21), and that was indeed their intention. It was dangerous work. The apostles’ work was to move a mountain—a mountain of traditions and attitudes, which over a thousand years had become the laws of nations. In fact, spreading the gospel went beyond changing ways and customs. They reshaped entire thought patterns of those times to penetrate the hearts, souls and minds of men and women. Twelve unlearned men. Imagine it!

They preached Christ and Him crucified. Nothing could have been more calculated to ensure the failure of their mission. Crucifixion was for the worst criminals, the lowest of the low. Put a man on the cross and everybody mocked him. In no way was a crucified Jesus the ideal figure to appeal to either Jews or Gentiles. “He was despised and rejected” (Isa. 53:3). But that is the Jesus they knew and that is the only Jesus they preached. By this Gospel they conquered the world. We tread where they led. “And he preached Jesus to him.” Blessed? Greetings from North Carolina. REINHARD BONNKE

19. God never forgets His promises, and they are not cancelled by the death of those to whom the promises first were made. He promised to Moses things Moses never began to enjoy, but it had revealed God's will in the matter, and the same thing would be done but for Joshua. If God's promises apply to our situation, then they are promises as much to us as much as to the original receivers. e.g. Christ promised the Holy Spirit's power to His disciples to be His witnesses throughout the whole world, and until the whole world receives that witness the promise holds good. We appropriate God’s promises by trust. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE

20. Being filled with the Spirit doesn’t mean being super holy, and it does not mean you have to spend years becoming very holy and fit for God’s Spirit. If you are weak then you are fit – because the power of God is for the weak. His power is made perfect in weakness (2 Cor 12:9).

You need the fullness of the Holy Spirit. If you are saved, born again, and washed in the blood of Jesus, you have everything that makes you fit to be filled with the Spirit. The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin. Do not be misled: “All” does not mean “some,” but every bit, every smear, and every dirty mark, leaving our robes glistening pure and white. We are righteous in Christ, and you can never be more righteous, more sanctified, or more holy than that. In Christ we stand complete and ready.

The power of the Spirit cannot be worked up, pulled down, manufactured, or generated by hard work and much praying. The Holy Spirit does not wait till you sweat before giving you his power. Jesus said, “Ask, and it will be given to you ... Everyone who asks receives” (Mt 7:7-8). Nothing could be simpler!

God only has gifts. He has nothing for sale. He has no bargains, and you can forget all about negotiation, haggling, and compromise agreements. He is absolutely unilateral, one-sided; he just gives, and we can only do one thing – receive. He wants nothing from us by way of payment. This God is our God. Be blessed. REINHARD BONNKE

21. The Gospel does not threaten sinners. It is glad news, not mad news. Yet Jesus talked more about hell than heaven – not as a THREAT but as a WARNING. There is something I’d call MILITANT MERCY. When a fast moving car approaches a child, we would snatch it from danger. It may be rough, but it is true mercy. That’s what Jesus does! HE SAVES. REINHARD BONNKE.

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22. We are told that Napoleon ordered a coat of mail made; but he was not quite certain that it was impenetrable, so he said to the manufacturer of that bullet-proof-vest: “Put it on now yourself and let us try it”. With shot after shot from his own pistol, the emperor found that it was first-class quality. Then the man received a large reward.

I bless God that the same coat of mail that struck back the weapons of temptation from the heart of Christ in the wilderness WE MAY NOW ALL WEAR. Jesus comes and says “I have been tempted, and I know what it is to be tempted. Take this robe that defended me, and wear it for yourselves. I shall see you through all trials and I shall see you through all temptations.” It’s a good deal. Not so? REINHARD BONNKE

23. The prophet Isaiah said, “The earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea” (Isaiah 11:9). For the knowledge of the Lord to flood the earth was an impossible fantasy, a prophecy of hopeless despair. Beyond the borders of little Israel the God of Isaiah was unknown. Israel itself was idolatrous and few truly knew the Lord. Yet the mouth of the Lord had spoken it and it has happened. The church invincible is here. Today the name of Jesus is known throughout the earth and two billion people call him Lord. The truth is indestructible and always filters through. Jesus said “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my word never.” Let us rejoice. REINHARD BONNKE

24. We are not asked to believe what faith can do, but what GOD can do! It is not “faith in the power of faith” but faith in the power of God! Jesus said: Only believe! That was his way of saying: relax. True faith is like an electrical wiring-system. Wiring in itself lights no lamp, runs no appliance. It is NOT the wire. There is no “wire-power”. It is electrical voltage plus amperage that produces results. YET: It needs wire to do it! There is no such thing as “faith-power” but faith brings the power of God. Blessed? REINHARD BONNKE

25. A Jewish Rabbi counted 248 Commandments and 365 Prohibitions in Scripture. David in Psalm 15 brought it down to 11 and Micah to 3. Habakkuk put the rules of life altogether in one: “The just shall live by faith.” Later another Jewish Scholar with the most penetrating mind of his day saw that Habakkuk had hit on the central fact of life. Paul wrote half the New Testament around that discovery: Hab 2,4; Rom 1,17; 2Cor 5,7; Gal 2,20; Gal 3,11; Heb 10,38.

What is faith? The easiest thing in human experience: Slip your hand into the hand of Jesus! It is a childlike dependence. With faith, everything we do is significant, crowds or no crowds, success or no success. Faith, trust in God, is the substance that fills our emptiness. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE

26. Peter and John at the tomb examining the grave-clothes of the risen Christ: it never even crossed their minds that they might display the blood- marked wrappings as evidence of his death, like holy relics to be kissed and touched. They had better things to do! In fact, they spent their time waiting in the Upper Room until the fire fell. Pentecost is not a token of death but a trophy of life and victory. The true sign of a living Lord is living fire from heaven. As they looked at the disciples, even enemies could tell that they had been with Jesus. We need scholarship like we need every kind of help from one another, but how much better it is when it comes from “flame people”, the Spirit kindling their thoughts. It was this fire-baptism that made them “preach the Gospel everywhere”, and so it is today. REINHARD BONNKE

27. What Jesus began to do was also the programme of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:1). His work goes on till now. Jesus was always in partnership with the Holy Spirit. That partnership has never been rescinded. The Holy Spirit continues today to do what He did with Jesus. There are no divisions in the Godhead. The Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, three Persons, are the syndicate of salvation resourced by omnipotence.

God on the march represents a Jesus-Holy Spirit invitation to us all. It is our greatest opportunity of a life investment that pays eternal interest. We can come right in on Christ-Holy Spirit purposes, backed by their resources. We can tie our own aims to theirs as they move forward. That way we can be successful in life, in the greatest possible project, THE GOSPEL. Of course we are free agents and at liberty to set up our own businesses, independently of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and their undertakings. But remember: all non-God operations are temporary. The Jesus-Holy Spirit partnership will swings past anything else that moves. This is part of God’s order at creation, and goes on for ever – with or without us.

Are you already included? Greetings, REINHARD BONNKE.

28. The Cross stands fast. It is an anchor of the soul. That figure of speech is found in the book of Hebrews 6:19-20. "This {hope} we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence {behind} the veil, where the forerunner has entered for us, {even} Jesus..."

This is a sea-going picture from those ancient days. A ship comes into harbor, but cannot draw too near to the shore in the darkness. So a sailor gets into a boat with an anchor and a line attached which is also fixed to the ship. He is called the "fore runner". As he rows, the line between anchor and ship is played out and links them. Eventually the forerunner boat arrives and the seaman carries the anchor ashore and secures it on land.

In the morning, no sails are needed. The crew of the ship begins to wind in the anchor cable yet it isn't the anchor which moves but the ship. Slowly the vessel winches towards the shore. This is the background to the word "forerunner".

Our "forerunner" is Jesus who has entered through the veil and our anchor is made fast. Our salvation is secure like the sailor ashore whom the crew cannot see. Christ is no longer visible to us, He is "ashore" in glory, and WE ARE ATTACHED BY FAITH TO GLORY BY HIM. He has entered glory for us. Day by day the cable is shortening, and pulling us nearer and nearer to Christ our forerunner.

Eventually we shall reach heaven's shore and what shall we see? Our "forerunner" waiting to greet us, that "where He is there we may also be." Faith links us already, and will bring us to Him at last. That faith is assurance. Agreed? REINHARD BONNKE

29. The absolute selflessness of Jesus takes us aback. Do we understand it? He talks of ‘good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over’ (Luke 6:38). It is corn buying in the market, filling the sack, shaking and pressing it down, then piling a cone on the top and poking a finger in to fill it with a few more grains.

Jesus wasn’t just talking about money, either, but about life-style and disposition. A Roman soldier could compel a Jew to carry his tackle for a mile, but Jesus said they could beat the law by voluntarily going two miles, and instead of a man taking your cloak by suing you, give it to him. ‘Give to the one who asks and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.’ Matthew 5:39-40.

The woman, who emptied her only wealth upon Christ with a bottle of precious ointment, shocked the disciples with such immodest abundance, but it delighted Jesus. She had captured His very own spirit of greatness. The fragrance filled the house, and as Jesus indicated, has filled the world ever since. Let’s waste ourselves for Jesus. "For He alone is worthy..." REINHARD BONNKE

30. Murderous bands of Amalekite plunderers began to harass Israel’s flanks, picking off stragglers and stripping them of their meagre belongings. Joshua had to marshal what men and arms he could. It was a pitiful show since they do not have so much as a rag raised on a pole to rally them. However, Moses had his own bare hands to raise to the God of Heaven, and the Amalekites were routed. Moses said, “Hands were lifted up to the throne of the Lord…” (Exodus 17:16). Try it. It really works. Even today. REINHARD BONNKE

31. People ask me how I keep the fire of the Holy Spirit burning now for over 59 years. The answer is: I don’t keep the fire burning - that fire keeps me burning. It is not my effort at all. It is HIM! Just HIM. Understood?

People have a message about theology, but the Holy Spirit is not theology. He is a PERSON. It wasn’t reasoning which the disciples gave us, but their experience. People preach about the Holy Spirit and analyze doctrines about Him as if He were a specimen on the laboratory table. We have a lot of dead Holy Spirit analysis.

The Spirit of God is alive and active. He puts the power into the Gospel. He fills it with fire, life, and strength. It is a full Gospel. Without the Holy Spirit, it is an empty Gospel. Our preaching on its own is no better than rattling a collection of empty Coca-Cola cans. Power and life stream through the New Testament because of who the Holy Spirit is. Be blessed. REINHARD BONNKE

33. Preaching the Gospel is not pushing ideas or even doctrines. Doctrines are good, but they are like lumps of coal in the shed - they are dead. Put them in the furnace and they become glowing coals, releasing energy. The Gospel is truth on fire.

34. The church is a lifeboat not a pleasure boat. Entertainers are neither needed nor wanted. From the captain to the cook all hands are needed on deck for soul-saving. The church that does not seek the lost is “lost” itself. Agreed? REINHARD BONNKE july 26, 2010

35. Who is knocking at the door?
When you have elections in your country, does the president come to your door to ask for your vote? Surely not. But Jesus is coming to your very door and knocks! (Rev. 3,20) He voted for you at Calvary and now asks you personally to vote for Him. Ever thought of that? REINHARD BONNKE july30, 2010



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