Wise Man ChristopherWise Man Christopher spoke on the theme, 'You Must Be Born Again' early Sunday morning. He saidProphet T.B. Joshua we are here to shine as light because to God's power nothing is impossible. Regeneration is the renewal of the spirit, soul and body. He asked, "What does it take to be regenerated? What must I do to enter the Kingdom of God?" Using John 3:1-8 as proof text, he said spiritual rebirth means salvation and that salvation should have impact on our everyday life.
He said when God sets you free, you are free in reality and that we must admit that we have sinned and need to be born again. He said without repentance and faith, God's power cannot work in a man's life. True Christianity lies in the purity of heart. Knowing God is not to see His Words but to learn His ways.
The Holy Spirit, he said, helps us to overcome trials and temptations. The Holy Spirit knows the accurate answers; His Word is the final authority. He said you can be tempted because God's love does not keep us away from temptation. Encounters on the way, he said, will strengthen your determination. If God calls you, He will make you fit for it. Jesus Christ never murmured or complained. He bore all the insults. He said to be born again, the believer must die and resurrect with Jesus Christ. He used 2 Corinthians 5:17 for further illustration.
Concluding his message, Wise Man Christopher said we have to be spiritual by living in the Word and the Word living in us.
One of the video recordings replayed was of last week's deliverance of a lady who had separated from her husband, and was experiencing absence of peace in her life. The evil spirit said it had destroyed her, though she was supposed to be  great. She was delivered through Wise Man Daniel.
Mrs. Josephine
This Sunday, Josephine Onwumah from Delta State, Nigeria came to church to share her experience. She came with Sunday Onwumah, the father of her four children. They had separated for 10 years. She was possessed by a spiritual husband and explained that when her husband travelled to Austria, she voluntarily campaigned for a release from her husband through his people because she had the spirit of lust.
Mr Sunday also testified saying that he had been in Austria for 14 years, despite the fact that Josephine had four kids for him – two boys and two girls. She was moving about with different men, a truth which his family revealed to him. After three years of separation, she said she wanted a divorce, went to the husband's village and announced her wish to his family. Then, she eventually got pregnant for another man. Mr. Sunday said he had been receiving spiritual attacks, and after arriving in Nigeria, he decided to come to The SCOAN as well as see his children. He said he was surprised to watch on Emmanuel TV that she was delivered the week before.Mr. Sunday
Prophet T.B. Joshua said that the evil spirit was responsible for the woman's life of recklessness. He said it was significant that the man had not married since separating with the wife. He also said that the marriage was destined from Heaven, especially since they have kids together. He then, told the couple that he would bring the family together to settle the matter.
Another video was shown of a woman with two boys who was delivered last week Thursday. The evil spirit said that Wise Man John Chi was carrying liquid fire and that it had destroyed the woman. It said the woman had considered herself smart and complained loudly: "This place is an Mrs. Mariam Umaroven. How do you enjoy staying here?"
The spirit also said it hated her boys, and had wanted to kill the eldest son when he was five years old. It had injured his manhood, and caused the mother to wickedly use a razor to cut his arm.
The spirit also said it was responsible for the woman's separation from her husband, as well as her suffering. It also wanted to turn into a viper to bite the son, and that deliverance at The SCOAN was destroying "our beautiful kingdom". Her eldest child also narrated his experience of how the father had abandoned them, and that they were sleeping in an uncompleted building with their mother. The woman had also wanted to throw the eldest child into a well. The evil spirit which revealed a hidden charm in the woman's hair said that it had eight powers. It also asked: "Is this how you entertain people - with fire?"
After her deliverance, Mariam Umar, from Okene, Kogi State, spoke fondly of her two boys, Khalif and Mohammed Ozigi.Mrs. Mariam Umar & Children
She also said she realized that she had strange powers and if she clapped thrice against anybody when angry, such a person would face the consequences.
She had gone to different places with her mother seeking for solution. She also hated her children, and loved the sight of blood.
The charm discovered in her hair was not seen by visible eyes; "I never knew it was there. I never saw it physically". Mariam explained that four months ago in a dream, she saw a dead man put a red charm in her hair but upon waking up, she checked her hair and found nothing. It was only during the Thursday prayer line when Wise Man John Chi prayed for her that it physically became visible.
After her deliverance, she said she now loves her kids and said, "I thank God I am free. My sons are all I have now".
A young Zimbabwean ladyA young Zimbabwean lady and lecturer in law at the University of Cape Town, was accompanied to the church with her mother to share her testimony. She had come to thank God for His goodness in her life, especially in her academic career through the use of the Anointing Water.
After her bachelor's programme in law, she had practiced as an attorney for four years, but had wanted to study further.
Though the money was not available to achieve her aim, she had wanted a master's degree from the prestigious University College, London. She had needed between £35,000 and £40,000 for accommodation and studies, and her mother had come to The SCOAN for prayer and received the Anointing Water. In six months, Miss Nthabiseng obtained a full scholarship to study at University College, London.
At school, she had gone through hardship, especially in her course work. She was considering giving up because she thought it was impossible for her to even pass her course. In the midst of all this, her mother sent her the Anointing Water. She sprayed it on her books and writing equipment and prayed earnestly. In September 2011, she received her results and to her surprise, she had obtained a first class – a feat she thought impossible.
Tsakani Nancy Mosutlha from Botswana had suffered from several miscarriages for 16 years. She visited The SCOAN and was blessed with the Tsakani Nancy MosutlhaAnointing Water by Prophet T.B. Joshua. When she eventually got pregnant and was to deliver, her baby was suffocating and it was difficult for her to deliver. The doctors recommended an operation as the umbilical cord was wrapped twice around the baby's neck. She prayed with the Anointing Water in the hospital, and the baby was successfully delivered without any operation.