Sunday 23rd June 2013 was an extraordinary day at The SCOAN because it registered the landmark for the global extension of the project Prophet T.B. Joshua introduced during his 50th birthday celebrations – the employment, empowerment and educational campaign.PROPHET T B JOSHUA The project tallies with the slogan of Emmanuel TV – Changing Lives, Changing Nations and Changing the World. The service began with the prayer line where multitudes received healing and deliverance, followed by a time of testimonies. Here are just a few of those who shared their testimonies with the world:

Mrs Hope Okeke, Anambra, Nigeria, came to The SCOAN in a wheelchair with a debilitating problem of inability to walk due to severe arthritis for two years. She had pain all over her body during those years and was unable to do any work.MRS HOPE OKEKE [ WHEEL CHAIR LADY] She had visited many hospitals and herbalists in search of a solution but to no avail. Because of her confinement to a wheelchair her children had to be available at all times, to help with her business and her daily chores. She watched Emmanuel TV in her home and had seen how God is using the faculties of Prophet T.B. Joshua to bring solution to thousands of people whose situations were even worse than her own. This encouraged her to come to The SCOAN to receive her healing.

While she was inside her car praying and hoping that God would discover her, one of her sons came into the church and cried out to Prophet T.B. Joshua, announcing her condition. Prophet T.B. Joshua asked for her to be wheeled into the church and three visitors were asked to minister the New Anointing Water to her, in the name of Jesus Christ. As they ministered the New Anointing Water in Jesus' name, her countenance changed and her eyes seemed to look into the distance. Moments later, she rose up and walked immediately!MRS HOPE OKEKE [ WHEEL CHAIR LADY] 2 Mrs Okeke testified that ever since her healing, she had been walking freely and without any pain. Truly, she encountered Jesus Christ, the Miracle Worker and her impossibilities became possible to the glory of God!

Mr Jeff Motsetsi, a teacher by profession, from Botswana, was diagnosed with kidney stones in 2009. This caused him unbearable pain and made him unable to perform his duties as a teacher. He had consulted the best medical professionals and had been administered various drugs but his condition only got worse. Traditional therapy had been taken by him to no avail.
In 2011, he was privileged to come to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. He went home and one day he was relaxing outside and enjoying the cool breeze when he experienced an excruciating pain caused by the kidney stones.

In desperation, he remembered that he had the Anointing Water with him. He managed to drag himself into the house and reached for the Anointing Water and added a little to a cup of ordinary drinking water. He then drank it, praying in faith that God would flush out the kidney stones from his system once and for all.

The next morning, when he went to the toilet, he passed out the kidney stones in his urine to his amazement. He had gone to many hospitals to no avail but with the Anointing Water, the kidney stones were urinated out.MR JEFF MOSES [KIDNEY STONES ] 2

He displayed his 'before and after' healing medical reports and also showed the actual kidney stones that he had urinated out, to the glory of God. His active lifestyle is now restored and he is completely free from pain or discomfort. His advice was that we should not underrate the Anointing Water because it is an "atomic bomb" that will flush out whatever is not of Jesus in us.

Lemlem Kasa from the USA, shared an extraordinary testimony of the healing power of Jesus Christ through the Anointing Water. She had a huge tumour in her uterus, the size of a human head.
She had gone to many hospitals and the doctors told her that the only remedy was to remove her womb through an operation. She watched Emmanuel TV, saw the miracles and was encouraged and convinced that her own case would not escape the anointing of God.

She came to The SCOAN, received the Anointing Water and returned back to the USA, believing that the end of her problem had come. After ministering the Anointing Water, in Jesus' name, she had a dream and saw herself in an operating theatre where the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua was preparing to perform a spiritual operation on her.

In that dream, Prophet T.B. Joshua, working as the head surgeon, asked one of the wise men to give him a scalpel with which he cut open her uterus, removed the tumour and threw it away. After the dream, she went back to the hospital and when they examined her, to their great surprise, the tumour had detached itself from the uterus making it easy for them to simply evacuate it.

She showed a photo of herself with a huge swollen stomach at the time she had the tumour. Now, she is healthy and strong. She thanked Jesus Christ for restoring her life.

Quoting Matthew 5:44, Prophet T.B. Joshua began his message by saying, "It was Jesus' great design to engage His disciples to love one another." He reminded people of the words of Apostle Paul in Galatians 5:6, explaining, "Without faith working by love, all else is worthless. Faith, where it is true, genuine, real and authentic, is a working grace; it works by love. Love does not intimidate; love does not condemn."

Talking on the need to let love lead, he said, "We should be known by our love, regardless of religious, ethnic or social background. If you love your neighbour, you will be interested in his welfare." He spoke practically on the need to see beyond religion or denomination when it comes to showing love and compassion to people. "The medical doctor you go to for a medical check-up and other health issues – you do not mind the faith they belong to as long as they are specialists. The company where you are working, you do not mind who is the chairman and the owner of the company. That is where you earn your livelihood with which you maintain your family, send your children to school and pay tithe in your church. You do not mind the faith he or she belongs to or their religious background. Talking of your education, you never mind the religion or faith your lecturer or teacher belongs to so far as he meets the needs of your education."

In line with Prophet T.B. Joshua's newly launched initiative to assist graduates with employment, a wonderful development has taken place! The MBA Tour, an international event organised to link prospective students with top level business administrative educational institutions around the world, have partnered with Emmanuel TV.
The West African representative of the MBA Tour, Hannah Bertilla Acquah came to The SCOAN to officially announce the unique partnership. She said, "The MBA Tour is here to officially partner with Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV. Our partnership is based on our mutual commitment to nation building through skills development for the young and corresponds with the man of God's current project of assisting graduates with employment.

"Our partnership will enable African students who demonstrate outstanding potential, access to Fellowships at the world's top business schools and academic institutions – including: Columbia Business School; Harvard Business School; MIT Sloan School of Management; Yale School of Management; IE University, Spain; Erasmus University, The Netherlands; INSEAD Business School, France.

"Representatives from these renowned institutions will identify the qualifying students and Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV will assist with financial scholarships."

The MBA Tour which is just one of the hundreds of organisations across the world that have indicated interest in partnering with Emmanuel TV to see to the actualisation of the campaign. Talking about the need to commit resources into such charitable ventures, Prophet T.B. Joshua asked, "What is the value of money but to change lives, change nations and change the world". He further added that "Our tomorrow should be better than our today."

You can register and find more information online at