Prophet T.B. Joshua
As the count-down begun to the 50th Birthday anniversary of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, he took time to thank all those who had been praying and supporting him from all over the world. He reiterated his humble desire insisting that the best anyone could give to T.B. Joshua was to go on their knees and thank God for His life, pray for more support for the church of God for a strong bond of love, pray for nations all over the world and rededicate themselves to the act of giving. "To whom much is given, much is expected. The Lord has given me so much in all areas of my life which I cannot reciprocate. I know", he reflected. "What an undeserved blessing. At 50, I should be grateful to God and show more commitment to His service", he said.  "At 50, I have many things to learn from my Heavenly Father; my covenant has to be reviewed – that is, has to be re-examined because Christianity is a relationship. My behaviour, character, attitude is a reflection of my relationship with Him. What I have been doing is only a reflection of the relationship I have with God. So, great relationship, great work."
The Prayer Line witnessed tremendous healings and deliverance from various sicknesses, diseases and afflictions as the wise men ministered prayer to the congregation in the name of Jesus Christ. The result was the following testimonies outlined here which was only a tip of the iceberg.
         Mr & Mrs Chijioke Okafor
Mr & Mrs Chijioke Okafor came to The SCOAN with a problem of stillbirths after having had to live without a child for eight years. The lady had had two stillbirths before the couple ran to The SCOAN to avoid a further occurrence in their life.
They were privileged to receive the Anointing Water. They prayed and ministered the Anointing Water to themselves believing that God would avert the problem of stillbirths in their marriage. This time around, by the power of God manifesting through the Anointing Water, the woman safely delivered a bouncing baby girl. She advised all to put their trust in God and at His time, He would answer.
                                   Mr & Mrs Timothy
Mr Agbaeze Timothy Ejike from Kano, Nigeria, had testified to being delivered from the spirit of bedwetting earlier this year. He and his wife run Primary and Nursery schools which did not yield the expected results. After his deliverance from the affliction of bedwetting, he was encouraged to once again demonstrate the power of God by which he was delivered, by ministering the Anointing Water to the entire premises of his schools that had become stagnant over a period of time. After the prayer, a friend of his approached him and offered to supply everything that they needed to build and equip the schools and to add a Secondary section. He did not invest anything of his own towards this expansion of the school. In addition, they received approval from the State government to operate as fully operative schools.
                              Mrs Daniel Efeunu
Mrs Daniel Efeunu from Rivers, Nigeria, had the problem of a spiritual husband. She used to have dreams of people chasing her and demanding money that they claimed she owed them. When she shared those dreams with her husband, he advised that she should come to The SCOAN for deliverance. They had sought solution from prayer houses and spiritualists, as was shown in a picture of how the native doctors had rubbed her legs and arms with purported medicinal native chalk which didn't work. Her condition resulted in a stroke. On the very day she was to come to The SCOAN, Mr Daniel received a phone call from his daughter that his wife had complained of serious pain on her leg and was unable to get out of bed. Her condition became worse to the point that she was obliged to return to the herbalist instead. Unfortunately, the hospital too was unable to help the situation in spite of all the tests and drugs they had administered to her. The hospital discharged her and she had to go back to the house. Once they got back home, they tuned to Emmanuel TV and prayed along with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. Meanwhile, an old business client who had gotten hint of the problem Mrs Efeunu was having, offered to share the Anointing Water she had in her house. They ministered the Anointing Water in the name of Jesus Christ and immediately, the woman that had been bedridden for a long time rose and walked freely.

                        Dr & Mrs Martin Ndembe
Dr Martin Ndembe and wife, Cameroonians, had spent many years in Germany and were hardly known in their hometown. Disillusioned and frustrated, Dr Ndembe left Germany and returned home empty-handed. During the next seven years, he could not get a job.  He went to a friend's house where he was privileged to watch Emmanuel TV and was captivated by the many miracles that the man of God was performing. That same night, in his dream, he encountered Prophet T.B. Joshua who prayed for him and said, "It is well; your problems are over." He was determined by this experience to rush to The SCOAN where the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua blessed him with the Anointing Water. As soon as he went back to Cameroon, he joined hands with his wife and prayed with the Anointing Water believing that God would rescue them from their pitiable condition. Indeed, God touched this man and he had a powerful breakthrough. He had been appointed as the Director of Global Forum for the Defence of Human Rights as well as the Board Chairperson of the Global Forum of Human Rights. His wife also shared that she had seen the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua in a dream and was equally blessed by him. She too, had been appointed the Directress of Global Forum of Social and Women Affairs in Cameroon. They advised people to hold on to God, that there is no other name above the name, Jesus.
 Mr Christian Onyejekwe
Mr Christian Onyejekwe – Enugu, Nigeria, had a problem of bed-wetting from childhood. He recounted how he had watched a testimony on Emmanuel TV, of a young man who had the problem of bed-wetting and believed that he too, could be delivered. He used to see himself urinating in his sleep only to wake up to find that he had urinated on his bed. Earlier in the year, he had seen the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua in his dream where he was prayed for.  After that experience, his mother who had earlier obtained the Anointing Water from The SCOAN gave it to him and he ministered it and prayed for a relief from the problem of bed-wetting. That same night, he dreamt again as he was urinating in his sleep. When he woke up he felt so angry with the belief that he had urinated again on his bed but upon examining his bed, he noticed that there was no urine, meaning he had stopped bed-wetting. He has completely been delivered from that affliction. He advised people to believe what they see on Emmanuel TV because it works as it has worked for him.
                                   Mr Paul Nwali
Mr Paul Nwali, Anambra – Nigeria, had a problem of addiction to drinking alcohol for nine years. He wasn't able to concentrate on anything he was doing. This resulted in setbacks in his life. He was privileged to come to The SCOAN and obtain the Anointing Water which he prayerfully ministered to himself. Thereafter, the urge to drink left him and he has since quit consumption of alcohol.
Another breakthrough he had experienced was that he has a parcel of land he wished to develop but on which was a certain ancient tree that the elders warned should not be cut down else he would see the repercussions. Even some labourers he had sent to clear the land in readiness for construction work refused to cut down the tree because they were aware of the evil associated with the tree. Mr Nwali undertook to personally minister the Anointing Water round the foot of the tree. Immediately after his prayer, a strong wind came and pulled the tree which felled onto another man's compound. When the villagers got wind of the uprooting of the ancient tree they rushed to the scene and asked him why he had felled the tree and he told them that it was the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua that brought the tree down.  It was apparently clear from the photograph he had taken that the tree was not hewed down with axe or saw but had been pulled from the roots by an act of God. He has now been able to commence building on the site without any malevolent consequences. He advises that we should do our best and leave the rest to God.
                     Mrs Essie Sekyi
Mrs Essie Sekyi from Ghana, had for many years been experiencing troubles including health setbacks and stagnation in her career. She had read a book titled, "Dangerous Prayer Book" with a view to improving on her prayer life but reading that book complicated her problems rather than help her. She had been posted to a department in her job but was unable to function effectively. While in that department, however, she took to watching Emmanuel TV and began to experience positive changes in life. She was also privileged to meet with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua and was prayed for. Thereafter, she started having breakthroughs in her job. She returned to The SCOAN and was prayed for by Prophet T.B. Joshua. When she went back to Ghana, her Director mentioned to her that there was some opportunities for promotion in her organization and advised her to apply. She did apply and was invited for the interview. Before attending the interview she prayed again with the Anointing Water which resulted in her being promoted to Assistant Commissioner for Training – a position far beyond her former position as Store Assistant.
Another testimony she shared was that she had been diagnosed with a heart disease leading to an enlarged heart. She used to be afraid of climbing stairs because she would lose her breath and become tired if she climbed stairs. Upon ministering the Anointing Water, she received her healing which was confirmed by a medical report she displayed. She advised people to follow the "Standard For Life" episodes on Emmanuel TV which is one avenue that the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua is using to build up viewers' faith.
                        Dr Uzoma Akopunwanne
Dr Uzoma Akopunwanne, Imo – Nigeria, had been employed for a long time at the Presidency but could not rise above the position of Assistant Director. He had come to The SCOAN on the day the New Anointing Water was being launched. He could only receive a little drop from someone else who had received the New Anointing Water. He prayed with confidence believing that God would meet him at the point of his need. He ministered the Anointing Water into the air and prayed that promotion should no longer elude him. A few days later, he received a phone call that his promotion had been published. When he went to the office the following day, he received a letter showing that he had been raised to the position of Deputy Director of Niger-Delta Development Commission retrospective to the date he was due for promotion. His advice for people was not to lose hope but to call on the Lord and He would answer.

        Mr Richard Edem
Mr Richard Edem from Ghana had been addicted to cigarettes, alcohol and night-clubbing. This addiction made him drop out of University in his final year. He was in the habit of insulting school authorities and making trouble with his fellow students on campus. His family members were disappointed with him because he had been sent to the best schools from early childhood and was known for producing excellent results. His mother visited The SCOAN and returned with the Anointing Water which was ministered on Mr Richard in the name of Jesus Christ. According to accounts from family members, he had manifested and had vomited poisonous substances in the midst of making many confessions as soon as he was prayed for. When he came to consciousness, he noticed that he felt lighter as if something had left his body. Since then, the urge to smoke, drink and mix with unproductive friends have left him. People who knew his previous wayward life have been congratulating him on his new life style – total abstinence from bad addictions. He advised people involved in immoral acts such as smoking and clubbing to be aware that God is watching us.
                           Mr & Mrs Akassa Azi
Mr & Mrs Akassa Azi, Gombe from Nigeria had been childless for 19 years because of multiple fibroid affecting the wife. During those years, friends and family members pressurized the man to leave the woman and marry another wife so that he could have a child. He received the Anointing Water from The SCOAN and prayed and they both ministered it to themselves in Jesus' name. That night, his wife had a dream where she delivered a black substance into a plastic bag; she believed the substance was the fibroid. When she shared the dream with her husband, he reasoned that it must be the result of the Anointing Water which they had prayed with. She also noticed some remarkable changes in her system and was encouraged to return to the hospital for another check-up. The medical report showed that she no longer had fibroid, to the glory of God.
         Mr Mwehu Jack
Mr Mwehu Jack residing in South Africa, has a security company which had been struggling with financial setback for years. He had had a series of problems of losing contracts which made him live from hand to mouth. He was privileged to visit The SCOAN and receive the Anointing Water which he ministered to his business with a prayer believing for breakthrough. Soon afterwards, he won a contract worth millions of South African Rands through the intervention of God Almighty. He advised people to stick to Jesus because without Him, we are nothing.

Mrs Buya and daughter Mary from Tanzania
Mrs Buya and daughter Mary from Tanzania
                                             Mrs Buya
The Sunday Service reached a breath-taking point when a young lady who had come to The SCOAN from Tanzania interrupted the prophecy ministration being conducted by the man of God, Prophet T.B Joshua. She cried out to draw attention to the fact that her paralyzed elderly mother was sitting in one of the overflow canopies in a wheelchair. When Prophet T.B. Joshua inquired what the matter was, the young lady said that her mother had been confined to the wheelchair for three years. She had been affected psychologically and was unable to perform her duties as a teacher. She had sought solution from several hospitals and referrals before it was suggested that she undergo an operation as that was the best the medics could do to save her life. As soon as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for the physically disabled woman, she rose from the wheelchair and walked in the midst of The SCOAN congregation for the first time in years. Glory be to the Master Healer – Jesus Christ!
Mrs Buya Walking To The Glory Of God
The congregation couldn't help but join the overwhelmed woman and her daughter in a victory dance that lasted a while, as people besieged the woman to give her heart-rending hugs.