PROPHET T B JGod's ability to meet the needs of His people is everlasting just as He is. He continues to work in people's lives through wonders and miracles. By God's grace, The SCOAN remains an epicenter of God's action in changing lives, changing nations and changing the world, through preaching, deliverance, healing and prophecy, among others. Last Sunday witnessed another bumper harvest of God's blessings as was expressed in the mood of the congregation that fellowshipped at The SCOAN, arriving from various parts of the world.

Addressing the congregation, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua reiterated the need for leaders to put the interest of their nations above self-interest. The message, which was prophetic in nature, urged African leaders to come together and rescue troubled nations.

He spoke once again on the theme of unity, stressing that irrespective of the different spiritual gifts God has endowed His people with, they are to work together as a team. "Whether you plant or water, we are a team. Each will be rewarded for what he or she does because we are all Christ's co-workers."

He emphasized that the foundation upon which all Christians are to build on is Jesus Christ. "No one can lay a foundation – because the foundation has already been laid. The foundation is Jesus Christ. So, I must be careful how I work because the foundation has already been laid. The foundation is Jesus and I will build on the foundation of Jesus Christ."

We are glad to share with you a few of the testimonies that glorify the Lord's name:

June 18 2013, will remain a day of terror for Mr Adjemena MacJaja, a fisherman from Rivers, Nigeria. What started like a normal day with routine checks on his boat and fishing gear, turned out to be a total nightmare and deadliest venture Adjemena will not forget in a hurry. On the fateful day, Mr Adjemena set sail on the Atlantic Ocean with two of his companions looking for fish.SEA Adjemena and his friends are no strangers to the ocean, as fishing is one major occupation the people of Rivers State would take to even at childhood. As was always the case, their search took them deep into the vast ocean.

Before mid-day, the trio had caught some sizeable fish and were already contemplating calling it a day when evil came knocking on their door. An unusual terrific storm hit their boat, rocking it and eventually breaking it into fragments. He and his companions were scared stiff. They had never experienced anything like that, not in his more than 35 years of acquaintance with the ocean as a fisherman.

The impact of the wave drove them deeper into frightening heights as they clung tenaciously to the broken pieces of what used to be their boat. It was while he was drifting deeper into the unfriendly waters, that he remembered he had a bottle of the Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker in the bag he had since formed a habit of carrying to everywhere he went.  He struggled to swim back to the belly of the boat where he effortlessly found his bag containing the Anointing Water and the Sticker.

Acting on the words of his mentor, Prophet T.B. Joshua, that, when you run out of rope, it is time to grab onto faith, he clung to the contents of his bag, believing that nothing ungodly could ever happen to him, no matter what. He then managed to fish out the Anointing Sticker and asked his companions to join hands in a spirit of camaraderie to pray for God's intervention in their moment of despair. Surprisingly, one of them arrogantly refused to pray.

They started to condemn the devil, calling him a liar and kept shouting 'Emmanuel!' The wave did not cease but continued to push them further into unfamiliar terrain. There was no one to rescue them. They could not spot any other fishermen within the radius their already weakened eyes could see. Immediately after they had poured out those fervent and emotion-laden words of supplication to the Almighty Father, another violent wave rocked their only hope out of grip – sending the three of them at different directions.
That incident shattered their spirit of togetherness and dampened their hope of survival because they just realized that they needed one another for encouragement and consolation.  Soon, they would drift further apart and could not see each other anymore. Unfortunately, the young man who had refused to pray along with his companions was never to return. He died of exhaustion and frostbite.

Two days had passed before Mr Adjemena heard a voice telling him to let go of his bag. Knowing that it was the bag in which he had stored away The Anointing Water and Sticker, he was quick to recognize that voice as not of God. He rebuked it and rather managed to tighten the slings round his neck and his shoulder.

By the third day, alone in the ocean and without much strength left in him, he heard a voice say: "You shall not die". Then all of a sudden, he spotted a trawler in the distance. He swam towards it with as much energy as he possibly could gather; knowing that it was an opportunity he could not afford to miss.

All of a sudden the ocean wave, combining with the wave generated from the gliding ship, tossed him several nautical miles helplessly out of sight in a matter of seconds. He thought to himself that the end had come. All he could imagine was the loving family and friends he had left behind. With his limbs completely stiffened by the coldness of the water and his entire body white as snow, he shut his eyes and prayed to God for mercy. He reached for The Anointing Sticker and clutched it fondly as if he was holding the hand of God. As he looked up, he noticed another ship in the distance which did not matter to him because that one was anchored. He knew that by and large, he would be able to swim to it.

Suddenly he felt something push him for about 15 minutes, drawing him closer to the ship. Before long, the men on the ship had spotted him and were encouraging him to forge ahead until they could safely throw an anchor to fish him out of water. When he reached a comfortable distance, an anchor was lowered for him to grab at but he missed it. A lifebuoy was thrown at him and before he knew it, he was rescued onto the ship.

"They bathed me with very hot water, yet it felt as cold. I was all white from the cold salted ocean water. Believe me, this is not Nollywood acting. It was real and true. This Anointing water is real. It saved me from death," concluded Mr Adjemena.
Pastor Bobby of Living Faith Ministries aka Winners Chapel, friend  to Adjemena added to the testimony: "What happened to Mr Adjemena is not ordinary. I had always advised him to carry the Anointing Water and Sticker with him. I knew he would not die. When I visited him to ask what had saved him, he pointed at the Anointing Sticker and the Anointing Water."

Pastor Bobby himself was also healed of kidney stones, spinal cord problem and a weak erection thanks to the Anointing water he had obtained from The SCOAN.

Books have ever proved to be one source of valuable information. Unfortunately, not everything one reads has to be taken for gospel truth. At least, that is what one, Mr. Baalah Mbebu, from Ghana is ready to prove. He told the congregation and world viewers of Emmanuel TV how a book he had read in school, hooked him to a habit that was to haunt him for the rest of his life at least until he was delivered at The SCOAN.

Mr Mbebu said he read in one book that it was better to masturbate than fornicate. He explained that he believed the information and decided to satisfy his sexual urges through masturbation. He said that for 19 years, he was a slave to the habit and could not find a way out. He said the habit severely affected him in his studies because he could not concentrate and made him to be short tempered. This, he said, resulted in the loss of his self-esteem and he would easily get annoyed and irritated.MASTERBATION

"Every time I masturbated, I felt angry. I would not concentrate in class. When I got married, I thought it would be over but it persisted," he said. He said, consequently, he had no affection for his wife but knew this was not right. It was until he came to The SCOAN in 2011 and obtained the Anointing Water that hope was restored for him. Back in Ghana, he ministered the Anointing water and, three weeks later, the urge was gone.

"I no longer feel like doing it again. My self-esteem is restored. I can engage in debate and discussions. My advice is that parents should be discussing with their children about adulthood. All the answers they need are in the scriptures," he said.

"My name is Enow Simon Tambi-Arrey. I come from Cameroon. The problem that brought me to the Synagogue, Church of All Nations, was 'evil trees' in the compound where I live. Whenever we were in the house particularly at night, we would not be able to sleep. Birds from everywhere would make eerie noises. Bats would fly in from all over and perch on the trees and make all kinds of weird noises. We could not live in peace. My children were also having problems in their education as a result of the spiritual attacks. But I had always seen on Emmanuel TV how people were being delivered from such peculiar happenings. I decided to come to The SCOAN so that the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua would similarly do it for me.

On 18th July, I came and was arranged on the prayer line where I received a bottle of the Anointing Water. A voice said to me: 'Please take this Anointing Water and drink it all.' I shared it with my daughter, anointed ourselves and went to our separate rooms at the lodge we were staying.
For the first time in many years, I had a wonderful sleep. In the morning, my daughter told me of a strange dream she had had – a dream about people in a cage and how they chased her away calling her a traitor.  Coincidentally, the same night, I had a dream in which I saw a woman and child escape from a room we were staying.
And, behold, by 2.30 pm that Friday while in my hotel room, I got a call from home [Cameroon] that a terrible storm had hit our area and that the evil trees had been uprooted in what I believe was the Hand of God. Strangely, of the nine people in the house, none was hurt. All the vehicles parked by the trees never got damaged from the impact. I know the God I serve is a great God. People of God, my past is over and the Anointing Water was the medium that I used."