As usual huge crowds flocked to The SCOAN during the Saturday and Sunday live services.
The service commenced with the prayer line and the wise men ministered prayer, healing and deliverance, in Jesus' name. Thousands of lives were touched and changed.
Prophet TB Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua enlightened the congregation with Holy Spirit inspired message and said that works without faith are dead, in the same way, faith without works is dead. He also said that what we are doing in secret expresses our belief in the open.
Powerful life experiences and testimonies of people who received prayer and deliverance in the previous SCOAN services were given, below are a few summaries:
On November 6th, 2012. Mr. & Mrs Aragbate was kidnapped and driven into the bush by the kidnappers.
mr&mrs aragbate 2

Mrs. Aragbate prayed fervently and at one point her bag, which was previously taken from her, was handed back to her. Inside her bag was the Anointing Water. She prayed and ministered the Anointing Water asking God to create confusion amongst the kidnappers. Suddenly, the kidnappers were confused and became friendly towards them and no longer demanded a ransom for their release. It did not end there, the kidnappers had a change of heart, apologized to the couple and even gave Mr. Aragbate money to fuel his car for the journey back to his home. The couple was released by the kidnappers without any injuries. They told the congregation that they witnessed how God worked through the Anointing Water and that people should run to God in the hour of need.
christian kalu

Christian Kalu suffered with staphylococcus for six years and had gone to different places without any solution. This disease hindered him from getting married and having a family. Mr. Kalu began watching Emmanuel TV and saw how others with similar ailments were healed by God Almighty at The SCOAN. He was later privileged to receive the Anointing Water, prayed and ministered it into his mouth. Immediately, he started experiencing some strange sensation in his system and rushed to the restroom where he passed out thick poisonous substances. To his surprise all the symptoms of staphylococcus miraculously disappeared. Mr. Kalu decided to go back to the hospital that had previously diagnosed him with this disease for another test, the new test results came out negative to staphylococcus. After testifying, He advised that people should stay far from sin and close to God.
ijeoma 2
Ijeoma Akhigbe came to The SCOAN accompanied by her husband Vincent, to thank God for delivering them from 12 years of barrenness. She had been watching what God was doing in the lives of the people on Emmanuel TV and was convinced that God would turn her barrenness into fruitfulness. The couple then decided to come to The SCOAN in search of a solution. They were privileged to receive the Anointing Water and after praying and ministering the Anointing Water, they met as husband and wife and sometime later, to her surprise the doctor confirmed that she was pregnant. The couple advised that people should trust God because if He could remember them, He could remember any other person who calls on Him at a point of need.

mrs udofa
Some months ago, Mrs Udofa was involved in a ghastly motor accident. Immediately, Mrs. Udofa went into a coma for some time and was admitted into a hospital. At the same time Mrs. Udofa's sister could not walk and was taken to The SCOAN for prayer where she was miraculously healed after prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua. The man of God gave Mr. Udofa Anointing Water to take back to his wife in the hospital. Mr. Udofa soaked a handkerchief with the Anointing Water which he placed on Mrs. Udofa's wounded leg. The condition of Mrs. Udofa's leg was so bad that the doctor advised that they amputate her leg and she was scheduled for an operation. They continued to minister the Anointing Water on the open wound and on the day of the operation the doctors were shocked to see that the leg had healed to such an extent that she no longer needed to undergo the operation. All the medical doctors in the hospital came to see her miraculous healing and commented that they had never before witnessed in their careers as medical doctors such a healing. Today, she is healthy and the open wound on her leg is completely dry with only a small scar to remind her of God's miracle. He told the congregation that God Almighty who cured his sister and wife will cure all those who trust in Him.
DR AYODELE33Dr Ayodele, the proprietor of the Ayodele Medical Centre, Ilorin, Nigeria stated that he had come from an idol-worshipping background. He narrated how fourteen years ago he developed severe depression which led to a mental disorder. This problem also affected some other members of his family such as his sister.  Due to this problem, he could not perform his duties as a medical doctor at his clinic and travelled to Germany and Israel in search of a solution but there was no cure. He also had a sleeping disorder which made him very weak and sleepy most of the time. He kept hearing voices asking him to commit suicide and was very lonely. Dr Ayodele Joseph found himself in a very difficult situation because people looked up to him for solution but he could not find a solution for his own predicament. He could no longer run his clinic up to government standards and as a result a lot of companies withdrew their relationship with the medical centre. It was his brother Dele, who brought him to The SCOAN and later in the service, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied that he was always having suicidal thoughts.  After the prophecy, he was given the Anointing Water which he ministered to himself regularly. He said that since then, he no longer experiences a sleeping disorder nor hears voices and is completely sound. The medical report with him confirmed that he once suffered from severe depression which had led to a mental disorder but has not suffered any relapse since 2010. He also testified about his hospital that had closed down and as a result some 5000 patients had to be transferred to other hospitals. He said that Prophet T.B. Joshua had advised him to write letters again to the concerned authorities and that the letters should be sprayed with the Anointing Water. After following the man of God's instruction, accreditation was returned to Ayodele Medical Centre. Dr Ayodele and his wife gave God the glory and said that there is nothing impossible for God.
miss oluseyi
Miss Oluseyi shared a wonderful testimony of how God healed her while she was watching Emmanuel TV in her home. The Togolese had an ovarian cyst which was characterized by irregular menstruation. It came to the point where blood flowed continually for six months. Because of the condition, she usually experienced internal heat and her gospel music career was impeded.
Being a watcher of Emmanuel TV, she had decided to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua, laying her hands on the screen as Prophet T.B. Joshua offered prayer for viewers. That night, a spiritual operation took place and thick blood came out of her. Immediately, all the pain and discomfort she had previously experienced disappeared; Oluseyi knew she had been Divinely operated on! Joyously returning to the same hospital that had diagnosed her with the ovarian cyst, she repeated the medical examination. The astonished medical doctors confirmed that the ovarian cyst had gone, a miracle God had wrought through Prophet T.B. Joshua's prayer on Emmanuel TV. Since that time, her menstrual cycle normalized and her career was reignited.  She told the congregation that distance is not a barrier, and that people should learn to touch the screen in faith anytime Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for viewers, believing God for Divine intervention.
mrs tokulaA video was replayed showing Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesying to people in the midst of the congregation. He asked a woman what the doctors had said of her pregnancy, to which she responded that the doctors said the position of the child had changed to a breech presentation. Prophet T.B. Joshua told them that she would not need to undergo an operation and prophetically declared that the child would be called Samuel, indicating the gender of the child in her womb.
Dr and Mrs Tokula returned to the church to share their remarkable testimony. Several weeks after the prophecy, Mrs Tokula safely delivered her baby boy without any operation or complication. Remarkably, when she went for a check-up in the hospital as her due date approached, she began experiencing signs of labour. She quickly ministered the Anointing Water and literally 30 minutes later, had safely delivered her miracle child – without any of the stress and pains usually associated with child birth. It was a Divine delivery! In response to the prophecy, the ecstatic couple named their child, Samuel, promising to dedicate him to the Lord and train him in the paths of righteousness.
thomasThe testimony of Mr Thomas Batt, an American citizen based in Germany, was clear proof of God's resurrection power still at work in the world today through suitable men such as Prophet T.B. Joshua. The retired military man explained that after returning from work one day, he inexplicably collapsed and lost all motion and movement in his lower limbs. Doctors diagnosed a herniated disc and immediately operated. However, Mr Batt was left completely paralysed in his lower body, unable to even move his big toe a single millimeter. He spent close to six months in hospitals and rehabilitation centers in Germany without any seeming improvement, the grim prognosis from the doctors being that he would never walk again.
Hearing this, Mr Batt, encouraged by his wife, Blessing, began to seek Divine solution. They had emailed various ministries around the world, requesting prayer for his terrible condition. However, it was only The SCOAN who responded with an acknowledgement that they were committing his case to God in prayer. Encouraged by this response, Mr Batt decided to take a bold step of faith and travelled with his wife all the way to Nigeria, completely dependent on the aid of others and a wheelchair.
thomas 2During last week's service, Mr Batt's wife had cried out during the service, pleading for God's mercy upon her husband, clutching her young child that was born just before the terrible incident rendered him paralysed. Moved with compassion, Prophet T.B. Joshua followed her to where Mr Batt was sitting in his wheelchair. Praying for him in the power of the Holy Spirit, Mr Batt described the incredible moment where the power of God hit his body and he felt his nerves, which the doctors told him were dead, reawaken. His leg began to twitch and jump up in response to the prayer, an absolute impossibility before. Prophet T.B. Joshua calmly instructed Mr Batt to rise up and walk, which he did, much to the amazement of the crowd and viewers worldwide on Emmanuel thomas 2
One week later, Mr Batt explained how since the prayer, he had been growing stronger day by day, likening his case to a baby who was learning to walk again. He testified that for the first time since the hope-crushing incident, he was able to take a shower, dress himself and walk around, no longer fully reliant on the wheelchair. The congregation then witnessed him walk slowly but steadily in their midst, evidencing the powerful healing he had received through the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua. To God's power, nothing is impossible. Mr Batt emotionally advised the congregants and viewers worldwide on Emmanuel TV to value life and not take anything for granted, further encouraging people who came from a skeptical and cynical background to open their hearts to God, stating that what he had experienced a The SCOAN was real!mr thomas 3
A video was replayed in which Wise Man Christopher was delivering people in the name of Jesus Christ and an evil spirit within a lady began to manifest violently. It said that it was a spotless python which had deposited powers within her eyes and mouth to seduce men and destroy their lives. Following her deliverance, Miss Evelyn Omade came forward, accompanied by her mother and a gentleman she later described as 'one of her victims'.
Evelyn explained that, right from a young age, she had grown up seeing a strange white snake in her dreams and began to realize that she had powers of seduction in her eyes. Pushed by this spirit into a life of recklessness and prostitution, Evelyn used her demonic powers to seduce any man of her desire. Each man who was lured into her trap ended up in frustration, oftentimes with their business collapsing, marriage ending and fortunes caged. When asked by Prophet T.B. Joshua, Evelyn said that the number of men she had destroyed in this vein was 'countless' as her life of prostitution had led her far and wide. The stark reality of this demonic power manifested on an occasion where, as Evelyn was sleeping with a particular man, he keeled over, fell to the floor and died instantly. Arrested as a murder suspect and imprisoned temporarily, Evelyn was eventually released nearly a month later, a fact she attributed to the demonic power she possessed.
She introduced the gentleman by her side as Sunday, one of the men she had destroyed and regularly slept with. Explaining the circumstances that led to her coming to The SCOAN for deliverance, Evelyn explained that when she had visited Mr Sunday's house, as the duo were about to sleep together, she discovered that Emmanuel TV was on in his room. As Prophet T.B. Joshua began offering prayer on Emmanuel TV, the evil spirit within Evelyn manifested and proclaimed that it planned to kill Mr Sunday in the same way it had killed the other man 'who proved stubborn'. Shocked at this revelation, he promptly financed her to come to The SCOAN, knowing that deliverance was the only answer. Evelyn thanked God for her deliverance, testifying that since last week, she had slept soundly and peacefully for the first time in her life.

celine nwankwo 2A video was replayed showing Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesying to a woman and asking her why she had left her husband's house. She replied that it was due to a genotype problem. A couple came forward after the clip was played, Celine Nwankwo introduced the gentleman beside her as her 'ex-husband'. She explained that they had separated for one year due to a deeply rooted misunderstanding related to the issue of genotype. Celine said that she had never met her husband physically before marriage as it was pre-arranged by both families, but that her husband-to-be had explicitly asked her genotype on the phone before the nuptials were finalized. Celine insisted that she had gone for a test which showed her to be 'AA'.
The couple happily married and were soon expecting their first child. However, when Celine went for a standard test as her pregnancy neared the time of delivery, she was shocked to discover that the doctors said she was 'AS'. Upon breaking the news to her husband, he reacted angrily, accusing her of deceiving and misleading him. The argument was so heated that it resulted in separation, to the point where Celine's bride price was returned and the marriage informally dissolved. Celine had her child which her mother began to take care of. It was in this turmoil that she came to The SCOAN and Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied about her case. Mr Nwankwo, said that he was indeed incensed by his wife's revelation that her genotype was 'AS', as he too knew that he was 'AS', and feared their child would be greatly affected.
Prophet T.B. Joshua told the couple that as what led to the separation was something that prayer could solve, nothing was impossible to God's power. He said that both would receive prayer for deliverance before he revealed the mind of God as to whether the marriage would continue, stressing that the issue would be solved amicably and the will of God done.

tbjContinuing on from the series titled, 'Secret Of Faith', Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a powerful, poignant message titled, 'Works Of Faith', which drew valuable lessons of life from the faith-filled example of the woman with the issue of blood. He introduced his message by saying, "Works without faith are dead. In the same way, faith without work is dead.  The unique place where faith is expressed is in our works. If faith and works do not agree with each other, there is must be something wrong with the faith. Faith is expressed through His works. Our works prove our faith. Our works perfect our faith. Our works complete our faith. Faith worked together with His works."
Explaining about the desperate circumstances of the woman with the issue of blood that triggered her desperate faith, Prophet T.B. Joshua poetically described the scene in Mark 5:21-32. "The Bible describes a crowd that was overwhelming; all that the woman with the issue of blood could see was sandals and dusty, dirty feet. She could not see anything else but did not give up. She kept saying, "I will live life again, I will be healed. I will live life again, I will be whole!" This was a heart decision. She said, I will be free and indeed she was free."
He charged the crowd, "It is time to do something different to change your life from failure to success. When you run out of rope, it is time to grab onto faith. Sometimes, we get to the end of ourselves, before God can mold us into glory."
Prophet T.B. Joshua then spoke extensively on the importance of making 'a heart decision', one he stressed that the woman with the issue of blood made in her encounter with Jesus Christ. "A heart decision brings God's idea. When we begin to have a heart decision, our life will begin to change. A heart decision is not to imitate or copy others. Let God speak to your heart then you will not look like others."

We thank God for the wonderful things He is doing in The SCOAN week-in, week-out. The secret of all the miracles is Jesus Christ. Glory be to God!