The Saturday and Sunday services were characterised by a practical demonstration of the name, Jesus Christ working in the Spirit when the wise men prayed for pilgrims who had come from various countries in search of solution to their problems. T B JOSHUAProphet T.B. Joshua brought Jesus Christ on the scene with powerful prophecies penetrating into the deepest corners of people's souls revealing their best concealed secrets.
WM DWise Man Daniel brought a message on Sunday morning with the title, Faith makes things happen. With Acts 3:1-8 as proof text, he said that Apostle Peter acted faith and consequently satan's mandate was destroyed in the life of the crippled man.  Active faith makes those things that are against us to be for us. Therefore, active faith is not a product of the reasoning faculties but of the recreated spirit. It is the doer of the word that receives things from God.
The congregation was further richly blessed by Prophet T.B. Joshua's message titled, Prayer Fruits. Using John 15:7 as proof text, Prophet T.B. Joshua said that Christ and the Word are one; it is the Word dwelling in you which is equivalent to Christ personally being in you. The Word here is dwelling in us, producing prayer fruit. The Word becomes a living thing in the lips of believers. We are made spiritual by living in the Word and the Word living in us.
Testimonies of the goodness of God in people's lives were shared with the congregation and the church was filled with an atmosphere loaded with expectation that miracles would be wrought, in the name of Jesus Christ. Here are some of the faith-building testimonies that were listened to:
Mr Meschach Mpofu from Zimbabwe became very sick and could not breathe. He was rushed to hospital and placed on a breathalyzer. The next day, he was about to die. His wife was afraid when she saw her husband's condition.  MESCHACH MPOFU FROM ZIMBABWEShe brought out the Anointing Water in her bag and poured the whole bottle in his mouth. Immediately, a heavy load was lifted from Mr Mpofu, he was able to breathe and the breathalyzer was removed. Four days later, he was out of the hospital. The doctors were dumbfounded at the wonderful miracle.
For many years, Miss Esther Mba had been looking for a job. Her family was looking at her for help since she finished school. ESTHER NNEKAShe had the Anointing Water and regularly ministered it on herself. When she visited The SCOAN, she received a phone call in the service to come for an interview; she told the caller that she was in church.  Later, she went for the interview.  To her greatest surprise, she was offered a job as a Managing Director immediately. She came back to The SCOAN with her appointment letter testifying what God has done for her through the Anointing Water.
Mr Eric Moseja and his wife from Botswana were heavy drinkers. Mr Moseja could drink 24 cans of beer at a time. He would miss his work and fight with his wife. His wife was also addicted to alcohol. They went to bars together to drink and would leave their child at home or in the car, sleeping because children were not allowed in the bar. One day, their son discovered Emmanuel TV. ERIC MOSEJA & WIFEThey saw people being delivered from the problem of alcohol addiction. While watching Emmanuel TV, Mrs Moseja started vomiting and received her deliverance instantly.  For more than a year, they have not been drinking alcohol.
Mr Eric Moseja also had difficulties in his career for a long time.  Although he had a Master's Degree in International Relations, he could not get a suitable job. After ministering the Anointing Water, he went to the UN office to apply for a job. The receptionist at the UN office told him that usually people are not allowed to meet with the director without an appointment but she would see what she could do. God gave Mr Eric favour at the UN and he was ushered inside the building to see the director. When he told the director that he holds a Master's Degree in International Relations, the director exclaimed that they had been looking for people with that qualification. Mr Eric Moseja was surprised because he had been applying for a job at the UN for a long time. Now, Mr Eric Moseja is the Principal Educational Officer at the UN.
ASS. PROF. NKECHIAssociate Professor Nkechi had ceased menstruation for three years. Her mother brought the Anointing Water for her and she prayed and ministered it, in Jesus' name. Within two days, her menstruation started flowing. She also had a toothache affecting her speech for seven years. She ministered the Anointing Water, in Jesus' name and her toothache disappeared.
Mr Robert Tommy's little daughter swallowed a needle one evening and was rushed to hospital. The doctors could not get the needle out of her throat. She was injected and started vomiting but the needle did not come out. NEEDLEAn x-ray showed that she had a needle lodged in her throat. She was referred to another hospital for an operation but that was not an option. By that time, the little girl could not swallow saliva or eat food. She was very weak, could not walk and was on a drip. They came to The SCOAN and collected the Anointing Water. After praying and ministering the Anointing Water, the little girl vomited the needle instantly!  needle 2The doctor was surprised that there was no scratch or knife cut on the little girl and took another x-ray to confirm that the needle was no longer in the little girl's throat. The little girl testified that she did not have pain anymore and that she could eat and swallow freely. They advise the world to trust in the Lord with all their heart and lean not on their own understanding.
Mrs Gospel Akulue was supposed to travel with a particular bus but was told that her ticket was sold to someone else. She was given a seat on another bus. As she sat in the bus, she prayed and ministered the Anointing Water and also prayed with a recorded prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua on her phone. GOSPEL AKULUEShe became very uncomfortable and heard a persistent voice telling her that she should come down from the bus. She came down from the bus and was able to return back to the first bus. Later she learned that the vehicle that she came down from, had an explosion, the vehicle burned out and everyone died. She advised everybody to believe in God and to pray with Prophet T.B. Joshua when he prays for the viewers.
Mrs Ngouabazo Katy from the USA suffered from asthma for seven years and received injections thrice a week and had to use a nebulizer. Many a time, she was rushed to hospital. She could not perform her duties as a customer service officer because she could not talk for long hours. Her working hours were reduced. She was unable to do any domestic work and could not meet her husband as husband and wife.KATY NGOUABAZO
When she came to The SCOAN, Wise Man Daniel prayed for her and she was healed instantly. Since then, she has not experienced asthma. Upon her return to the USA, chemicals were sprayed around her to provoke an allergic reaction but to her doctor's surprise, her body did not react negatively to any chemical. At her working place, she has even been transferred to the call centre and she is able to talk for eight hours straight without feeling tired.
Reverend Eze Okoroafor, a minister of God came to The SCOAN for deliverance because his ministry was going down. A family in the town where he established his ministry 24 years ago, called him to destroy their shrine which was killing the children in the family. After destroying the shrine, Rev Eze had a dream where masquerades warned him. REV. EZE OKOROAFORPhysically, he saw knives entering him and he fell sick. His ministry began to experience setback and he started to struggle with anger. He wanted to leave the ministry but saw other ministers delivered on Emmanuel TV and was encouraged to come for his own deliverance. At The SCOAN, Wise Man Daniel prayed for him and he was delivered. During his deliverance he saw a human being coming out of him.
After his deliverance, he received the Anointing Water from Prophet T.B. Joshua. That night, in a dream, he saw eight men and women rushing to him to tell him that they would deal with him. In the dream, he remembered that he had the Anointing Water and sprayed it and those people ran away. After the deliverance, he feels like a new born baby. He advised pastors to first come for deliverance before they establish a ministry.
Moudy Nyambukamba, a Zimbabwean lady residing in South Africa gave her testimony of a gruesome past turned around by the mercy and power of God Almighty. She bears the same name as her late aunt who had murdered her husband and thrown his body out on the mountains instead of granting a befitting burial. The enraged spirit of her uncle returned to torment the family, eventually demanding that a new wife be donated to him. This was Moudy. Since the evil spirit took up residence in her, she felt she had great strength in her shoulders and hands to fight people with knives, bottles or just her bare hands. MOUDY NYAMBUKAMBAEvery day, she would go clubbing and at the age of 18, a friend introduced her into prostitution. She would always attract big ministers, politicians and men who paid her a large amount of money but the spiritual husband would never allow her to be satisfied. In the process of this life of violence and promiscuity, she got sick and underwent three painful operations. The last straw came when she was diagnosed with gall bladder stones which often left her in agony.
She came to The SCOAN and was delivered by Wise Man Christopher. She felt something fall from her stomach and the pain she was always experiencing vanished. Since her deliverance, she no longer had any urge to sleep with men and she feels embarrassed to wear her old revealing clothes. She advised people to come to Jesus and let Him wash all their unworthy past away.
Mr Moses Benson, a professional internet fraudster came to The SCOAN in search of deliverance of his unworthy past. He explained that he is from an idol worshipping family. He was born with the spirit of Idigun, the god of iron and the spirit of olokun, which is a marine spirit. He could not finish school and went to Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire where he was introduced to internet fraud. Before long, he was doing even better in internet fraud than the people who introduced him to it. He was into internet fraud for the past 14 years.
Some of the tactics that he used as an internet fraudster were the following: He would pretend to be a woman saying that he was the daughter of a late minister or president and that he had a huge amount in the bank and that he needed help to transfer the money from that bank account. He would give the name of a bank and a bank manager to the interested men and pretend to be the bank manager, saying that the funds were available and that a reactivation fee between $20,000 and $50,000 had to be paid. He would make a fake document and certificate as if the money had been transferred. He would then create some kind of form, saying that the funds were seized. Some of the people he collected money from, committed suicide when they could not pay the money back to the bank.
He would pretend to be a woman looking for a serious relationship and send a naked picture of a woman to a man.  He would tell the men that he wanted to see them on webcam naked to know how they would perform when they would meet. He would then record these men while they were masturbating. After that, pretending to be a policeman, he would contact these men telling them that they had been caught for doing pornography over the internet and that they had to pay between $10,000 to $15,000 to cancel the case in court.
He also hacked into bank accounts by putting computer software on public computers so that when people were doing their banking online, their personal information would appear on his computer at home. He was especially interested in the money other fraudsters collected because the amounts would be high. He would collect the money before the fraudsters could collect it.
His wife introduced him to Emmanuel TV and he decided to come to The SCOAN. He was delivered by Wise Man Christopher. After his deliverance, Mr Moses is like a new born baby. He thinks differently, talks differently and even walks differently. He is begging everybody for forgiveness for what he has done. He is asking God for forgiveness. He advised people out there who are living the life of a fraudster that they have nothing to gain. They must submit their lives to Jesus.
An assistant pastor in a well-known ministry, Pastor Gabriel Ikpenwa, former president of Joint Campus Fellowship, former president of Nigerian Corpers Christian Fellowship (NCCF) and former guest speaker in Scripture Union, began to discover unusual calamities in his life. He said that these strange experiences resulted after taking it upon himself as a leader of the youth to spread negative stories about Prophet T.B. Joshua and The SCOAN.  Little did he know at that point in time that the place he warned people not to go to would be the same place he would receive his deliverance.
The first bizarre incident he had was when snakes entered his room, ready to attack him. He killed the snakes with a stick and burned them with kerosene.  That was not the end of the strange occurrences. One night, he was alone in his room when a tall, unknown man appeared in the room.  Startled to see a stranger in his house, he asked the uninvited guest how he had entered the room. The angry-looking man asked him why he wanted to marry 'this girl,' who was Pastor Ikpenwa's then wife-to-be.  Stubbornly, he replied to the man that he would marry 'the girl' and attempted to give the tall man a heavy blow. To his dismay, he discovered that his hand went straight through the man and he was boxing the air. In front of Pastor Ikpenwa's very eyes, the man mysteriously disappeared into thin air. That was when it dawned on him that he was fighting a demonic being.
That was the beginning of a long battle. When Pastor Gabriel wanted to take his wife-to-be to his village to introduce her to his family, they got lost on the same road that he had travelled many times without any incident. After roaming about looking for the way to his village, they eventually discovered the correct road and continued their journey. That was not the end of their troublesome journey as the vehicle broke down in the middle of the road and could not be repaired. They had to abandon the vehicle and continue the journey with public transport.
After the marriage, the calamities increased. The whole staff at his micro-finance company began to steal his money. He saw himself going down to a zero level. The evil spirit continued to afflict him with misfortune. The engine of his vehicle broke down and he took the vehicle for repairs. To this day, he has not received his vehicle back. Consequently, he purchased another vehicle, which also broke down. He acquired up to six vehicles at different points in time in his life. All six vehicles were grounded.
He was at the end of his rope when he started looking for a man of God to help him. He then remembered that there was a man of God whom God was using to deliver people in a mighty way on Emmanuel TV. This was Prophet T.B. Joshua whom he had preached against.  Because of his deplorable situation, he decided to watch Emmanuel TV secretly. He would lock himself in his room and draw the curtains. Soon, he introduced his wife to watching Emmanuel TV with him and in no time, they were hooked on the channel.PAST. GABRIEL & WIFE
After some weeks, Pastor Gabriel came to The SCOAN. He wore a disguise and sat at the back in the congregation to spy on the happenings in the church. What he saw supported the conviction he had when watching Emmanuel TV, that Prophet T.B. Joshua was a true man of God. He made his third visit to The SCOAN, this time with his wife, so that their problems could be solved.  From an early age, Mrs Ikpenwa said that she often felt as if she was pregnant and at night, she would give birth to children in her dreams, breast feed them and play with them. When she was pregnant in her dreams, her menstruation would stop physically and would only return after she had delivered the baby in her dreams. She also mentioned that since she was born, she had never seen a live snake but in her dreams, she would see snakes all the time. She believed that these were the same snakes that came to attack her husband in his house. Her family members were also not exempted from this curse that was following her as all the young ladies in the family could not get married. Just before her marriage, it baffled her and her fiancé when her blood type which was AA suddenly changed to AS. The change of blood type to AS posed a big obstacle in the marriage since Pastor Ikpenwa was also AS causing them to run the risk of giving birth to a child who may suffer from sickle cell anaemia.  When they finally got married, there was no affection between her and her husband.
Arriving at The SCOAN, Pastor and Mrs Ikpenwa were placed at the prayer line section and the evil spirit inside of Mrs Ikpenwa started manifesting even before the wise men reached her.  During the prayer, the evil spirit that had been tormenting her for so many years, submitted to the authority in the name of Jesus Christ as one of the wise men prayed for her.
The couple came forward during the live Sunday Service, testifying to the peace of God they have received since their deliverance. Both of them were able to sleep very well at night. Pastor Ikpenwa expressed his heartfelt regret for his years of leading people astray regarding the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua. He noted that the place that he was preaching against was the same place where he met the delivering power of Jesus Christ.
A clip was showed of the deliverance of Mrs Senanu and the evil spirit was confessing that it destroyed her husband by causing him to fall asleep at any time, at any place. The couple came forward to share their testimony. When Barrister Kwabla Senanu married his wife many years ago, they started to experience strange events. Barrister Kwabla Senanu would wake up in the middle of the night and find himself and his wife very high up in the air as if a hippopotamus was underneath the bed.
He was one of the lawyers in a court case of national importance. He fell asleep and was snoring loudly in court. The national newspapers in Ghana published the story and it caused a lot of embarrassment. He would fall asleep when he was driving his car and he had been in more than 18 car accidents. As a result of the evil attacks, he would lose his voice or his speech would be affected.BARR. KWABLA SENANU & FAMILY
He said when the wise man touched him, a tsunami of glory enveloped him. After their deliverance, he slept like a baby, his voice has come back and his strength has returned. Mrs Senanu said that after her deliverance, she also slept like a baby. She said her husband's love for her has increased.
Jesus Christ has rewritten their history and He can rewrite yours too. All you need to do is believe. As Christians, we have no other refuge than the command of Jesus – only believe. As long as you believe, you are blessed. Just believe and you will see the proof that distance is not a barrier to the move of God.