TB JoshuaDuring Prophet T.B. Joshua's message on Saturday, he asked a significant question,
"When you look at your life, what do you see? What does Jesus see?" Adding that if you examine your life, you will find out how much faith in God you have - Food for thought!

Wise Man Daniel gave an inspiring message titled, 'The Principles Of Maintenance'. In his message, he used the example of blind Bartimaeus to talk
about how we can maintain our blessings from God. He said that when people are sick and in need of healing, they promise Heaven and earth but do little or nothing when they are healed. He said that there is healing, blessing and deliverance in God's Word. When we are delivered, blessed and healed, we should be ruled by God's Word so that it shall remain permanent.


Precious, from Libya shared a powerful testimony of how she was delivered from the terrible problem of bedwetting which she had from birth. PreciousAged 32, she said the problem of bedwetting had caused her two marital breakups, constant shame and embarrassment and regular thoughts of committing suicide which had robbed her of her social life. In her own words, "I wet my bed every single day of my life; whether I slept in the morning, afternoon or night, so far as I closed my eyes, I must wet my bed." She was unable to sleep outside of her home due to the shame and indignity that accompanied the terrible affliction. Precious had visited various churches, spiritualists and witchdoctors for a solution but none was forthcoming. Even when she attended a crusade for prayer for the problem, she bedwet that night in the presence of the large crowd gathered!
Precious testimony started the day someone introduced her to Emmanuel TV whilst she was in Libya. Whilst watching Emmanuel TV, she saw a couple who was delivered from the same problem she had after they ministered the Anointing Water. Inspired by these testimonies, she continued to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. Then, one night, she had a remarkable dream. A strange man, who had been appearing to her since the age of 12, came with a knife to attack her and cut her in the throat. Then, suddenly, two of the wise men appeared, holding the Anointing Water in their hands. They sprayed the Anointing Water on Precious and the wound immediately closed up and the giant man ran away. Ever since that divine encounter, all traces of bedwetting in the life of Precious completely stopped. She began sleeping freely for the first time in her life and decided to travel all the way from Libya to The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria to testify to the world about her remarkable deliverance.
MR TIMOTHY JACOBMr Timothy Jacob was an ordinary banker in his country in Cameroon. He had experienced stagnancy in his career, being in the same position for 14 years. Things were not moving and were difficult for him and his family. He came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. He said that before ministering it, the Holy Spirit spoke to his heart that he should take good care of pregnant women, handicapped people and the needy who come to the bank he works in and that he should give them special attention. He obeyed the instruction in righteousness. Three months after ministering the Anointing Water and obeying God's instructions, he was awarded 'The Best Western Union Operator Of The Year' in Western Africa. He was also promoted to the position of an Accounts Manager.
ANTHONY ORJIMr Anthony Orji was passing through a cycle of poverty, backwardness and failure that had left his business in tatters and his finances crumbling. He was unable to even pay the house rent for himself and his family and was facing the prospects of being thrown out of his home. To feed his family was a challenging task and the future seemed bleak. However, when a friend introduced him to Emmanuel TV, his fortunes began to change. Mr Orji decided to visit The SCOAN and was privileged to receive the Anointing Water. After ministering it, a radical transformation took place! His business began to change as customers started coming from far and wide. Merely seven months after his visit to The SCOAN, Mr Orji had built his own house, which he proudly showed the picture of. Six months later, blessings continued to flow and he was given two new plots of land! Aside from this blessing in his business, his wife who was experiencing an overdue pregnancy, safely delivered her child after calling the Emmanuel TV Prayer Line. Glory be to God!
MR TAWAH SAMUEL (CHRONIC DRUNKARD)Mr Tawah Samuel, a Cameroonian, was a chronic drunkard. He used to drink eight bottles of beer every single day. After his boss at work met him drunk at work on three separate occasions, he was sacked from his work. All of the money he earned or was given ended up being spent on alcohol. It was an addiction he simply couldn't stop by himself. However, after seeing similar testimonies of deliverance from drunkenness on Emmanuel TV, Mr Samuel decided to visit The SCOAN to receive the Anointing Water. The day he ministered the Anointing Water was the last day he tasted or touched alcohol! He said that immediately after ministering it, the urge for all alcoholic beverages vanished. Mr Tawah, speaking from his own personal experiences in life, advised the young people to be careful of alcohol and to stay close to God.

Mr Okonkwo Ugochukwu from Imo State, Nigeria, whilst travelling from Delta to Lagos, encountered a group of armed robbers who stopped the MR OKONKWO UGOCHUKWU (SAVED FROM ARMED ROBBERS IN A BUS)bus he was travelling in. Before embarking on that journey, he had ministered the Anointing Water, as was his usual habit. The armed robbers commanded all the passengers in the bus to come down from the bus but strangely left him alone in the bus. The bandits collected all of the money and belongings of others in the bus but didn't demand anything from him. It was as if he was invisible to the armed robbers who were there. After the armed robbers had left, he was the only one whose possessions were secure. When a fellow passenger asked to use his phone after the armed robbers had left, he saw that the picture of Prophet T.B. Joshua was on the screen. The rest of the passengers said they understood why Mr Ugochukwu was untouched, since he had ministered the Anointing Water and served the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua. He advised people to always be prayerful when embarking on any journey and to minister the Anointing Water, asking for God's grace and protection.
Mr Steven, a Ghanaian businessman who had partners in China wanted to send a large amount of money across to China.  However, unbeknown toMR STEVEN him, internet hackers had accessed his email account and knew he was planning to send the money. The hackers deceptively sent a different bank account to him, pretending to be his business partners. Mr Steven sent a total of $70,000 to the fraudsters account. It was only after a meeting on Skype on the internet with his business partners that Mr Steven realised what had happened. The case was reported to the police but they said there was nothing they could do as the money had already been received and accounted for. Mr Steven travelled to China to try and rectify the situation and meet his business partners but the bank said there was nothing they could do since already the money had fallen into wrong hands. However, Mr Steven prayed in faith and ministered the Anointing Water, in Jesus' name upon all the relevant documents with him and went into a meeting with the bank in China and his business partners. To his greatest surprise, the money was refunded to him – an almost unheard of occurrence. To God be the glory!

MRS OBICHERE PAT (HOUSE SAVED FROM FIRE)When Mrs Obichere Pat heard the news, she was left in stunned shock. She was told that fire had started in her compound and her house was seen going up in flames. Rushing home, she discovered that a miraculous incident had occurred. The fire had completely consumed her generator and surrounding buildings but suddenly stopped at the door of her house. Why? Because the Anointing Sticker was placed on the door! Mrs Obichere explained that there were many electrical appliances within the house that would have gone up easily in flames but the fire stopped without any logical explanation at the foot of her door. Truly, we are sheltered under the shadow of God's protection.
Mrs Happiness Nwabor was among the thousands of congregants in The SCOAN who received the Anointing Water. Strengthened in her faith by the testimonies of others, she resolved to minister the Anointing Water every day before embarking on any journey. On a fateful day, Mrs Happiness was travelling in her car with her children when unknown gunmen attacked her. The gunmen treated her mercilessly and threatened to kill her. In the midst of the ordeal, she was praying, 'God of T.B. Joshua, save me!' Whenever the gunmen heard this prayer, they commanded her to be quiet.
The bandits instructed her to leave the car and demanded for the keys. In their attempt to steal the car, a wonderful miracle happened! MRS HAPPINESS NWABORAstonishingly, the car that had been working well suddenly stopped working the moment the gunmen entered it to try and steal it. For over one hour, the car ceased to work, despite all of the efforts of the assailants. Eventually, the gunmen ran away, confused at what had happened. When the gunmen had left the vicinity, Mrs Nwabor checked the vehicle and it was in perfect working order! She drove off safely with all of her children, who had been hiding in the bush during the incident. What a mighty God we serve!
Mrs Esther Iwuala was involved in a ghastly accident that left her unconscious and in a critical condition. A good samaritan rushed her to a hospital where she was taken to the emergency clinic. Wounds covered her body, especially her arm which was literally reduced to flesh and bones. Upon all medical efforts, the wound refused to heal. The doctors told Mrs Iwuala to prepare herself for the amputation of her arm, stating that this was the only medical solution.  Hopeless and isolated, Mrs Iwuala cried herself to sleep that night. The doctors gave her seven days before the amputation was to take place.MRS ESTHER IWUALA
During that week, Mrs Iwuala began watching Emmanuel TV in the hospital. On the night before her arm was to be amputated, she asked for the assistance of the nurses to get up. They had no idea what her plan was. She asked them to bring her close to the television where Emmanuel TV was playing and lift her arm up to the screen to touch it. She repeated this act of faith three times, as Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for the viewers. The medical staff were making jest of her, not knowing that a mighty miracle was taking place!
The next day, the doctor who was to conduct the operation was unable to come for the appointment. Mrs Iwuala pleaded with the nurses to replace the bandages on her arm, stating that she was feeling a strange warm sensation running throughout it. Reluctantly, the nurses replaced the bandages. When the doctor came to perform the amputation surgery a few days later, as the bandages were removed, the medical personnel there were shocked to discover that the wound had dried up!!! Utterly astonished at the transformation of her arm, the amputation was cancelled and just a few weeks later, Mrs Iwuala was released from the hospital, her arm completely restored, with only a scar remaining. The medical practitioner who was in charge of her case said that in his fifty years of medical experience, he had never witnessed such a miraculous recovery. Thank You, Jesus Christ!
2Miss Alice Kwaje Williams came all the way from South Sudan to The SCOAN with a life-threatening situation. She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a very active form of bone cancer that led her to be confined to a wheelchair. Medically speaking, the only option given was for them to amputate her leg. Once a bright university student in Uganda, she was facing the prospects of life without one of her legs. The situation was so critical that she could not put any weight whatsoever on her leg or move it an inch. After being booked for an amputation, Alice and her mum returned to South Sudan to meet with her family. The family, having watched Emmanuel TV, resolved that the only solution was to bring her to The SCOAN in Nigeria. Coming from a very poor home, they were financially crippled due to the amount of money her father had already spent on her hospital treatments. More than 100 people came together to contribute enough money for her and her parents to travel to The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria. Even the way she got her visa to Nigeria was miraculous. Her parents were told that it was impossible for a visa to be granted for a temporary passport. However, when they saw Alice's condition and learned that she was coming to The SCOAN, they decided to issue her the visa immediately.
Even before her journey to The SCOAN, Mrs Williams had a dream where Prophet T.B. Joshua approached her and said, 'Mama, don't worry, your daughter is already healed.' That strengthened their faith all the more. Upon arriving in The SCOAN, Alice was arranged at the prayer line. As Wise Man Daniel prayed for her, Mrs Williams said that she saw a bright white light envelop her daughter and she knew that the moment of healing had come. Immediately after the prayer, Alice began to walk for the first time in six months! She has since stayed two weeks in The SCOAN, spending time in God's presence and recovering her strength. After hearing of the amount of people who came together to contribute towards her journey to The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua compassionately gave the family $3,000, to their greatest shock and surprise. The testimony ended with the family joyously dancing together.  There are no natural words to describe it except to say, 'Thank You, Jesus.'
The man of God spoke concerning the accurate football prophecies he had given in the past and more recent times. He said when God speaks, the wise listen. The man of God replayed video footage of a football prophecy he gave concerning Nigeria and Guinea in 2011 and the fulfilment of that prophecy. As a communicator between the visible and invisible, Prophet T.B. Joshua watched the game of the Africa Cup of Nations between Nigeria and Guinea in a vision before the match was actually played. He said in 2011, that the game would not be favourable for Nigeria and that whoever scored first would win the game. It happened just as he had seen it in the vision God gave him; Nigeria did not qualify for the Africa Cup Of Nations in 2011.
Prophet T.B. Joshua asked God what he could do and God instructed him to pray and fast for three days, which he did and God showed him the way. After he had fasted and prayed, God told him that Nigeria would smile again. A week before the Africa Cup of Nations final match between Nigeria and Burkina Faso, 2013, Prophet T.B. Joshua singularly prophesied that Nigeria would win and this prophecy was published in a popular Nigerian newspaper, PM News, a week before the match took place! Indeed, Nigeria smiled as they took the Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa this year, 2013!