TB Joshua
TB Joshua
It was the first Sunday service of the year 2013 and the atmosphere was electric in The SCOAN as Prophet T.B. Joshua entered the service to give the first message of the year. It was a wonderful new year's message which he referred to as, 'WORRY ABOUT TOMORROW - AN ADVICE TO GUIDE YOU FOR THE NEW YEAR'.
Referring to John 14:1-6, he said that when Jesus said, "Don't let your heart be troubled", another way to translate the word 'troubled' is 'agitated'. In other words, people should not be agitated, stressed out and thrown into confusion. He added that the Lord is not saying in that text that we lack reason to be troubled but that there is a greater reason not to be troubled. He said we can all acknowledge that life is filled with troubles (demonic, religious, moral, political and economic oppression) as portrayed in Job 5:7.
The prophet said that we daily face disappointments. He said we are unhappy with ourselves because we hardly live the way we want to live. "We want to be strong but find ourselves weak. We want to be courageous but we feel overcome with fears. We want to be successful but we fail repeatedly. We want to be loved and liked but we often find ourselves treated indifferently." He added that worrying about the future destroys our sense of judgment because when you worry, you cripple your ability to think, act and exercise faith in the present.
The prophet also said that when you know that you are to use today's supply and let tomorrow be, you will not misbehave with today's supply. "We misuse today's supply, which is why we engage in corruption and killing because of the urge to store wealth here on earth." He added that the anxiety for tomorrow is the cause of corruption and misappropriation in society. "When you are anxious, you will not be able to differentiate between God's supplies and satan's bait."
In both services (Saturday and Sunday) a number of testimonies were given by different people in attestation to the glory of God among which are the following:
Joshua Terfa-Ufena
Joshua Terfa-Ufena
Joshua Terfa-Ufena, a farmer from Benue State, Nigeria had suffered low productivity for about five years because his land was infertile. He almost gave up as a farmer because of business failure. For two years, he could not boast of even 50 tubers of yam on his farm. When he started watching Emmanuel TV, he saw miracles in the lives of others and decided to come to The SCOAN. He was privileged to receive The Anointing Water which he prayed with and ministered on the farm. That year, he yielded 1,300 tubers of yam. Due to the massive harvest of yams, he had to move to a bigger piece of land and he also ministered the Anointing Water on the new land. In no time at all, the land yielded a whopping 2,700 tubers of yam, which were extraordinarily large. His advice was that people should never give up and that God will always provide for them if they have faith, especially farmers to whom Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied that in 2013, they would succeed beyond their dreams.
Justin Onyeamachi
Justin Onyeamachi
Justin Onyeamachi had smoked cigarettes for 20 years, finishing between 3-5 packets a day. This had adversely affected his finances and health.  He used his school fees to buy cigarettes when he was in the university. He often told his wife that "After God, was cigarettes". However, he was advised to come to The SCOAN and receive the Anointing Water. After ministering the Anointing Water, all desire for smoking and drinking completely disappeared. He now lives a life completely free from any addiction to smoking and drinking! He advised heavy smokers to seek the face of God, stressing that it was impossible for them to give up such an addiction in their own strength unless God was involved.
Augustine Amobi
Augustine Amobi Olisa, a Delta State born Nigerian had suffered abject poverty since 2000 until 2012 when he was delivered at The SCOAN through the Anointing Water. For those 12 years, his business as a contractor and seller of building materials collapsed and those owing him did not pay. Due to the severity of his condition, he was even being fed by his neighbours.
However, after discovering Emmanuel TV and seeing what had happened in the lives of others, he was moved to come to The SCOAN. In November, 2012, he visited The SCOAN, received the Anointing Water and prayed with it in faith, believing God for business breakthrough. A week later, an old friend whom he had lost contact with for many years, suddenly called and offered him a position as the head of his construction company. Shortly afterwards, he received a brand new truck to use at the company!  He encouraged people to believe that God's time was the best and people should trust in Him.
A video was replayed showing Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesying that there was a man within the
Apostle Muzhira
congregation who had a spirit of suicide and had attempted to kill himself by pouring petrol on himself.  Rushing forward from the congregation, Apostle Muzhira from Zimbabwe, confirmed that he was the one the prophecy referred to, confessing that he had poured fuel on himself. He said he was about to light the match to commit suicide and was saved only when his wife saw him and screamed out. Prophet T.B. Joshua then prayed for him and delivered him from the spirit pushing him to commit suicide.
Two years after the prophecy, Apostle Muzhira returned to The SCOAN to share his life-changing testimony. He explained that he had faced business failure in his taxi-driving company. Having lost all, he experienced severe mental depression and was suicidal. He attempted to use a rope to hang himself but didn't know how the rope snapped. He also began to overeat and put on a substantial amount of weight. At the lowest point of his life, he poured fuel on himself in an attempt to commit suicide, the incident that Prophet T.B. Joshua had prophesied about.
However, after visiting The SCOAN in 2010, his life has radically transformed! Today, he is running a flourishing business as a marketing officer, his churches have re-emerged with strength and he is again respected in society. He testified that currently, his church is one of the biggest in Harare, Zimbabwe. Ever since his deliverance, all thoughts of suicide have gone, he is no longer depressed and he has regained his former stature and zeal for life. He advised that people should keep watching Emmanuel TV!

Mr Timi Bestman
Mr Timi Bestman
Mr Timi Bestman explained that right from a young age, there was a spirit within him that pushed him to fight and be involved in bloodshed. He loved to be found in places where violence reigned, especially where people fought dangerously. Even if he got a reputable job, he would end up leaving it and take to fighting. He had charms which prevented bullets and knives from entering him. He also drank heavily, to such an extent that he could go without food for three days as long as he was intoxicated. He had smoked cigarettes for 18 years (3-4 packets daily). He also suffered severe spiritual attacks, waking up at night in cold sweats and screaming aloud.
Although he had heard of Emmanuel TV, Mr Bestman never believed in it and described himself as a 'Doubting Thomas'. When a friend offered him the Anointing Water, he decided to use it to 'test the power' there and see whether it was genuine.  As he ministered it, he felt a strange sensation throughout his body and was forced to sit down. Amazed at this reaction, he decided to visit The SCOAN to seek for deliverance. He was taken to the prayer line where the evil spirit in him manifested, stating that it had made him a 'fighting machine'. He testified that since his deliverance, he had completely stopped smoking and drinking. He can eat and sleep well and no longer has the urge to fight and see blood.
Mr Samuel Edoja & Wife
Mr Samuel Edoja & Wife
Mr Samuel Edoja received the Anointing Sticker from a friend. He was told that this type of sticker was to be placed on a car but Mr Samuel didn't own a car. Mr Samuel had never owned a car in his life! His friend told him to exercise faith that he would one day own a car. Mr Samuel cut out a picture of a car he saw in a newspaper, placed the Anointing Sticker on the picture and stuck it on his wall. His faith was encouraged by listening to other testimonies on Emmanuel TV.
During this time, he continued to pray to God, thanking Him for what He had done in his life, what He was doing and what He was about to do. To his greatest surprise, a short time later, a friend invited him to Warri, Delta, Nigeria and Mr Samuel was given a Toyota Corolla! He is now the owner of a car!

Pastor Alex Alaba suffered from the problem of a spiritual wife who would appear to him physically and gave him the spirit of lust. When women
Pastor Alex Alaba with Children
Pastor Alex Alaba & Children
would come to him for prayer or counselling, he would sleep with them. As a result of the spiritual wife that wanted to destroy his life, he had six children by five different mothers – one set being twins. He did not know any of these children and had abandoned them from birth.
After his deliverance from the spiritual wife, he no longer sees her in his dreams and the spirit of lust has gone. When Prophet T.B. Joshua asked him about his children, he said that he didn't know them. He had asked the man of God to help him to locate them following the deliverance and all six children were present in honour of the man of God's invitation to come.
Pastor Alex Alaba saw his children for the first time and could not recognize any of them. The oldest child present was 19 years old. Prophet T.B. Joshua said that he wanted to meet the children one on one, that they were his guests and that he appreciated their coming. The Prophet said that he would counsel them and handle their case next week, in Jesus' name.

Mrs John & Husband
Mrs John & Husband
Mrs John, a South African Journalist, said she came to The SCOAN with the problem of a spiritual husband. She said she had been prayed for in the past by many pastors in many churches but had never fallen under the anointing. Rather, she would fall deliberately when prayed for because she felt sorry for the pastors concerned and didn't want them to feel embarrassed. However, when prayed for by Wise Man Daniel, she experienced God's power as the evil spirit within her violently manifested and she lost complete control of herself.
As one of the most popular celebrity journalists in South Africa writing a gossip column, she would write embarrassing stories about celebrities and people in the limelight. Anywhere she went, she was always looking for people's mistakes so that she could expose them. Her stories contributed to destroying relationships, careers and lives. After her deliverance, she became ashamed of the stories she had written about people, realising that it was under the influence of the evil spirit that many of these stories were written, including one in which she mocked a celebrity that came to The SCOAN.
She had had problems with the spiritual husband since the age of two when she was sexually abused but after her deliverance, she slept like a baby and no longer saw the spiritual husband in her dreams. Previously, she had no affection for her husband but after her deliverance, the affection returned. Now, she loves him more than ever! Her husband testified that before her deliverance, it was like living with a man in the house but after her deliverance, he was blessed as things have changed immensely. In light of her deliverance, she advised people to be careful of what they write and what they read.
Mrs Ngozi & Family
Mrs Ngozi was delivered last week Sunday from an evil spirit that had affected her marriage and entire family. Her husband, Christian Nwachukwu who trades in oil and gas described his 17 years of marriage to her as 'hell'.
Her brother, Chief Emeka Edward, a Managing Director and Contractor who was mysteriously facing severe business failure, said that his sister had harped on about The SCOAN for long but he showed no interest and tried to dissuade her from coming. He told Mrs Ngozi that what was happening at The SCOAN was 'abra cadabra'. Miraculously, one Sunday, Mrs Ngozi said she wanted to come to The SCOAN and he agreed to follow her there. When he witnessed the first miracle in the service of a woman being healed at The SCOAN, he told the woman sitting beside him that the miracle was 'arranged'. However, within 30 minutes, he saw his sister on the screen in The SCOAN manifesting and was astonished at his sister's deliverance.
It was her deliverance that changed his opinion and that of his family. After her deliverance he said he was rejoicing thanking T.B. Joshua that he had bounced back in life, believing that the deliverance would restore breakthrough to the entire family!