Sunday 12th August was another wonderful service in God's presence. The first service started as usual with the prayer line, after which the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke to the congregation on the message, "Everyone has been tempted".

He began the message by saying that being born again does not mean you cannot make mistakes. He explained, "The difference between you and others - you already have a relationship with God. You should know that since you have a relationship with Him, you can immediately go to God about your behaviour and He will help you to get back on your feet and forgive you and help you not to make the same decision again."

He went further to add that there is no one who does not encounter temptation. "You have been tempted; I have been tempted. We will continue to be challenged by issues that violate our conscience."

He encouraged the congregation that no matter where they were coming from or the temptations they had fallen into, God could restore them completely. "Broken things become useful in God's hands. There is no one Jesus cannot turn around no matter what you have done, where you are coming from. No matter how foolish, dirty you are, broken things become useful in God's hands."

Prophet T.B. Joshua explained that being born again is not about a mere claim; it must be backed up by your lifestyle. "If you are born again, your pain can prepare you for extraordinary service. It does not mean that if you are a born again you will not have pain but your pain will prepare you for extraordinary service. When you are born again, you will receive the courage, strength and conviction to hold your ground."

He concluded by saying, "The highest motive for serving God is the desire to please Him," proceeding to pray for the congregation that the Holy Spirit would act in, breathe in and strengthen them to live a holy life.

After the message, there was a time of testimonies about the power of God working through the Anointing Water. First, Dejeneba Yasmine Traore from Burkina Faso came to The SCOAN to express gratitude to God for His mercy and Divine breakthrough in her life through the use of the Anointing Water. She had worked as a civil servant with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but for some 17 years she was without promotion, despite serving her country as a diplomat in the USA for two of those years. However, when she was privileged to receive the Anointing Water during a visit to The SCOAN, everything began to change!  By faith, she sprayed the Anointing Water on her documents, praying that God would restore her real value and release her into her full potential. By June 2012, she was commissioned as the first Consular to represent Burkina Faso in the European nation of Belgium! She brought with her a letter signed by Burkina Faso's President confirming her appointment to office. Amazed at the enormity of the breakthrough, 20 citizens of Burkina Faso accompanied her to The SCOAN to thank God with her for the miraculous promotion. She advised the congregation and viewers worldwide on Emmanuel TV to continue to put their faith in God with whom all things are possible!


Mr Nzuosone Maurice, a secondary school principal from Cameroon had suffered with asthma for a long, painful and traumatic 30 years. He had used a lot of tablets and received numerous injections but still remained unhealthy and dependent on his inhaler. He explained to the congregation that his job as a teacher was severely hindered anytime the asthmatic attacks came and he was often unable to discharge his duties as a teacher. However, after watching Emmanuel TV and seeing what God was doing through the Anointing Water, Mr Maurice took a bold step of faith and came to visit The SCOAN. After receiving the Anointing Water, he ministered it into his nose and mouth. The results were truly miraculous! Sharing his testimony, he showed the first medical report to the congregation confirming how he had been suffering from acute asthma. However, after ministering the Anointing Water, he brought forward a second medical report clearly stating that he was declared medically free from asthma! He joyfully testified that ever since he had ministered the Anointing Water, he had been breathing freely and enjoying his teaching profession in a way he was never able to before. He advised people to trust in God irrespective of their situation because, 'He is still saying something to them'.

Following this, some ex-militants from the Niger-Delta region came forward to share their testimony with the congregation and thank God for the spiritual and financial support they had received from Prophet T.B. Joshua and The SCOAN. After laying down their arms in response to the Nigerian Government's Amnesty program, they were subsequently given the opportunity to study vocational skills abroad in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Before embarking on their journey, they came to The SCOAN to receive prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua, who equally blessed them with the sum of N1m as well as the Anointing Water. They excelled in their various skill acquisition programs abroad and returned to The SCOAN proudly holding certificates attesting to their achievements.

Spokespersons for the group including Uchenna Bernard and Great Ossai expressed the happiness of the group for their successful trip and also thanked the Emmanuel TV partners. Prophet T.B. Joshua said he is ever prepared to help the youth around the world to embrace Christ. He said people should look around them, everyday, to see those in need of their love and give them before saying, "In the name of Jesus". At the end of the service, the 12 ex-militants who had come to share their testimony were blessed with the sum of N100,000 each as well as two bags of rice. To God be the glory!