Last Sunday service at The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria was another manifestation of God's holiness and supremacy – a mighty and glorious presence that subdues evil and brings serenity and peace. The day was replete with miracles and wonders as the power of the Holy Spirit moved among the people with force, and gracefully setting the enslaved free from all kinds of affliction. DADDYThe man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, walked among the people with Heavenly authority, preaching and teaching the Word with power. And in accordance with the measure of his faith – the Heavenly currency for healing, blessing and deliverance, he prayed for people and set them free in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. He taught about love, emphasizing its relevance to a Christian life. 'Love', said the man of God, 'looks around to see those who are sick and in need'. His proof text was from Galatians 5:6.
In his words: "If one does not love, one's faith will not work because faith works by love", adding that "it means love is more important because it is the force that sets faith working. It is the greatest in the sense that it is only through love we can respond to God. Without love, I cannot hear from God; I will be without direction - without a father. Through love you can respond to others, 'Be healed!' and they are healed. Some of us have suppressed our faith by failing to walk in love. You have faith, no doubt about that, but you lack love," he noted.
Shedding more light on neighborliness he said, "Your neighbor can be your enemy; those who do not share the same faith with you – love them all. We are known by our love. Jesus knows you not by your name, but your love." The man of God then prophesied to the congregation before ministering prayer and deliverance at the Prayer Line.
EVANG. RIKHARDEarlier on, Evangelist Rikhard engaged the congregation and viewers with a message titled: A Christian Life. The message, whose proof text was from the book of Joshua 1:8 hinged on the need for a spiritual reconstruction of a Christian life to reflect God's will. He explained that God has given everybody a plan for success but what matters, is following such a roadmap as given by God. He also emphasized the need for Christians to keep the Word of God in their mouth, meditate on it and do what the Word says.
"What you say can justify or condemn you; your words can free you or put you in trouble. Most of our troubles are tongue troubles. Jesus Christ warned against speaking idle words - words that do not edify or build others up, because for every idle word a man speaks, he shall be accountable," he said.

Many people from various countries came forward to glorify God through testimonies of what He had done in their lives. We publish just a few of them. Be blessed as you read on.

When Mr Isdore Hetekere from Malawi suffered general body pains last year, he rushed to the hospital where doctors told him: "You are lucky to be alive!" A test by the doctors revealed that he had excess uric acid – a staggering 10.7 reading. According to the doctors, the normal range for uric acid is between 3.4 and 7. He was immediately prescribed to be taking three different types of medications daily. He considered such an arrangement unreliable and enslaving. He decided to seek higher power from the Healer, Jesus Christ. He came to The SCOAN where he received the Anointing Water. MR ISDORE HETEKERE[HEALED OF EXCESS URIC ACID(AW)]On his return home, he started ministering it in Jesus' name and his energy started coming back, leading to a gradual healing. Over days, the pain disappeared and after a few months, he was very strong and fit. He went back to the hospital for another test. His uric acid level had dropped to 6.1, which is within the normal range. Now healed, healthy and strong, he sleeps well and no longer experiences pain.
That is not all. He and his wife had been looking for the fruit of the womb. After their first daughter, they had not had another child for nine years and had become desperate. His wife was suffering from irregular menstruation. They had gone to various hospitals for medical solutions but nothing seemed to be working. They ministered the Anointing Water and met as husband and wife. Behold, his wife conceived and they are now proud parents of a beautiful baby girl named, Divine.
He advised, "Sometimes, the healing is instant and sometimes gradual. We should be patient and wait upon the Lord."

Dr Ozoh, a microbiologist residing in South Africa, came to testify how God rescued his home from armed robbery. In August last year, while at home, his son was strangely having difficulties sleeping. For some inexplicable reason, he just could not sleep. This continued till late in the night. Dr Ozoh decided to minister the Anointing Water on him and the house to cast out any demons and spirits of darkness that could have been lurking around. It wasn't until 2am that they could sleep.DR. OZOH SAVED FROM ROBBERS THROUGH (AW)] In the morning, his wife was the first to wake only to discover to her utter shock that their kitchen had been broken into. Some items were missing. When she woke the whole house, they discovered that the missing items were dumped within the premises. What disappeared from one room was found in another. When police came, they could not believe what had happened; that robbers could labour to break into a highly secured home and yet steal nothing from it, not even a needle! All expensive electrical and hi-fi equipment was intact. Dr Ozoh thanked God for His faithfulness and advised viewers to live each day as if it was their last.

When Jesus sets you free, you are set free indeed and Mr Chris Paul Abure, a professional model from Nigeria living in Ghana, is evidence of this. Standing before the congregation on Sunday, he explained how he was thrown into the devil's dungeon, living a life of sin - until he came to The SCOAN where Jesus Christ broke the chains and set him free. Narrating his episode of demonic horror, Mr Abure traced his tragedy to 16 years ago when his father cursed him for not following his lifestyle. His father belonged to this secret society which, he said, all the children in the family detested. The father told him he would not prosper in life. As he grew up, he could feel that things were not working for him. He found himself smoking weed, drinking alcohol and sleeping with every woman who crossed his path.
"Every bad thing, you name them, I have done," he said.
MR CHRIS PAUL ABURE [PROFESSIONAL MODEL DELIVERED]One day, as Mr Abure was smoking at the beach, a strange thing happened. A beautiful lady appeared from nowhere, tapped him by the shoulder and said: "Handsome guy, how are you?" As soon as he replied, they started kissing although the lady was a total stranger to him. She then asked him to walk with her along the beach which was a distance away. He declined preferring to remain sitting where he was. Suddenly, he just discovered that the beach had come to him, touching his feet. The girl told him this was where he belonged, in the water and that one day she would take him there. He was horrified and told her to leave him. This encounter inflamed his lust for women and drugs as the same strange female-being appeared to him again in Ghana. In each instance, she would give him a telephone number and a physical address close to where he stayed. The number would be unreachable and no one would remember ever seeing such a girl if he went to look for her at the address.
He slept with many women – sometimes three women in a day. In due course, he had contracted sexually transmitted infections. He said he had been to all West African countries where he engaged in every abominable thing conceivable. That was not all. He had fought many people including police for no reason and earned himself incarceration behind bars six times in foreign prisons, particularly in Mali and Guinea. He was losing many friends for his unpredictable violent behaviour. He said the evil spirit tormented him so much in his modeling career that it started to crumble before his own eyes and there was nothing he could do about it. After failing to get solution from witch-doctors and various churches, he decided to come to The SCOAN.  First, his brother brought him the Anointing Water. Although he was not a strong believer, he decided to minister it. Soon afterwards, he noted a change in his life. He no longer felt like smoking and his lust for women eased.
One night, he saw Prophet T.B. Joshua in a dream, delivering him. He decided to come to The SCOAN in Lagos, where the power of the Holy Spirit located him as Wise Man Daniel ministered prayer and deliverance, in Jesus' name. The evil spirit was confronted by the mighty power of the Holy Spirit and was instantly arrested but not before it confessed its atrocities such as causing him to lust after women, smoke and fight. The demon was cast out, in the name of Jesus Christ. And since that deliverance, Paul said he had become a changed person.
"I used to think evil - bad things. I thought I was having fun. That is not the way anymore. Anger is gone, even if you slap me now, I will just laugh and say thank you," he said as he gave thanks to God for his freedom.

Pastor and Mrs Joseph Abumere had the problem of barrenness for six years. Doctors cited pelvic inflammatory disease as the cause. Every time she conceived, the pregnancy would go. Not having children brought shame to the family. Her husband, being a pastor, had dedicated many children to God and yet, they could not have their own. For six years, they faced a lot of name-calling and rejection. Every time she saw her menstruation, she would be crying, asking God why she could not conceive. They prayed and fasted but still, nothing. They started watching Emmanuel TV and saw how the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, was being used by God to break yokes. PASTOR & MRS JOSEPH ABUMERE [BARRENNESS TO FRUITFULNESS(AW).]They agreed to come to The SCOAN, where they received the Anointing Water and prayed that God would do it for them. After ministering it, in Jesus' name, they met as husband and wife and to the glory of God, the yoke was broken. She went back to the hospital for another medical test. Its result confirmed that she no longer suffered from pelvic inflammatory disease. In no time, she conceived and now they have a bouncing baby girl.  God Almighty wiped away Mrs Abumere's tears of barrenness through the medium of the Anointing Water and brought honour to the pastor's home!

Miss Christiana Legon was having pain in her side and lower back but real horror struck her when she went for a scan and the doctors discovered an enlarged liver and hepatitis. The moment the doctors mentioned the disease, she remembered many members of her family who had succumbed to the same problem. Her brother had once been asked to go for a transplant only to die later. The thought of being the next, was unbearable. The doctors told her that she needed to come back for another test. Before she could go back, her legs started to swell. She tuned-in to Emmanuel TV and prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. As she prayed, she said, she felt like a burden had been lifted off her. MISS CHRISTIANA LEGON [FREE FROM FAMILY CURSE ETVThe pain also left her. She went back to the hospital and went for another test and, to the glory of God and disbelief of doctors, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis C could no longer be found in her system! The power of God through the medium of the Anointing Water had wiped them out. She went for several tests and all proved she was healed of an enlarged liver and hepatitis. Praise God!

It was all but a battle of futility for the demon that had tormented Pastor and Mrs Roland Tabe from Cameroon for over a decade. It had no chance against the power of the Holy Spirit. The couple, both ministers of God, came to The SCOAN with the problem of setback and depression in their family and ministry. Pastor Roalnd Tabe had the spirit of anger that often sent him into tantrums. As a result, there was no love in the family. This also affected his ministry which stopped growing and faced collapse. He had been a pastor for more than ten years and he would hear a voice tell him to give up and quit being pastor. His church would have programs and gain in membership, but the people would suddenly leave. He would pray for people and they would be healed but they would go and give testimony elsewhere. Members were leaving the church in large numbers.
One night, in her dream, the wife saw the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, ministering in their church and delivering people. She considered this a revelation and decided with her husband to come to The SCOAN. It was while praying in the Arena of Liberty, that the evil spirit spoke out and confessed being responsible for the agony the two had been going through. APOSTLE & PROPHETESS ROLAND TABE FROM CAMEROON DELIVERED.
While they were seated among the congregation at The SCOAN, one of the wise men came and prayed for him, in the name of Jesus Christ.  He felt a hot sensation run through his body. The evil spirit confessed that it had killed many members of his family and destroyed their ministries. Testifying in the church, he said that while he was young, he once stayed with his aunt who was a prostitute. During that time, she took him to a shrine where they performed a ritual on him by making incisions in his body and that his blood was taken and used for the ritual in the shrine.
"I am now a new person. The urge to leave my ministry is gone. I also have affection for my wife," he said. He then advised other ministers of God that pride goes before a fall and that they should all be humble and ready to receive their deliverance.
The service closed with Mass Prayer ministered by the wise men. Stay blessed and always remember, love looks around!