Wiseman Daniel

T.B. Joshua
At the start of the service, Wise Man Daniel preached a sermon titled, "It Is For A Purpose". He said, "As Christians, it takes the eyes of faith to see that the situation we are in now is for a purpose. It may look bad on the outside but there is no real evil in it. In other words, the clearer sight we have of the power of Heaven, the less we shall fear the calamities of the earth." He said that one of God's greatest attributes is His goodness. "Whatever the situation is, God is good. Whatever life brings, God is good. Whatever life is, God is good."
Using 1 Peter 5:8-9 as a proof text, he encouraged all Christians to cultivate an attitude of watchfulness and prayer. "Satan, our common enemy, loses no time in plotting against us; we too should lose no time in committing ourselves to God through prayer." He continued, "It is unfortunate that the graveyard is full of people who failed to resist satan. The prisons are overcrowded with people too weak to stand against satan. Dreams crash daily on the rock of temptation."
He encouraged all Christians not to be discouraged in their hard times. "That you serve Jesus Christ in truth and in faith does not mean that you will not encounter trials. There will be trials but when they come, keep calm and be determined because the Lord promised to see you through them. Each trial advances our cause in life." He concluded his message of hope by saying, "As a genuine Christian, if the situation you are facing now suggests that there is no hope or no future, don't despair or give up because the end has not come. The best is yet to come. God always take us from nobody to somebody so that, when we give our testimonies people will see that, it is the hand of God that made it happen."

Prophet T.B. Joshua also gave a short message, titled 'The Integrity Of The Word'. He said, "The Word is always now because faith is in the present tense. Faith acts now, receives now, believes now and confesses now." Reading Hebrews 4:12, he explained that no created thing is hidden from the sight and reach of God. "The important thing to remember in faith confession is that God's Word must be the foundation. You must know the truth and be convinced concerning God's will."
Using the example of David in 1 Samuel 17, he explained that David spoke the Word of faith even before the giant fell. "It does not take faith to celebrate the victory but it takes faith to celebrate before it." He also spoke on the importance of God's Word. "God's Word is our contact with Jesus Christ; it is His contact with us."

Mr Dijeh undergoing deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit.
A video was replayed of a Nigerian business man based in Botswana, Mr Ignatius Dijeh, who was delivered remarkably after prayer from Wise Man Daniel. The evil spirit had spoken through him, that he was a chief priest out to destroy him and he was supposed to die on the very day of his deliverance.
He came out to share his experiences with the church over the years. Before he explained himself, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke concerning the importance of both God's Word and Spirit. "You must have God's Word and Spirit in order to be born again. God's Word refreshes our mind; God's Spirit renews our strength." He also added that the power of eloquence is not enough to qualify one as a pastor or minister of God, stressing the need for everything to be examined in the light of God's Word. He further said that the end of the race is the most important and that many don't end their race well.
Mr Dijeh narrated his experience to the congregation, stating first that he was an elder in his church and an active Christian, involved in counseling and prayer. He explained that the area where he really saw the disastrous effects of the evil spirit in him was in his marital life. After getting married, his affection and love towards his wife continued to wane until he preferred and desired her absence far more than her presence, seeing her as just 'another man in the house'.

Mr Dijeh during his deliverance
He confessed to sending her back to Nigeria after the birth of their daughter and fathering three children out of wedlock in the following three years, all without the knowledge of his wife. Mr Dijeh, who was in tears while recounting his tale, said that after deliverance, the reality of his actions dawned upon him and he was ashamed. "I acted as if my head did not belong to me," he somberly explained. He then pleaded with Prophet T.B. Joshua to reconcile his family, as his wife and young daughter were in the church upon the prophet's invitation.
Many people in the church were moved to tears as Mr Dijeh walked on his knees towards his wife and they were reconciled with the guidance and counsel of Prophet T.B. Joshua. He asked for forgiveness, which his wife accepted. Prophet T.B. Joshua then prayed for the couple as they fell to the ground while still in an embrace.

Mr Dijeh kneels before his wife as they are reconciled with the guidance and counsel of T.B. Joshua.
Using the occasion to talk on marriage, Prophet T.B. Joshua said that the reason why many homes are troubled today is that they did not pass through any deliverance before their union. "The answer to your situation is deliverance," he counseled, stressing that couples should not quickly break up or divorce when they experience marital problems. "We are not fighting flesh and blood," he explained.

T.B. Joshua prays for the couple as they fall to the ground while still in an embrace and their little daughter watches on.

Another video was replayed showing the deliverance of Miss Pauline Iwelomen after the prayers of Wise Man John Chi. In her confession, Pauline explained that when she was prayed for, she experienced the fire of the Holy Spirit. "It was as if they poured acid on me," she said, adding that immediately afterwards she regained her consciousness.
She confessed that at a tender age, without any tuition, she had begun reciting incantations and using witchcraft to harm others, known as playing 'an oracle'.  To show the world she knew what she was talking about, Pauline brought out the instruments she would use in the strange rituals, showing the congregation how she used to go about it. Upon growing up, Pauline knew she had evil powers within her and desired to acquire even more. She visited many witchdoctors, ending up seducing and sleeping with them in order to procure more diabolic powers.
Going into prostitution while in university, she explained that she would sleep with up to six men in a day, adding that she financed her school fees through these means. "I pretended to be a seer, a prophetess. Each time I thought of evil, it would always happen," she said. Pauline also explained that she had a demonic lust for blood, to the point that she would physically beat up people around her until she saw or tasted their blood. She said every police station in her state knew of her as she would warn them that they would soon arrest her before engaging in a bloody brawl.
Thanking God for her deliverance, Prophet T.B. Joshua told Pauline her assignment was to go and bring her friends who were involved in prostitution for deliverance, adding that The SCOAN would also assist her financially to complete her education.
Another video was shown of twin sisters who were both delivered after prayer from Wise Man Christopher in last week's Monday Service. The sisters, named Mary and Martha, explained that they were both involved in smoking, drinking, clubbing and even went to the extent of taking each other's boyfriends.  They would lie to their parents that they were going out to a prayer vigil and subsequently go out partying with other friends. The duo also explained that the evil spirit caused them to fight incessantly with one another, sometimes to the extent that crowds would gather in their local area just to try and separate them.
The twins further explained that their situation worsened when their parents took them to a witchdoctor where they were made to swallow a razor and rub some black powder on their bodies. Rather than providing any solution, this actually caused them to grow even more rebellious and disrespectful towards their parents. They added that they were disappointed with their parents for introducing them to such a place, especially considering their claim to be Christians.

Twin sisters who were both delivered after prayer from Wise Man Christopher.
They both thanked God for setting them free and said that since their deliverance, the lust for men had gone, peace was reigning in their lives and they were sleeping very soundly. Prophet T.B. Joshua rebuked the parents for taking their children to the witchdoctor, saying that this influence had a very negative effect on their lives.

The twin sisters and parents.

Yet another video of deliverance was played, this time of a young lady named Naomi Kenneth who was delivered last week Monday through the prayers of Wise Man Christopher. Sharing her experiences, Miss Kenneth, who came out with both her parents, said that she saw herself with a crown on her head in her dreams in the marine world. She said that she would oftentimes enter a trance and begin prophesying to people and speaking in tongues, regularly doing so in a local church on Sundays where the pastor had christened her a 'prophetess'.

Naomi Kenneth and parents.
She said because her father never believed her to be such, she hated him and always wished evil would befall him and his business. She recounted a time when, after flogging her, she wished he would have a stroke, and the arm with which he beat her became stiff and partially paralyzed. Her father, who is a member of The SCOAN, insisted that she attend church with him. However, she always came up with excuses and used the money he gave her to transport herself to The SCOAN to go elsewhere.
Continuing her education in Ghana, her father insisted that she attend The SCOAN Accra Branch, a request she promised to fulfill but actually did not. When the time of her exams arrived, he instructed her to return to Lagos, stating that her spiritual life was more important than her education and he would not provide any further assistance until she agreed to come with him to The SCOAN for deliverance. Prophet T.B. Joshua praised her father for his steely resolve and his concern for Naomi's spiritual wellbeing.
A video was replayed of a pastor who manifested during the mass prayer of last week's Monday service before receiving his deliverance. The evil spirit within him spoke out, saying, "He must die! I killed every male child in his family," claiming it was a goddess his mother had worshipped.

Pastor Everest manifesting during the mass prayer of Monday service.

Pastor Nnamani glorifying God for his deliverance.
Pastor Everest Nnamani, a Nigerian pastoring in Benin Republic, explained more about his experiences with the evil spirit. He said that he knew he came from an idol worshipping background but passed through two different seminary schools before going into ministry. He would pray for people for deliverance, but realized the problems people were coming to him for prayer for where similar to what he himself was experiencing, especially in his dreams.
Coming to the point where he was even contemplating ending his life, he resolved to go to The SCOAN where he was finally delivered. Prophet T.B. Joshua explained the problem Pastor Everest faced was that he did not go through deliverance before being born again, a statement he firmly agreed with.

Madame Jacqueline with her husband, Professor Tshibangu.
Madame Jacqueline, who came from Congo with her husband, Professor Tshibangu (A Professor of Gynaecology in South Africa) testified to receiving a mighty healing through the Anointing Water. She said that she developed a tumour on her leg that was worryingly large. Her husband, being both a professor and medical doctor, had taken her to the best doctors he knew who said an operation was the only solution for her. Unwilling to have an operation, she resolved to go to The SCOAN where she was opportune to receive the Anointing Water. After ministering it, the tumor miraculously dissolved and disappeared! Upon the remarkable miracle, she returned to the doctors who declared her medically fit. Her husband attested to her testimony, saying he was very afraid the tumour would turn cancerous. He thanked God Almighty for her healing and encouraged others to believe in God!
All those present and viewers worldwide were richly blessed by all the happenings in the service.
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