Wise Man Harry delivered the message on Sunday morning. He introduced his sermon by saying there are two sides to life – the spiritual and physical. The title of his message was "A TRUE DISCIPLE", and the proof text was taken from Mark 10:46-52. The blind man in the story called Jesus the "Son of David", which is a Messianic title; it is given from above. Though physically unable to see, the blind man could see more than others; he had clearer vision though his enemies had good eyesight. On hearing Jesus' pronouncement, he cast aside his garment and threw away anything which would hinder him. His garment was symbolic of his old self and all stagnating forces that held him down; he was in his moment of regeneration and renewal.
Wise Man Harry said if every sinner would cast aside his sinful nature like Blind Bartimaeus cast aside his garment, we would have fewer delays in conversion. According to him, Christ is looking for full-time followers, not part-time followers. If you say you are born again or you are a disciple of Christ and you are not, you will never be. It is the mind of God to answer prayers but Christ will not answer prayers until He sees in you a true disciple – a faithful follower, a willing servant and a man of great perception. You must show in your manner that Christ lives in you, he concluded.
 Wise Man Harry 
Prophet T.B. Joshua later spoke on the essence of Christianity, saying that it is a relationship. He said every Christian should understand, "your contribution to others is an assignment from God". He continued that we cannot afford to fail God and that our contribution to others in trouble will always solve a problem. To emphasize the importance of giving, some clips of Emmanuel TV Partners engaging in charitable projects were shown.

Prophet T.B. Joshua

The first video clip was of the efforts of the Emmanuel TV Partners in Zimbabwe, especially Mr John Chibwe. Inspired by the humanitarian activities he had witnessed on Emmanuel TV, Mr Chibwe purchased a bus for the less privileged community and has been devotedly assisting the visually impaired in their thousands as well as distributing wheelchairs and walking aids to the physically challenged. He was seen in the video distributing bags of rice and maize meal to the needy and helpless.
Mr Chibwe was personally in the service and shared his experience with the congregants. "It is a privilege to be able to give those in need," he said. "You are a success when you can impact the lives of others".
Mr John Chibwe. 
Another video clip was shown, where Emmanuel TV Partners in Ghana led by Chief Justice John Ajet Nasam worked hard to transform lives of people at the Countryside Orphanage. They shared love and care, educational books, kegs of palm oil, drawing boards, buckets and shoes in the spirit of giving love to those in need. They equally purchased a bus, which they explained was, "for the welfare of the home, not for commercial use". Bags of rice were also shared out to people, and the orphans were not left out.
In another video shown to the congregation, Emmanuel TV Partners visited Pallam in Southern India. They went there to assist the over 700 families whose 400 houses were destroyed in a horrific fire incident. Rice and other provisions were freely distributed. The Rev. Dr P.N.S. Chandra Bose (President of Bethel Bible College; National Vice President, Bible Society of India) spoke in appreciation of the team's essential relief efforts and thanked Prophet T.B. Joshua for his kindness.
Next was the announcement of The SCOAN Scholarship Scheme. Some students spoke on behalf of others. One of these was Jennifer Osifo who said due to lack of finance after her father left them, she could not go to school. She said that she was living in a family house, helping her poor mother, but she did not want to stay there without an education. She said, "I have never seen my father for the past 7 years."
Magaji Mariam (an SS2 student from Ogun State) spoke next. She said that since her father died, her mother could not take care of her and she could not go to school: "My mates go to school; I'm the only one at home". She had seen other children being given scholarships on Emmanuel TV and requested that she too would be a partaker.
Joseph Aniene (a student of Industrial Chemistry at the University of Benin) also spoke. He said that his course was an expensive one and would need financial assistance to see him through. For his school fees, accommodation, and books, he said he would need 185,000 Naira.
Sandra Paul (a 100 level Economics/ Statistics student at the University of Benin) pleaded to be helped just as the man of God had been helping others. She needed 186,000 Naira to complete her studies.
A total amount of six million naira was given to the hundreds of students who had come for the scholarships. Two bags of rice were also given to the parents and one bag to each student.
A video was replayed showing a woman named Essie Joseph who was afflicted by the spirit of indebtedness. During her deliverance four weeks ago, the evil spirit said she would never be delivered, saying "Nobody can do it". In her testimony, she said she had been a food seller for many years but her money kept mysteriously vanishing. She soon ran into debts and obtained loans through her sister. Unable to pay back, the creditors made life impossible for her. The sister's husband was forced to send her out because of the debts and she was beaten by her creditors.
A woman promised to assist Essie Joseph, the Warri-based food seller, by giving her an address of a man who she said would help her. She was asked to go with the kids to the man's house to obtain his sympathy. He told her that she needed to give what she had to solve her problem and that she should give him her son for the sum of 400,000 naira.
Essie Joseph
Essie initially refused to be persuaded to sell her boy, Efeme, though the man had asked her to "think properly so as not to die of poverty". However, due to her dire situation, she was prepared to sell her son to the mysterious buyer. As the day when she was to take her son drew closer, Essie resolved to travel to The SCOAN in Lagos due to encouragement by one of her customers.
After her deliverance, she stayed within The SCOAN premises for a month, daily receiving counsel with God's Word until this service where Prophet T.B. Joshua gave her N400,000 to pay her debts and blessed her children with scholarships. She also received five bags of rice. One of the congregants, moved by her situation, gave her N100,000 to start business afresh.
Prophet T.B. Joshua encouraged the man to continue such philanthropic endeavours. "You are blessed to bless others. You should continue to do so. Help the needy. Where I am strong, you are weak: where I am weak, you are strong". Another Emmanuel TV viewer phoned the church that he would pay her house rent and take care of her for one year.
Miss Patience Matthews from Akwa Ibom State also testified to the work of God through the Anointing Water. She had been a prostitute, "entertaining three to four men every day" until delivered in the church. She said they were thirteen in the family but two had died earlier. Her mother was dead and father blind. She couldn't attend school because of poverty and thus entered prostitution. Although she had trained as a fashion designer, she didn't have the resources to pursue that career.
N200,000 was given to her by the church, as well as three bags of rice. Prophet T.B. Joshua said of her case, "We cannot leave her; we have to help her. After you have worked hard and applied everything perfectly, wait. God still needs to mark it." A man also phoned the prayer line that he would buy Patience Matthew a new sewing machine. Prophet T.B. Joshua said The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV cannot go places without the ministry of giving – love, kindness, humility, strength, faithfulness and goodness: "We must give it unconditionally for God's sake. If an assembly is not growing, the head should check his ministry of giving".
Another video was shown. Two young men had come to the church previously to ask for favour from God. However, Prophet T.B. Joshua had asked them to go back home and bring their elderly mother who had been accused as a witch as without their reconciliation, the doors of blessings could not be opened in the family.
During this Sunday service, the mother was brought by her children and other members of the family. Mrs Fatima Ugovwhare from Delta State narrated how she lost her husband and how his family pushed her out of his house, alleging that she was the killer. Her brother died and she became lonely and helpless. She was kept in the backyard of the family house and labelled a witch in the entire community.
Prophet T.B. Joshua openly declared that the woman was not a witch and the family reconciled in a loving embrace. She said she had forgiven all those who had accused her.
A video was shown of a woman, through whom an evil spirit spoke, saying it had created disappointment in her life and caused marital disharmony. It had entered her through her mother and said it had closed all doors of success, causing her husband to send her out of the house. She was delivered by Wise Man Harry in Jesus' name.
Mrs Franca Chimenta And Husband
Later, Prophet T.B. Joshua phoned to invite her husband. The husband, who had honoured the prophet's call, said Mrs Franca Chimenta was an epitome of stubbornness; she disregarded him and fought everyone in the compound so much so that the landlord asked him to leave his house. She was into drinking and showed no signs of remorse when cautioned. He said he had already applied for divorce in court and the case was to be heard the following week. Although a lot of people and pastors had called him to settle the problem, he had refused to budge. However, because of the respect he had for Prophet T.B. Joshua, he heeded the prophet's invitation and promised to withdraw the divorce letter, now his wife was completely delivered.
The woman confessed in church that her mother had a beer parlor where she sold drinks, and it was from there she developed her bad drinking habit. She pleaded with her husband for forgiveness and to the glory of God, the couple were reconciled! 
Mrs Franca Chimenta And Husband
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