My new spiritual weapon

During my last visit to Bangkok for a deliverance trip service for ten days in Bangkok. My experience in fighting demons get increased.

This is the story i write to my friend Anit and Tammy and the reply they gave me. Those who are interested in deliverance ministry may get some benefit from my story
(Sorry i write this in English so that the world can understand me.) but those who are religious teachers who have little experience in spiritual battle may think i am a nut because most of them think and believe that the spiritual armors are just only those mentioned in Ephesians chapter six. If any one think like that do not read this article it will be a waste of time and can bring my doubt to them.
Dear Friends Anit and Tammy,

It was a long trip for this summer. I ministered to Bangkokians for 10 days. Many people have been healed and demons were cast out.
I have made some video clip during the fighting sessions with big dominions like Kuan Im, Wisnu, 3 headed elephant god and Pikanet, bhudist monk spirits, emotional spirits, and many other smaller demons. It was real spiritual war. God gave to me more strength and anointing and also another spiritual weapon; a spear.

This time each day god arranged some specific deliverance such as; fear of animals, depression and sorrow, bad dreams.
I encounter tens of demons which some of them had thousands of demons under them.

The place where i minister had miracle; While we were worshiping and dancing gemstones and diamonds fell down from above 2 times.
God changed drinking water in the bottle into wine 3 times. (three days)

Praise the Lord Jesus and Shalom.

Evangelist Reewat Mu.


The Reply From Anit

That's awesome Rice Mu!

Praise the Lord for those set free from the demonic!
If you get the emails of those who were set free, feel free to share some of the discipleship materials we gave you with them. So many times these guys are delivered and then have no one to take care of them to know the foundations of the faith, and not to know the Word of God.

Yeah, i met some folks from Raemkampang area of BKK that have a home church, who attended your conference before, who told me about the manifestation of the gemstones and the wine... That is amazing!

I must say however, that if this is from the Lord, praise Him....but I also believe there's always going to be something that might be debateably from the Lord that cast so much doubt into the less charismastic...things that turn off bible believing christians who are more conservative or careful regarding discerning.

We love you Rice, and we aren't questioning by whom you are casting these demons out...we admire your walk with the Lord and are blessed by your friendship. But what I'm saying is there are going to be things that happen in this type of ministry that are manifestations of demonic that if people aren't careful, believers of the movement will be assuming everything is from God...

I know from your standpoint, because you love Jesus, you have no other reason not to believe the blessing of the water to wine, and the gemstones are from the Lord. I think that what will estrange your amazing ministry from others is when the folks who experience this manifestation are of the type who aren't taking the steps of obedience to learn the basic foundations and not preaching also repentance and the Gospel..

.(I know you are all for that, but maybe some of these home churches are not)...they are trying to run without learning to walk first, and their open to deception and not ready to teach others to obey all that He has commanded us).

I think if you can identify some faithful men/women who are interested in discipling others in the basics on your team, and also getting them to learn their gifts and walk in them, that's a match made in Heaven.

There's scripture that says don't be too eager to lay on hands too. 1Timothy 5:22 (I believe this refers to anointing people to be leaders, not talking about deliverance), but I see this might be happening in the home church network. Young children are asked to prophesy, and they may get visions, but if they know not the Word of God yet, how can they discern? Or better explain to someone who might not understand?

But I think if you construct your team around you to help address these possible objections from the rest of the church body (and we need them even though they may initially say they don't need you) then your ministry and sinchai's ministry will be more legitimate in their eyes, and there will be more unity.

I thank you that you share the great news of your ministry, Rice. I can relate and understand when you tell me about the gift, and the prophetic imagery of the spear, but for others who are a bit more rigid in their adherence to the Word (in that they don't want to add anything to the scripture), some will be turned off by your reference to this "new weapon", because they can't understand the prophetic meaning you have seen in a vision about it..

The sword of the Spirit is the Word of God, Jesus sends forth His Word, and people are healed......the weapon is His Word and the authority He gives us in Christ.. Just as I know you're relating like David had a slingshot, you have heard from the Lord He anoints you with a spear. But as your brother, I recommend you may not want to stumble some of the pastors you deal with regarding that visual....I don't question it, I believe you the Lord told that to you, I'm just saying the weapon of our warfare is spiritual, prayer, and in Christ...but I know many of the body of Christ that would benefit from your ministry is going to find a way to delegitimize the work of God that is happening through your ministry by things said such as that.

The other thing that they may say is question the names of the demons you have encountered. I believe you that they say who they are, and you commanded them to identify themselves in the authority of Christ, but also we know that Satan is the father of lies. So the name of who they are isn't as important as the fact that these people are delivered and are praising Jesus and have an opportunity to become fully devoted, mature, followers of Jesus, if they walk out their steps in faith in the right way.

Love you, Rice! We're proud of you, and we enjoy your praise reports brother. We're so glad to have met you up in Chiang Rai with Cristina. I want so much to see Christ's Name lifted up high in Thailand, and to see unity of the body of Christ. The church so much needs the type of deliverance that your ministry is doing, and maybe the church in Thailand will never be unified,but we can do what we can do to keep unity and to see more disciples live Christ centered lives.

Hope to hear more from you in the near future my friend.
By the way, Pastor Thirapong is translating more discipleship material from english to thai soon, so we will share that with your team when it's done. Hopefully the Lord will provide more helpers who have a passion to disciple new believers who get delivered, and build up more leaders in the Home Church network.

God bless you,

Alex and Tammy


My Reply:

Thank to Anit,

I thank you because you are a true friend who is sincere enough to present what you understand and try to convince me not to go stray from the truth according to the bible. This is good.

What makes you most discouraged may be the spiritual weapon i mentioned that i got from God during the deliverance ministry in BKK.

Nevertheless, yesterday a man and his wife named, Day and Nancy came to me driving from BKK. Day wanted me to pray for him because he had been suffering kidney problem for more than 4 years.

Day had come to see me for three times during two years the last two visit just last March and on the 21 of April last month but he got just only a little better.

During last prayer session in Bkk, Day was making sound like a roaring lion i was laying hands on him but the demons did not get out. His hair all over his body stood up like prickles of a porcupine.

This evening he came to me again for prayer at about 4 p.m. at my house in Chiang Rai, Thailand.
I think this should have been the best time of deliverance for him because i had been fasting today but i did not know before that Day would come.

After a short interview again why the problem still exist, he told me that once he when to Pattaya for a tradition treatment which conducted by a man who had lots of images and idols in his house. Before Day was treated he needed to make his hands in a gesture of worship. Day went to this man a few times because at first his condition of his health seemed to be better but the cost of the service was too high and he could not afford so he stopped but the man stilled sent him more bills to pay.

i think the Holy Spirit gave me a word of knowledge that this should be the key of his deliverance because Day did not mentioned this to me before.

After a simple repentance prayer i began to command in the Name that all the demons should manifest themselves and stand in line and come out one by one.

This time it worked very well, demons came out of Day one by one, every demon had some smaller demons under him. They all had the name sound very strange to me like; Che, Budy, Se, and very strange names. The demons spoke some other languages that i could not understand but i commanded and forced each of them to speak in Thai and they all obeyed.

Some demons were from Cambodia and some from Srilanka each of the big demon had about 4, 5, 7 and more under them.

The deliverance procedure extremely shorter for each demon bc i use my new spiritual weapon; the spear to force them. i used the spear that God had given during my last visit to BKK. This sounds very strange and unbelievable.

Before this, the procedure would last about 20 minutes or more some big demons may need more than one hour of fighting but this time each demon surrendered and promised to leave in just about 5 minutes.

All the procedure has been recorded with 2 mobile phone and the clips are very nice so if you have time come and watch the whole story and of course see how i use my new spiritual weapon.


Evangelist Rice Mu.

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