Wise Man Racine titled his message, 'Our Response To God'. He began by saying, "Adopting a lifestyle that is on purpose provides an opportunity to enrich others by leaving our imprint in a positive way," using Hebrews 3:15 as a proof text. Speaking on the importance of love, he said, "As Christians, we are called to change lives; change nations and change the world. Love can change the fate of nations. Love can make a king abdicate (resign) his throne. Love can make a poor boy, a beggar become a prince if spoken from the heart. Love can change the destiny of man."

He continued further, "What a danger is a religion of words if there is no corresponding action. You have nothing but a mental assent without action. Love is the only genuine principle from which the service of the Lord can spring." Using the example of the rich young man in Matthew 19, Wise Man Racine spoke in the importance of our putting our faith into action by demonstrating love. "Faith without work is dead. Many Christians today have stifled their faith by failing to walk in love. Failure to walk in love can almost shut down someone's spiritual walk with the Lord."

He concluded his message by pointing people to Matthew 22:37 which speaks of the two greatest commandments given by God. He said, "It is only through love that we are able to respond to God and to others in the present. A Christian is known by his love. Therefore as Christians, all our concerns, aspirations and hearts' desires must be subject to the Gospel through works of charity, knowing that we lose nothing when we do that which pleases God." He encouraged the congregation and viewers worldwide on Emmanuel TV that giving offers us the opportunity to reshape our destiny.
The first people that Prophet T.B. Joshua attended to on Sunday were a couple who had been separated for over 10 years. After listening to their plight last week, Prophet T.B. Joshua told Mr Sunday Onwumah to bring his family members so that they could all hear God's opinion concerning his marital home. The mother of his four children, Josephine, had been suffering at the hands of a spiritual husband prior to her deliverance at The SCOAN which had pushed her to be moving around with different men to the extent that she had a child for another man outside of her marriage. Mr Onwumah, who had lived in Austria for 14 years, came with his four children, his aged mother and three other family members.
Before visiting the issue of the reconciliation, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied to Mr Onwumah that he needed to ask for forgiveness from his mother for an accusation that was made. Shocked, he confirmed that in the height of his business challenges in Austria, he had begun to suspect his mother of being a witch, because he was not receiving the motherly care or attention from her that he was expecting. Several other family members had visited spiritualists who had also singled out his mother as the one responsible for his plights.
Going on his knees before his mother, who was in tears at this point, Mr Sunday pleaded for forgiveness.
Upon uniting mother and son, Prophet T.B. Joshua went on to speak the mind of God concerning the marriage. He said that many homes, whose problems had not even reached the level of the Onwumahs, had been broken because of failure to hear the mind of God. He said that there was no successful marriage that did not pass through many trials and disagreements. "If you have not stayed in darkness, when light comes, you will not value it," he explained.
Prophet T.B. Joshua said that because of the four children involved, it was essential that Josephine remained the mother of her children and took up her role as the mother of the house. He said that her status as a wife would only be confirmed later, but the mind of God was for the couple to be reunited as one. We thank God for the wonderful reconciliation!
During last week's Monday Service, Wise Man Daniel delivered a lady who had been operating as a spiritualist because of the marine spirit dwelling within her. During the deliverance, the evil spirit had spoken out of her, confessing that it used to give children to those who came to the river side. After her deliverance, Mrs Josephine returned to The SCOAN to give her confession for the world to learn from, armed with the various instruments and objects she used during her many years as a spiritualist. During her confession, Josephine explained that from a very early age she began to realise she had some strange powers such as ability to see future events and know of past issues that happened long before she was even born.
She began seeing strange beings from the river come to her in the dream and instruct her in the art of spiritualism, showing her how to read 'cowries', see visions for people in a bowl of water and prescribe charms for people who came to her according to their complaint. However, such 'solutions' came with conditions attached and would never stand the test of time. Josephine explained that if, through diabolic powers, she caused a couple to unite in marriage, such marriage would only last for a few years before ending up in divorce. If a barren couple were given a child, such child would end up dying young or becoming a greater problem to their parents later in life.
She stated that she also was given strict and strange rules and regulations to abide by in the course of her activities as a spiritualist. She was instructed never to enter a cemetery, a market place or a church and was only given certain days and times where she could sleep with a man. Josephine further explained that in the spiritual kingdom, they were unhappy with her decision to get married and threatened to kill her husband since she was meant to be giving them and the diabolic work they had for her undivided attention. Subsequently, her marriage broke down. Josephine said she had been searching for deliverance for the past 10 years and was full of gratitude to God for enabling her to come to The SCOAN and receive her freedom. She testified that since the deliverance, she had been sleeping like a baby and experiencing internal peace and joy for the first time in her entire life.
A South African based scholar and professor of Gynaecology, K.C. Tshibanga, came out to testify to the miraculous things he had witnessed as a medical doctor using the Anointing Water. The professor showed the congregation some pictures to attest to a miraculous delivery of a child he had presided over. The woman in question had 11 fibroids in her womb and it was practically a medical impossibility for her to safely deliver. Professor Tshibanga presided over a successful operation to remove the fibroids and then ministered the Anointing Water to the lady. Hours later, she delivered safely with no problems whatsoever! He testified that since he began ministering the Anointing Water, combined with his professional experience and knowledge, problems beyond medical aid were being solved and he had a big breakthrough in his career.
Mr Thapelo Moaneng from Botswana testified to the miraculous healing he received from a bladder infection after using the Anointing Water. He explained that about seven years ago, he began seeing blood amidst his urine and experienced pain whenever he went to go and pass urine. The only remedy the medical doctors offered was for him to drink as much water as possible, resulting in very frequent urination – sometimes up to 5 times in a single night. However, when Mr Moaneng came to The SCOAN, he was privileged to receive the Anointing Water and immediately ministered it to himself. The change in his body was instantaneous as the blood he used to see in his urine stopped as did the pains that accompanied it. Proudly holding two medical reports in his hands showing his condition before and after using the Anointing Water, he explained that even medical doctors in his country confirmed that he had been totally healed of the bladder infection. To God be the glory!

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