Visiting Ton Yang Church ไปเยี่ยมหมวดคริสเตียนต้นยาง

13 กันยายน 2009
September 13, 2009

I have some update to inform you.
During the last few weeks I had been to a few Christain gatherings.
I went to join 2 youth monthly meetings and saw God's work on boys and girls.

In pastor Mc's church, he organinzed a youth worship on a Friday evening and I saw that God really blessed the meeting with some anointing on worshippers, many boys and girls received anointing when we prayed for them.

Last Saturday (11 Sept) was a very exciting experience when my pastor and my family joined a prayer worship in a church in Maechan.

After the preacher had finished his sermon on the scripture about Elija vowed that he would not ceace praying for God's people.

Then my pastor, A Sombat took the microphone and prayed and encouraged people that if there was anyone who wanted to have power in witnessing and doing God's work.

About 6 young men responded and came forward and there were some other pastors praying for them but nothing happened.

My pastor signaled me to come forward and prayed for them. (I was sitting at the back row because I was not one of the pastors).

I came forward and didnot forget to took Lily with me.

As we were praying for people they were slain and I saw that many of them spoke in tongue. Then many more people came forward and got prayed for. God anointed them and some of them spoke in tongue and some of them prophesized.

There were some prophecies in this meeting but there were 2 people, a man and a woman gave my family 2 prophecies.
The first one, Mr Uttji, a teacher from a seminary said "you are like a glass full of water the water will overflow from your glass to other people."

The other one, (Miss Sukunya from Maesai) came in front of me while I was kneeling down,
The Lord said to me through the prophet " I will exalt you to another level to serve among my people you will be a blessing to many people."

I thanked God for this and with great joy so I would like to share with you.

part 2 continue...

Part two,
Sun: Sept 14, 2009

A few weeks ago, one of my Christian club in my school told me that her pastor wanted me to visit their house church in a village between Maechan and Chiang Saen. The name of the village is Baan Tonyang. The pastor's names are Mrs. Vilai and Yutapum.

They opened a home church in this village. When I arrived I was informed that there were some elderly sick people; 3 of them were deaf and dumb and one of them was also blind.

This home church had very good equipments with 2 notebooks and LCD projector and amplifier and every thing but their worship procedure was like that of traditional Christian worship.
They had every thing programmed and the MC had to read from the script... like
Open prayer...
Confession of sins
Omision of sins anouncement
Apostle creed reading or somewhat like that
then the MC gave me the chance to preach.

I preach on the first Roman 1:16

" For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jews first and also to the Greek"

Before preaching, I prayed that God would anoint the sermon and convince people of their sins.
At the end of my sermon, I asked congregation to surrender their lives to Jesus.
In the meeting there were all together about 20 people most of them were elderly people.

To my surprise, some old men stood up and walked forward then knelt down on the floor.
Then a woman with her 2 children came and a few came along.

Lily and I prayed for them. First I didnot forget to lead the most significant miracle, the confesstion of sin; I lead them the repentance of sinners' prayer.
After this we prayed for the MC and home church staff, they were 2 middle aged ladies and 2 girls.

They collagped on the floor speaking some strange utterances then stood up in a short seconds.
After this I asked them what they felt like. They never had experience like this; it was like something very heaving pushing them and they could not resist.

Ater this, we prayed for the sick. Since I have been a new charistmatic preacher I had never prayed for the deaf and dumb before this gave me some strange feeling but I encouraged myself to overcome the feeling then I prayed for each of them one by one. I was very sorry I could not see much manifestation of the healing.

In the evening, the pastors invited me to preach one more sermon in another village, named Bor Kang. It was a small home church which they called it Fellowship Center. There were about 15 elderly people in the meeting. I preached on Bartimaeus the blind man after a short scripture reading.

I asked 3 children to role play a skid then I finished the sermon by praying for people who wanted blessings from God.

The Lady pastor told me that the way I preached was very strange and exciting to her and her members because her husband and her finished tradition bible lessons from a tradition seminary. They preach like 1 2 and 3 and 4 then conclusion then closing prayer.

I encouraged her with little understanding I had in my mind. They were very interested to join
our church in this October meeting so I invite both of them and some of her home church staff to join our meeting in the evening of October 16.

Then before I left the woman told the meeting that today the dumb spoke one word, the first time of her life and this was the first word her family and her pastor ever heard. Everybody was very happy and thank God for that.

Glory to the Name of our Lord Yeshua.




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