Christians Matyres

Christian Martyrs
Be advised that the illustrations (not photos) used in this video are graphic.
This video is not intended to shock or offend, but rather to remind Christians of our brothers and sisters who chose agony and death rather than deny our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Let us not forget also the many Christians around the world today who are currently suffering persecution for their faith in Jesus Christ. May we remember to pray for them always.
May we all in the Church today have such blessed faith.
The martyrs and means of torture and execution are depicted in the following order:
John the Baptist beheaded, AD 23
Stoning of Stephen, AD 34
Apostle James beheaded, AD 45
Stoning of apostle Philip, Hierapolis, Phrygia, AD 54
Martyrdom of apostle James the Lesser, Jerusalem, AD 63
Burning of Barnabas at Salamanca, Cyprus, AD 64
Death of Mark the evangelist, Alexandria, AD 64
Crucifixion of apostle Peter, Rome, AD 69
Apostle Paul beheaded, Rome, AD 69
Crucifixion of apostle Andrew, Patras in Achaia, ca. AD 70
Apostle Bartholomew skinned alive and beheaded, Armenia, AD 70
Apostle Thomas martyred, Calamina, AD 70
Evangelist Matthew beheaded, Naddavar, Ethiopia, AD 70
Crucifixion of Simon the Zealot, Syria, AD 70
Crucifixion of apostle Matthew, AD 70
Hanging of evangelist Luke, Greece, AD 93
Antipas roasted alive in a copper steer, AD 95
Vitalus buried alive, Ravenna, ca. AD 99
Ignatius thrown to the lions, Rome, AD 111
Burning of Polycarp, Smyrna, AD 168
Blandine half-roasted on a grill and then thrown to wild bulls, AD 172
Martyrdom of Cointha, Alexandria, AD 252
Torture of Origen, Alexandria, AD 234
Tharacus, Probus, and Adronicus thrown to wild animals, AD 290
Persecution by emperors Diocletian and Maximus, AD 301
Cassianus, a teacher, killed by his students, Imola, AD 302
Honoric, king of the Vandals, eaten by worms and lice, AD 477
Burning of Clement the Scotchman, AD 756
13-year-old Pelagius martyred, Cordoba, Spain, AD 925
Burning of Arnoldus, teacher from Brixen, Rome, 1145
Burning of many Christians called Publicans, France and England, 1182
Martyr, with his hands tied behind his back, hoisted in the air
by a rope.(pulley), over spikes, or sometimes, sharp flints, on to which the Martyr
was let fall.
Martyrs buffeted, kicked, and pounded with the fists, being stoned,
face and jaws are bruised and broken with a stone,
crushed under a huge stone.
Martyrs thrown head-first into a caldron full of molten lead or boiling oil,
in a hot frying-pan,
plunged into a boiling pot.
Martyr’s dismembered limbs put in a frying-pan.
Martyr in the brazen bull.
Martyr laid on the iron bed and broiled.
Martyr whose limbs are interwoven in the spokes of a wheel,
on which he is left exposed for days, till he dies.
Martyr bound to a narrow wheel, which is revolved, so that
his body is horribly mangled on iron spikes fixed underneath.
Sometimes martyrs were bound to the circumference of great wheels,
and so hurled from a height over stony places.
Martyr sawn in two with an iron saw.
Martyr’s hands and feet cut off.
Martyr suspended by the feet, and his head at the same
tim pounded with hammers.
Martyr suspended by the hands, which are tied behind
his back, heavy weights being fastened to his feet and
around his neck.
Martyr suspended by both feet, and a great stone fastened
to his neck.
Sometimes the Blessed Martyrs, after being smeared with honey
were bound to stakes fixed in the ground, and so exposed to the
rays of the sun to be tortured by the stings of flies and bees.
Martyr suspended by one foot; one leg is bent at the knee, which is constricted by means of an iron ring, the other being
weighted with a heavy mass of iron.
Martyrs suspended by one foot.
Suspended by both feet.
Raised on the cross, head uppermost.
nailed to the cross, head downwards.
Hung up by both arms, heavy weights being attached
to the feet.
Christian woman suspended by the hair.
Martyrs hung up by one arm only, ponderous
stones being fastened to their feet.

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