Roman 8:28 พระเจ้าทำให้เราเกิดผลดีเสมอในทุกสถานการณ์

Roman 8:28

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good,*n28.2 for those who are called according to his purpose

เรารู้ว่า พระเจ้าทรงช่วยคนที่รักพระองค์ให้เกิดผลอันดีในทุกสิ่ง คือคนทั้งปวงที่พระองค์ได้ทรงเรียกตามพระประสงค์ของพระองค์

One of our members, an evangelist at the church in Chiang Saen, Nong Fon, had a very bad accident on last Tuesday evening ( February 2, 2010). While she was riding a bike home from a health check up from the village health centre, a motorcycle riden by 3 drunkened men hit Fon very hard and she was seriously hurt. The accident caused her a broken leg and Fon was taken to the hospital in Chiang Saen but her condition was too serious the doctor in the local hostpital transfered her to the bigger hospital in Chiang Rai.

I was informed about Fon accident at 11.30 p.m after I was driving home from a prayer meeting in Mea sai. When I saw Fon at the Chiang Rai hospital she was badly hurt.
Her head and face were stained with blood and bruises. Her face seemed very pale and she was in a vital moment.

I prayed for her believing that every thing is in God's control.

Three days later, I visited Fon again I could  see that Fon has recovered very quickly.
On sunday evening Fon called me on the phone to bring her some Christian books so that she can read while her leg has been hanging on the rack. I went to see her and not forget to bring her some books.

As I see Fon a woman who also had already been in the hospital for 3 months paid much  attention to our conversation. Then I asked her "Have you known Jesus?" She said I have heard some thing about Jesus. Somebody gave her some flyers and Fon also witnessed to her about Jesus. Then I asked her if she would want Jesus to help her. She welcome my invitation and repeated the sinner's prayer after me.

I laid my hands on her right broken leg and used the POWER of the living God in the Name of Jesus to heal her and I went home.

A day later, I went to pray for Fon again and I met this woman again. I asked her if she feel any better. She told me that during the night after prayer,  while she was asleep she had no pain in her broken leg. Further more, she told me that in her dream she heard a voice from a man who she did not know but the voice said to her that "My daughter you will be healed". In the dream, when she heard this voice she went after this man but somebody woke her up by making noise and she could not run after the man in her dream.

Thank God. This is a divine visitation from the loving God Jesus.
Glory be unto his Name.



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