When the presbitirian churches open their hearts to a Noname preacher

Jan 30, 2010 is one of memorable days in my blog.

About 6.15 p.m. I saw a missed call in my cell phone. It was from pastor Mc. I called back and got to know that the preacher who was invited to preach could not come because of that a member in his church had passed away and the preacher needed to be at the funeral. I was asked to be a substitute for a youth worship meeting in a church in Mea Chan.

I welcome the invitation without hesitation but with great joy because I knew that God would use me in this way. My family and I cooked and ate and got prepared in 30 minutes and then we drove to the church Mea Chan. In the meeting there were about 60 young boys and girls from churches around the area.

I was informed that normally there should be more people but that evening there had been a winter fair in town of Chiang Rai. It did not matter how many people were there because we knew that Jesus loves us and always wants to bless the young.

 After worship songs were sung, I preached on the Nain Widow and his dead son. Jesus was there to raise the death. Jesus said to the dead young man “Rise” and the dead young man rose up. Whenever and wherever there is Jesus there is hope. Thank God.

After the sermon was done, it was time to pray for sinners who convicted by the Holy Spirit and the Power of the Word.
About 12 people came forward and we prayed for them. There was, like before, the anointing fell over the meeting we prayed for many young boys and girls who were hungry for God.



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