Yeah!!! I met Marry Rink- พบคุณแมรี่ ริค แล้วครับ

February 23, 2010

I heard about Mary Rink, Messianic Jew or a Christian Charismatic preacher who is on fire for God. This evening she came with her husband Lorrie. Now she is  the National Co-ordinator Aglow Thailand.

Her objective in coming to Measai is to encourage brothers and sisters on behalf of in order to establish intercessory group named Aglow unit.

We met at Hope Church of Maesai. Many Christians from many churches and denominations gathered this evening to listen to Marry’s sermon. After dinner Pastor Mc lead the worship with his skillful music band from his church.
My wife, Sirla  and I were invited to join the meeting.

Pastor Mc is always on fire for the Lord. Before the sermon Sarah showed and taught us some flag worship gestures and Mary taught us a Jewish traditional dance which made us smile and cheerful with her brilliant steps in Jewish dancing.

Mary talked on Unity of the body of Christ. It is no time for us to separate or work independently in God’s Kingdom but we need to work together and encourage one another to complete the work of God in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was asked to be the interpreter for Mary’s sermon.

After her preaching, it was the time to pray for people who were hungry for God’s presence and anointing. The anointing was so strong and the Holy Spirit prophetic statements were very encouraging to many of us.

Thank you Mary Rink and Thank you Jesus.

We love you Mary Rink and welcome again and again to Maesai.

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