Casting out demons and healing the sick

Date: June 3, 2010
Place: Christian Club meeting hall

Dear Friends,

It was another an exciting day at our Christian Club in our workplace, this evening.
The Club organizer gives us a chance to continue our Youth for Christ Club (YFC Club) in the place where we work.

Since last week, we had informed pastor Robert that I had casted out some demons from 3 girls who had been troubled by headache and a backpain.

As I prayed for the girls I commanded in the Name of our Lord. There were something coming out of their mouths by vomitting, which I think they must be some demons but I couldnot see with my physical eyes but the girls told me they saw something running out of their throats. The details I have already put on my blog.
Signs of Satan:

This evening, about 3.30 p.m. We met the students who came to our YFC Club.
After We checked their names and their numbers, We let some Christians students witness to them about how they get to know Jesus. We told them that this semester We are going to do more healings for students and pray for anyone who wants a blessing and healing from Jesus, the living God. So every time any comes to our club he/she can invite friends who have some troubles in their lives so that we can pray for them, help them, show our love to them so that the Name of Jesus will be exalted in this place. Donot worry about how much pain they have or what kinds of deseases they have, just invite them to come because we believe that there is nothing too hard for Jesus our Living God.

After we talked for a while, we let anyone who wants to get home go but We didnot forget to offer them a chance to meet Jesus personally. There were about 10 students left and they asked for prayers. Seven of them needed a prayer for their learning ability and wisdom.

Then there were 3 more girlst who wanted to get healings. All of them had the problems in their bellies. One of them, Aree, told us that her symtom the doctor cannot know what was wrong with her and she had been suffering for this pain for 14 years.

Evan's disciple, Mr Tom and Evan and another English man whom we invited to join our club prayed for them. They all vomited something out of their mouths. At first she was reluctant to ask for a prayer but seeing her friend was set free before, this gave her more courage to humble herself to seek help from the Lord.

We asked one girl who had been troubled by an incurlable stomach pain and she had been suffering for a long period of time. She felt free and there was no more pain in her stomach and while we were praying she felt that her body was very light, slain and she felt numb in her both legs while we were praying for her. She also saw in her spirit that something like a dark bag or cloud coming out of her body.

Praise the Lord that God leads me to more and more experience in Him.

Mark 1:39
And Jesus went throughout all Galilee, preaching in their synagogues and casting out demons.


PS, Last Sunday I went to visit Pastor Sombat and the church in CS,
After the sermon, I prayed for the people as usual but I found that there were some demonic manifestations. The drunk man cried out very loud. The demon in him said " Where can I go, Where can I live, I have no place to go?".

Another woman I prayed for was Kome, she had a pain in her head so I prayed and commaded the demon of headache to leave in the Name of our Lord and I saw Kume vomited several times and collapsed on the floor unconscious. After she woke up she was free and the pain in her head had gone.

Thank you Jesus.


...................To be continue...

June, 2010

There was a girl whose name is Kanita. She looked pale and sad. She once told us that " I have some bad luck and a family curse is on me."

We asked her why did she think like that. She said "A fortune teller told me that I had a bad omen." Some monks told her to release birds and some other animals but after she did it, she still had sickness and troubles for sometime.

She told me she once joined a trance ceremony and she used to be demonized by a demon.
Her friend told me the day when Kanita was demon possessed she was very rude and she shouted very loud in a Budhist temple.

Having a conversation with Kanita, made me curious about her life and I knew that if she agrees to let me minister on her, I could deliver her from the influence of demons.

Today she came to me at noon when I was free of my routine duty.

I shared with her the true God who is able to give redemption and salvation.
This God is a real God. He can help her for any thing in her life.
I asked her if she would allow Jesus to help her with her sickness first.
Kanita had a terrible stomach ache; the doctor told her that she had a gastritis, an infection of the stomach.

After we lead Kanita a sinner's prayer, we asked her to life up her hands and asked Jesus to help her with her problems.Tom(My disciple) and Evan prayed for Kanita.
After a few minutes, she vomited vigorously and repeatedly a few times.
We noticed that she was set free. We asked her how she feel; she said "I felt alright."
We lead her to say thank you to Jesus, the Healer.

Then a young boy, Kanita's friend who was observing while we were praying deliverance prayer asked me " Mr. Evan I also want you to pray for me."

We asked what was wrong with him. He said I had a back pain and he also had some bad dreams about demons. So, Tom and Evan did the same procudure. The boy also vomited and was set free.

Then after this boy there came the third young boy who was also had some problems with his body. He said he had a heaviness on his shoulders. So, Tom and Evan prayed again but this boy did not vomit any thing, but after the prayer he also was healed.

Thank you Juses for you faithfulness. We love you my Lord.
June 12, 2010 '
Place : San Ka Min Church
Occation: Tom's birth Day.

My disciple Tom invited me preach a sermon on his birth day.
I gave him some money as a love give for him so that he could buy something for friends.
Tom invited some friends and Pastor Sakda invited some unbelievers to listen to the sermon.
I shared on 2 Tim 2.21

Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from what is dishonorable, he will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart as holy, useful to the master of the house, ready for every good work.
After this we prayed for the sick and the young who want anointing and healing.

I prayed for an old lady who had a hiper tension. Since last week I prayed for her. Today she told me that her blood pressure has been dropping from 180 to 160.
I thank God for that good sign. I think her blood pressure must little by little go down to a normal level.

This evening I prayed for her dizziness in her head. I had to pray twice because after the prayer session was finished I asked her if she feel better. She told me that she still had trouble with dizziness. So, I needed to pray a second time. This time I anointed her with the blessed old. After prayer, I asked her again. She said it is alright.
So I asked to to share a testimonial to the people at the meeting.
Praise the Lord. You are so faithful to your servants.
Thank you Lord.



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