Niagara Falls - น้ำตกไนแองการ่า

Niagara Falls 99+Years Ago

I've checked this out on 'Urban Legends' and the photos are authentic but the dates are not correct. Apparently this phenomenon does occur occasionally when there is an extended winter cold snap. Contrary to the email below the 1st photo was taken in 1911, the 2nd in 1936, the 3rd 1902, the 4th 1848. The dates are not particularly relevant. It is interesting to see that Niagara falls does actually freeze over (or used to, before global warming?) on a fairly regular basis. It's a wonderful sight to see, regardless of the dates.

Her mother had a cousin living in Niagara Falls that year.

She told the family that she and her neighbours woke up in the night feeling something was wrong. It took a while but they finally realized that it was the lack of noise.

They had all become so used to the roar of the falls that the silence was unusual enough to alert their senses. Of course at that time nearly all the houses were near the falls.

Amazing pictures Almost 100 years old.
Can you imagine walking on Niagara falls ?

1911 Photos of Niagara Falls ...

These photos were sent by My friend Brian Derbyshine



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