Prophet T.B. Joshua
Sunday 26th August 2012 was another life-changing day in the presence of God at The SCOAN where the congregants witnessed a raw demonstration of practical Christianity in both word and action.
Speaking first about a report he had read in a national newspaper concerning an impending calamity said to be approaching Nigeria, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke prophetically about the current situation the country is in.

He acknowledged that the nation was currently facing perilous times but that a bright future lay ahead for those who persevered in faith. "Will you and I overcome this perilous time? Beyond this perilous time, there is a great future for this nation, for Africa" he soberly told the congregation.
He also said the problems faced by Christendom today lay simply in their disobedience to God's commands, comparing it to the instance of the seven sons of Sceva who tried to exercise authority in Christ without genuinely submitting to His will. "We disobey God's instruction," he said to the congregation. "What have we to teach, preach and exercise His authority? This is what satan is asking us."
A clip was then played back of a series of prophetic messages stemming from as far back as July 2010 he had given, warning Nigerians of ominous signs ahead and calling on the nation to pray against bloodshed. Prophet T.B. Joshua went on to stress that the problems faced by the country were not religious or ethnic in nature, but rather a battle against evil spirits waging war on the souls of men. "We are not fighting flesh and blood. Our battle is not against our brother, neighbour, husband, wife, partner but against spirit beings that cause crisis and tension in our lives," he counselled the congregation and viewers worldwide on Emmanuel TV.
A clip was played of Prophet T.B. Joshua's prophecy to a couple during last week's Monday service in which he told the duo they were fighting like a 'cat and rat' in their home.

Mr and Mrs Okeke
Coming forward to confirm the prophecy, Mr and Mrs Okeke explained the circumstances behind their persistent fights that almost led to separation. Mrs Okeke first of all introduced herself as a graduate who, coming from a royal family, was brought up as a princess. She lamented that her husband showed more interest to people outside of the marriage than to her and persistently blamed her as the singular cause of any misfortune he encountered. She said that although the marriage was blessed with six children, there was no peace or love in the house and the couple could not even sit down together to have a rational discussion as husband and wife.
Mr Okeke, who said he was an evangelist as well as a business man, shared a rather different view. He said that from the onset of their marriage, the couple were not compatible and arguments ensued almost constantly at home. He said his wife was very lazy and did not take up any of the domestic activities at home, even cooking. He complained that even when she did cook, the food would not be prepared properly, leading to yet more contention and tension in the house. Mr Okeke pointed out that for the entirety of their married lives, his wife had not one day approached him lovingly and at times they would stay apart as husband and wife for up to three months, oftentimes sleeping in separate rooms. He further complained at her lack of zeal for spiritual things, to the extent that if she even attempted to read her Bible or pray, she would end up sleeping off or mumbling incoherently. Because of her character and lazy attitude, Mr Okeke said he took up many of the maternal duties at home, including going to the market and cleaning the house.
However, in the midst of all this trouble, Mr Okeke said he still loved his wife. Prophet T.B. Joshua affirmed that it was a marriage from Heaven and the major problems came from his wife's upbringing and royal background. He stressed that both would go for prayer for deliverance and counselled the congregation about the importance of involving God in marital decisions, especially on the need for young couples who desired marriage to come to a living church for deliverance beforehand.
During the service, a number of marital issues were addressed. Yet another clip was played, this time of an elderly woman receiving a prophecy during the service last Sunday. Prophet T.B. Joshua simply asked her of the problem between her and her man, stressing that she should not leave her house in consideration of their children.

Mr & Mrs Mabunondo
Mr & Mrs Mabunondo came forward to confirm the prophecy. Starting off, Mrs Stella Mabunondo, who said she was 57, explained that her husband was a notorious womaniser. She said she had discovered used condoms in his room when he was out, as well as hearing various reports from friends and colleagues that he was being martially unfaithful to her. On his own part,

Mrs Stella Mabunondo
Mr Mabunondo said that his wife was actually the one who pushed him outside the marriage! He said that his wife had refused to be intimate with him for the past two and a half years because she had reached menopause and was afraid of the health repercussions of meeting him.

Mr Mabunondo
Stating that there was a limit to human endurance, Mr Mabunondo said that this was what pushed him outside of his marital home. His wife however revealed that her refusal to meet with him was because she feared he may have contracted a disease through his extramarital affairs. Prophet T.B. Joshua told the couple that both would go for prayer and that he would meet them privately for further counselling.
After a series of reconciliations, it was the time of Anointing Water testimonies. Mr Joseph Mahachi from South Africa came forward boldly holding two medical reports. He explained that he had been afflicted with an enlarged heart that had severely weakened his system to the point where he had difficulty in breathing and could not walk any long distance.

Mr Joseph Mahachi
Doctors had booked an operation for him but, knowing that his sister was about to visit The SCOAN, he decided to believe in Divine solution. His sister returned from The SCOAN with a bottle of Anointing Water which she promptly gave him. Ministering the Anointing Water all over his body, Mr Mahachi explained how in the coming weeks the pains continued to subside and strength continued to return. Knowing that God was at work within him, Mr Joseph decided to return to the same doctor who had insisted he must go for an operation. Redoing the test, the doctor was shocked to discover that his enlarged heart had returned to normal and he was completely healed! Asking what had happened, Mr Mahachi explained to the doctor that he had ministered the Anointing Water, and introduced him to Emmanuel TV. He showed the two medical reports showing his condition before and after ministering the Anointing Water, attesting to the authenticity of the mighty miracle.
In another faith-building testimony about the Anointing Water, Chief Frank Nwankwo came forward with his sister, Mrs Rose Nwankwo and her son. He explained that his sister had been a diabetic patient for the past 10 years, a sickness that had seriously affected her life and profession as a teacher. She had to regularly go to the hospital to take insulin and continued to grow weaker due to the debilitating nature of the disease.

Mrs Rose Nwankwo
Chief Frank explained that one day, he received a phone call that his sister had been rushed to hospital in a diabetic coma,

Chief Frank Nwankwo
the doctors fearing that she would not survive and counselling the family to prepare for the worst. In an act of heroic faith, Chief Frank, although physically hundreds of miles away from Mrs Nwankwo who lay comatose in hospital, grabbed his Anointing Water and ministered it into the air, proclaiming healing and restoration for his sister in Jesus' name. Minutes after ministering the Anointing Water, he received a phone call that his sister had miraculously awoken from the coma and was in a stable condition! The following day he travelled to their location and ministered the Anointing Water to her in the hospital bed, telling the medical staff that she could be discharged as they would soon be witness to her complete return to normalcy and strength.
Truly, Mrs Rose had a miraculous recovery and was discharged from hospital. Continuing the testimony, Mrs Nwankwo explained that strength was completely restored to her body and she was able to return to school and discharge her duties as a teacher effectively. Several weeks later, brimming with confidence at the radical transformation in her health, she returned to the hospital to do a medical examination of her blood sugar levels. To the glory of God, her results confirmed that her blood sugar was like that of a normal person and there was not even a trace of diabetes in her system. Thank You, Jesus! Prophet T.B. Joshua lauded Chief Franks' bold faith and spoke about the importance of knowing the value of the Anointing Water as an instrument of God.
Mr Mike Kofi Attiu from Ghana gave another testimony about the miraculous breakthrough in his life and career as a chartered accountant after his visit to The SCOAN.

Mr Mike Kofi Attiu
He explained that when he saw Prophet T.B. Joshua at the end of his trip to The SCOAN, he had explained the dilemmas of disappointment and delay in promotion he was experiencing in his profession. Prophet T.B. Joshua had simply signed his Bible and told him that all would be well. Taking the word to be prophetic, Mr Attiu returned to Ghana. He said he made it a habit to pray with his Bible and put any work-related documents in the page Prophet T.B. Joshua had signed before submitting them. From that point onwards, he has experienced breakthrough galore! Proudly holding various letters and certificates, Mr Mike explained that he is now one of the foremost chartered accountants in Africa and had been internationally awarded for his efforts. His new appointments included work at the The African Union of Tax Consultants, as well as other high profile jobs.
The first service was concluded with a huge number of individual prophetic messages given by Prophet T.B. Joshua as he moved throughout the entire auditorium, starting from the gallery. As usual, the Wise Men ministered deliverance during the second service as each and every single person present received prayer from the Wise Men and a touch from Heaven. Glory be to God!