Just to make a Remark

                                  นี่หรือคนของพระเจ้า/ is he/she a man of God?

The other days i talked to my friend, one of the best well-known theologians in Thailand, he told me that some of the very few evangelists and pastors and people who conduct deliverance ministries and inner healing in Thailand criticize and judge my ministry.

When some of them heard about the methods i utillize in
my deliverance technics from somebody else during my open ministries a few times in Bangkok, the central of Thailand. Some people judged me that they do not accept rice mu because they give a name to the method i use is "
Humiliation"  because the method is much different from what they had learned from their Farang or foreign teachers.

i fell not very surprised  to hear this because many theologists and people who call themselves servants of Mighty God, they just know how to preach, how to teach religion of Christianity to people but many or most of them cannot exercise the power in the Name of their God but when they see some other believers who are able to conduct miracles and use the authorities in the Name of Christ they think that is not from God.

In my opion, i think to be different is not shameful at all because God gives differetent gifts to the body of Christ according to His will but people who think they are servants of God but deny the manifestation of God's power, i think they are not real servants of God. i think they are only mere Christian professional teachers only.



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